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The Vidanta World Symbol at the entrance to Vidanta's East Cape property.

Vidanta News - Sneek Previews and News Issued by Grupo Vidanta

Grupo Vidanta is a leading real estate developer in Mexico. The company's primary focus is building and operating high quality, luxurious resorts on seven beautiful, beachside properties located on the coasts of Mexico. The resorts include the Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, eight divisions within the Grand Luxxe Residence Club and the Estates.

In addition, Grupo Vidanta recently introduced Vidanta Cruises, the first cruise line to be headquartered in Mexico. It's first ship, Vidanta Elegant, arrived Spring, 2019 in Mazatlán after extensive refurbishment in Singapore, Spain and Italy. The month long voyage included going across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Panama Canal. The ship is currently undergoing continued major works in Mazatlán so it will be ready for its first voyage in October, 2019.

Other projects that are underway include the experiential entertainment park on the Nuevo Vallarta property called Vidanta World; the Jungala, which is the name of the new Water Park at Riviera Maya; the Estates; East Cape; Puerto Peñasco; and El Mezquite in San Jose del Cabo and other new restaurants that will be introduced and opened include a few exciting venues that will be highlighted here when we recieve updates from Vidanta. Very exciting....so be sure to stay tuned....and enjoy!

2020-02-26 Sales History Tunnel Now Open on 2nd Floor of Grand Bliss.

Also, new rendering of a Gondola Station at what appears to be The Park. Stay tuned….

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2020-02-18 East Cape update - a short video of the construction site and area.

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2020-01-31 Gondola and Tennis - Update

The Grand Bliss Gondola station is becoming more defined. Structure is taking place. The photo shows what Grand Bliss guests will see as they walk along the outside patio on the first floor.

Those of us who are looking forward to tennis and Pickleball may not have long to wait. Stay tuned....

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2019-12-01 More News - Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta

Articles appearing in different online venues reinforce Cirque du Soleil’s and Vidanta’s commitment to each other as Celebrate Park construction continues. The concept putting forward is a 600 person dinner venue and show that combines technology with artistic programs.

More to come. Our prediction is opening will not be until 2022.

2019-11-27 Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta Announce Plans for the Park in Nuevo Vallarta

Cirque du Soleil and Grupo Vidanta announced their plans to open a new show and theater in Nuevo Vallarta in the 2021 time frame. Executives for both companies described concrete plans for a new show and new theater to present the theater in 2021. Speculation was Cirque du Soleil was no longer involved in the project. Not so. Stay tuned....

2019-11-19 News - Vidanta Announces Purchase of Three Rides

The purchase of three rides was announced today by Grupo Vidanta. The rides include a 45 meter Ferris Wheel concept, a 40 meter high Parachute Drop and a five station gondola system that will be the only Park to Beach ride system in Mexico.

Pretty exciting stuff. Phase One of Celebrate Park may open in 2020. Stay tuned...

2019-11-02 Luxxe Suite Royal One and Two Bedroom Suites in Tower Six, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

We have all watched Tower Six under construction for the past two years and wondered how the floor plans would be different from the traditional Luxxe layout.

Well, now we know. The unit is more compact with a smaller amount of the floor plan devoted to deck space. That said, the overall living area appears to be larger than the Grand Bliss but smaller than the Luxxe Suite Villa or Luxxe Suite.

This appears to be a step toward smaller footprints, which is taking place in the Park and Acapulco. Enjoy!

2019-08-09 Great video showing the systems being introduced at Vidanta Riviera Maya to keep Sargassum off the beach.

The Secretary of the Mexican Navy declared Sargassum would be gone in 6 weeks, and we now know the basis for his optimism.

It is good for all of us to see the integrated processes underway to solve the Sargassum issue. Stay tuned....!

2019-07-09 Jungala - Soft Opening - July 6, 2019....

Jungala is now open. Speculation was Jungala would not open for a month or so, based upon observations of work still to be finished. Looks as though that work was done quickly because the Water Park is now open. Looks very attractive and should be quite a draw. Stay tuned....

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2019-06-24 Jungala - Not Open Yet - Testing Quality and Safety....

Although the original plan was to open on June 22, 2019, that did not happen in spite of the Travel Agent Central article that was posted on June 23, 2019 stating that the park was open. Likely, the authors were going off of earlier expectations, and they may have thought the park opened on time. Not a big issue. Better to be safe and high quality and late than not safe and low quality and on time. What do you think? Stay tuned....

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