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The Estates Resort Hotels

Estates Resort Hotels properties are located in Jalisco, Mexico across the Ameca River from Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya, west of Highway 200 in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

As seen on Vidanta.com, Estates Resort Hotels is where "a Private World of Luxury meet the picture of perfection—sleek, contemporary luxury seated in the midst of the lush unfurling wilderness of Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. Find every high-end comfort you desire in this exquisite escape, and discover soul-nourishing serenity in this haven made just for you."

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Floor Plans

The Four Bedroom Floor Plan

The Three Bedroom Floor Plan

The Two Bedroom Floor Plan

The One Bedroom Floor Plan

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Headlines of Estates Resort Hotel Posts:

2020-06-27 Estates Jalisco Division - Update

There are a number of changes that are taking place at the Jalisco Estates Development. Among them are new Pods, new configurations and an expanding Central Plaza. Work has continued during the pandemic, but there is much more to do before November, 2020....

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2020-01-15 The Estates Division - Update

Construction of the Estates Division projects is underway on three Vidanta properties: 1) Jalisco, across the river from Vidanta’s Nuevo Vallarta property, 2) Riviera Maya - Playa Paraiso area and 3) East Cape, north of San Jose del Cabo.

The Jalisco project is furthest along and the largest of the three. There could be 10 pods on the Jalisco property, and maybe even more. There is one Pod located on the Riviera Maya property and a single, multi-story tower structure is in the skeletal stage now.

Contract owners have high expectations for these facilities. Only time will tell if they are met. Stay tuned....

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2019-12-06 Estates Riviera Maya - Update

The Estates Resort Hotels are under construction in the states of Jalisco and Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Jalisco development is further ahead than development at the Quintana Roo property at Vidanta’s Riviera Maya property. This collection of photos provide an aerial history of the Riviera Maya Estates development. There is more to come, and opening could be in 2021. Stay tuned....

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2019-11-17 The Estates Nuevo Vallarta - Update

The Jalisco side of the Ameca River is where the West Coast Estates Division development is located. A “Pod” is under development along with four other structures. Two of these structures are along the Boca de Tomates road, and both appear to be nearly 100 yards long. One is one story structure and the other is two stories. There is a beach not far from these buildings. Stay tuned....

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2019-02-24 The Estates Division Update

News is out about the new luxurious offering called the Estates Division. The units will be one, two and four bedrooms. They will be located in Jalisco, Mexico across the Ameca River from the Luxxe Towers in Nuevo Vallarta, in Riviera Maya and reportedly in San Jose del Cabo. Still much is not known yet....so stay tuned....

2019-02-18 Revised Plans In Nuevo Vallarta - Estates Phases and “The Parks”

A new image shows possible locations and configurations of the Estates in Neuvo Vallarta (Actually across the Ameca River in Jalisco.). It is an overview of the property that shows a general designation for “The Parks” near Highway 200 and what appears to be a residential area next to the Norman course called “Phase II” of the Estates. Phase I appears to be in the Bird Sanctuary. Bottom line, uncertainty and lack of clarity continues to swirl around the Sales Department and in Vidanta. Stay tuned....

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2019-01-29 Grupo Vidanta Announces the Formation of the Estates Division

The first indication that Grupo Vidanta was considering a division to serve guests who want ultimate luxury and exclusivity appeared in 2016. It has be three years, and now the Estates are official. Progress and change. That is what we all enjoy. Stay tuned....

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2019-01-05 The Estates - Update.

The Estates Division is evolving. It has been a concept for at least four years, and maybe even before that. This post shows how long it has taken the company to create a building that may represent what the Estates will become. There are many questions about moving people around, creating the necessary infrastructure that is needed to support such a new development and how the units will be configured. Models may be open in late 2019. Stay tuned.....

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2018-11-16 This post has photos showing the state of the Estates Pod in Jalisco. Stay tuned....

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2018-10-14 Vidanta Estates are under construction on the other side of the Ameca River.

Question: Are the buildings under construction actual units or are they simply models. Time will tell. Stay tuned....

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