T-PS 2018April23 Fake Vida Offer

Fake Vida Offer - Bonus Week Certificates

April 23, 2018

The email starts with "Dear Member:...." and the writer goes on to say "...noticed that you have 10 Bonus Week Certificates that you have not used and that are about to expire...".

The offer is, the bonus week "....can be used on a 2 bedroom unit paying $850 usage fee in advance for the full week on any season depending on availability."

The program also implied the company has a new rental program "in which you can get $2,200 dollars per week by renting them."

Of course, there is a GUARANTEE, but that is explained over the telephone.

Pretty interesting program, right? All you have to do is pay the usage fee in advance. BTW, the Aimfair member no longer owns a contract.

The question asked: Is this legitimate?

One small amount of investigation finds the domain is unusual: grupovidantavacations.com.
  1. The registrant is ALDO ALONSO AVALOS ALFARO, whoever that is.
  2. The domain was created on 2017-01-18T16:32:00.00Z.
  3. It expires on 2019-01-18T16:32:32.00Z.
  4. The Organization is Vida.

Although it looks as though this is a great deal - Guaranteed!! no less - it is definitely a scam. You do not want to send this group any money what so ever!

Following is the email our member received (Tap the image to expand in a new page. Tap the browser's back arrow to return.):

No, this is not a legitimate offer. It will cost you money, however, only if you fall for the idea of paying for weeks you may own or not in advance.

There is a whole list of fake offers, including this one:
Remember, if they only want to talk with you by telephone - It's a scam!!
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