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The Vidanta World Symbol at the entrance to Vidanta's East Cape property.

Vidanta News - Sneek Previews and News Issued by Grupo Vidanta

Grupo Vidanta is a leading real estate developer in Mexico. The company's primary focus is building and operating high quality, luxurious resorts on seven beautiful, beachside properties located on the coasts of Mexico. The resorts include the Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan, Grand Bliss, eight divisions within the Grand Luxxe Residence Club and the Estates.

In addition, Grupo Vidanta recently introduced Vidanta Cruises, the first cruise line to be headquartered in Mexico. It's first ship, Vidanta Elegant, arrived Spring, 2019 in Mazatlán after extensive refurbishment in Singapore, Spain and Italy. The month long voyage included going across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Panama Canal. The ship is currently undergoing continued major works in Mazatlán so it will be ready for its first voyage in October, 2019.

Other projects that are underway include the experiential entertainment park on the Nuevo Vallarta property called Vidanta World; the Jungala, which is the name of the new Water Park at Riviera Maya; the Estates; East Cape; Puerto Peñasco; and El Mezquite in San Jose del Cabo and other new restaurants that will be introduced and opened include a few exciting venues that will be highlighted here when we recieve updates from Vidanta. Very exciting....so be sure to stay tuned....and enjoy!

2021-11-15 Vidanta Cruises - Scheduled to Sail in 2022

It would be wonderful if we could catch a glimpse of Vidanta's Elegant in person in Puerto Vallarta. Maybe that will happen if planned sailings actually begin in 2022. There is nothing like a relatively short cruise to see the sights along the coast of Mexico. According to Travel Weekly, cruising may begin in 2022. Stay tuned....

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2021-08-23 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Sky Dream Parks

The Parks were officially named the Sky Dream Parks in an August ribbon cutting ceremony that took place in Station #1 at the beachside station. About a dozen people took part in the ceremony. You can see the progress being made by comparing videos recorded in October, 2020 and April, 2021 video. Stay tuned....

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2021-01-14 Vidanta to offer on-site Covid tests - All resorts

DLNorlin asked the question: Why doesn't Vidanta offer Covid tests for guests during their stays in Nuevo Vallarta? It seems either Vidanta was listening or management was thinking the same thing at the same time. The bottom line is guests now have an option to be tested at the resort to satisfy government regulations for retuning home. Prices are included in this post. Stay tuned....

2020-12-11 Hola All,

Occupancy continues to increase as restrictions are easing up. As we get closer to the Christmas and New Years weeks, The Mexican Government has given the ok to increase occupancy to 75%. I believe we will remain around 50% until further notice. Our cleanliness protocol has been adhered to very strictly. For the most part, guest satisfaction has been at an all time high which is encouraging.

Exciting times here in Nuevo Vallarta as several construction projects are set to open.

Beach town which is our beach club, restaurant district, and pool areas is set open this weekend. We and the opportunity to tour this area and it is a wonderful way to spend the day. Hotels says this weekend. There were some final touches that needed to complete before this opening, so it could be delayed(a short delay of anywhere from a day to a week).

The gondola is still going through its certification process. The public is not yet allowed to use the gondola yet, but we all believe soon. Once the developer releases the gondola to the hotel and public you will know. This impressive ride will take you from the beach to the santuario, to the residence tower and then onward to the park. In total, the ride lasts about 20 minutes. You will be able to see the entire resort from the gondola, from sea garden to the airport and across the highway.

Estates is still off limits to everyone except the construction crew. I have asked countless times to go into the site, but the entire property is under construction with the final month of finishing the first phase. The estates grounds with common areas will still be worked on as our first guests enjoy the villas. May 15th is the official opening as the common areas will be open and there will not be visible construction(even though there will be more construction on different parts of the property.).

Have a great day!

2020-11-06 The Estates Update Letter from Iván Chávez

The Estates Division in Nuevo Vallarta has been building facilities since 2018. The letter received on November 5, 2020 says occupancy will commence January 30, 2021. Other topics touched upon include transportation to and from The Estates using the Gondola free of charge, use of the Beachland facilities that are for the exclusive use of Estates owners and guests and opening other amenities on the Estates property by May 15, 2021. Stay tuned....

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2020-09-22 New Vidanta Videos - Jungala and Cirque du Soleil

These new videos show the rides and cabañas at Jungala and a new video of Cirque du Soleil performances. Lot’s of fun and informative. Enjoy!

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2020-09-09 New Videos From Vidanta

Management and staff members put in place highly effective safety measures to protect themselves and guests from coronavirus infections. The videos provide insight to what the measures are and how they are being used. Although they are professionally done as a marketing tool, they do get the message across.....

2020-09-01 Resorts Update from Vidanta

Grupo Vidanta has initiated many new procedures to increase guest safety. Also, each location has different restaurants that are open, beach access and other important information that changes with coronavirus activity. This post provides information from Vidanta as of September 1, 2020. Stay tuned...

2020-08-11 Vidanta’s Extraordinary Procedures For Safe Travels

Grupo Vidanta's resorts have guest health as a top priority.....

2020-07-07 Celebrate Park Now The Parks

"The Parks" is the new name given to the Cirque and Celebrate Park. Stay tuned....

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