The Estates:

Construction of an Estates Building seen in January, 2019 from the Residence Tower.

Vidanta Announces the Formation of The Estates

January 29, 2019

Grupo Vidanta has officially announced the formation of the Estates - A new luxury development with models available in late 2019.

Grupo Vidanta Announces New Luxury Development: The Estates
January 29, 2019

Mexico City, January 29th, 2019 – Grupo Vidanta, the leading resort and tourism developer in Mexico and Latin America, announced today the introduction of The Estates, a one-of-its-kind luxury development to debut at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Vidanta Riviera Maya, two of the company’s seven resort portfolio destinations. Formerly under the name of ‘Jungle Estates,’ The Estates plays a significant role in Grupo Vidanta’s ongoing goal to offer the most exclusive and high-end tourism projects in all Latin America.

With an initial presence in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Vidanta Riviera Maya, The Estates will be Vidanta’s -Grupo Vidanta’s luxury vacationing brand- premier resort offering, boasting ultra-luxury opulence thanks to high-end details, plush amenities and lavish vacation experiences. One of the key distinguishing factors of these sumptuous new units is that they offer a private sanctuary designed to honor and reflect the sweeping beauty of the natural landscapes that surround them.

“The introduction of The Estates represents our continued commitment to transforming the hospitality industry and cementing Mexico’s position as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations,” said Iván Chávez, Executive Vice President of Grupo Vidanta. “The Estates are bold and innovative, revolutionizing the concept of luxury, and will go above and beyond in style, personalization, comfort and service, even for the most discerning traveler.”

The Estates will be located in picturesque, nature-filled settings at Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya resorts, and will be available in sumptuous one-, two- and four-bedroom surpassing space configurations. Boasting an indoor-outdoor al fresco design to take full advantage of the breathtaking surrounding landscape at each location, all three of The Estates accommodations will be thoughtfully designed with modern touches while embracing the unique cultures of both coastal destinations. Guests will enjoy spacious living and dining room spaces, elegant spa-inspired bathrooms, secluded terraces and a private outdoor pool and lounge area. Model units will be available for guests to tour later this year.

The Estates units shall offer luxury and exclusivity when completed.

This spectacular, new class of luxury accommodations perfectly complements the markedly unique and high-end experiences and offerings of both locations, including the renowned Norman Signature Golf Course, Almaverde farm, and Santuario entertainment plaza at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil show, JOYÀ, The Beach Club, and Salum Beachside Eateries and Market at Vidanta Riviera Maya. The Estates will provide an exclusive paradise for those who crave personalized, curated and extravagant travel experiences.

For more information on the anticipated opening of The Estates and Vidanta’s latest news across the variety of hotel and destination vacation options, please visit Vidanta.com.

The concept has been in the making since 2016 when concepts were announced in Riviera Maya. The physical locations for the new structures in Riviera Maya or Nayarit/Jalisco have not been disclosed by management. There is one "pod" with 3 buildings that is under construction across the Ameca River from the Luxxe Towers in Nuevo Vallarta. Following are photos of the building taken in December, 2018 as seen from a satellite and on the ground.

The Estates building as of January, 2019.

Construction of an Estates Building seen on December 12, 2019 from a sattelite.

This image appears to show the 2 story, 4 BR corner units.

Two of three buildings in the first "pod" as seen from the Norman driving range.

According to the news release, the models will be completed by the end of 2019. The first "pod" appears to be configured with three buildings and an estimated six 4 BR units (one per side), twenty four 2 BR units (four per side) and maybe twenty four 1 BR units (four per side). Note: Such a configuration does not provide space for services, so the actual number of units is still just speculation. It seems likely the structures and units will be ready for viewing by the end of 2019.

The questions that arise and have not been answered have to do with the final number of "pods" on the Jalisco side of the Ameca River, how guests will get off the property to visit Puerto Vallarta and other locations in the area (Taxis taking the Bocca Tomates road to the area?), how members and guests will be transported to the Nayarit side of the property (Gondolas?) and when the utilities infrastructure will be built.

These same questions can be raised about The Estates in Riviera Maya as well. So, lot's more to look forward to for those of us who love the facilities at the Grand Luxxe Residence Club.
Statements about The Estates are now official. Next steps are the construction and details. Stay tuned....
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