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What a great way to communicate with each other and Grupo Vidanta.

Members offering what they like and what they would like to see help parent organizations make decisions that are relevant and meaningful. Such exchanges often lead to improved experiences, interactions and surroundings.

We individuals can best be heard when others having the same ideas voice their opinions too. A community voice adds a bit of weight to the community's ideas.

Capture fleeting thoughts. The time to strike is when the proverbial light bulb clicks on. The trick is getting the suggestion into the system while it is fresh in our minds. Wait too long, and click, the bulb is dark and we move on.

So, now that we have started this not so new idea, let's see if anything comes of it. The idea is to let individuals be heard.....if they want to be heard. Comments are not necessarily limited to Nuevo Vallarta. Please note: Participation is limited to Subscribing Members. You can Subscribe Here if you have not already done so.

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2021-12-04 We are in Riveria Maya, Grand Luxe right now and as in the past, the resort is wonderful. We are Kingdom owners with GL booking options. We've had a great time and already booked a return next year. But we regret going to the "owners update"

For what it's worth, we booked our update near the end of the week, and scheduled an event 15 min after our 2 hour update window to limit time there. Our update started with a "bulldozer" of a sales manager, who started with "this isn't an update, we need to remove things from your contract, it must be an old resale contract". "Nope, bought it from Vidanta just 2 years ago, and we insisted on every addendum in that contract". After a brief but heated exchange, it ended with me saying "we have no intention of changing our existing contract unless you offer us an alternative that we consider equivalent or better than what we have now, and if you'd like you can take that up with my lawyer. He's right here. I'm married to him". Uh oh, switching pitchers. We then got a nice guy, followed by a professional and nice woman "closer".

Also they "explained" contract terms, such as reservation windows, which weren't accurate as part of the pitch. We had our contract, so showed them "no, it's 12 month window not 8". When we returned to our room, we called the reservation number, who verified what we had. Those guys on the phone are the only accurate Vidanta source of what's in our contract we have found.

2021-10-18 Estates Pools: Nearly deserted of guests the pool area is quite nice. A shop and Pool Concierge desk in its own lobby area are in the entrance palapa. Continuing in a new unopened restaurant is straight ahead. About halfway to it, to the left and right are the Estates pools. At the moment both can be used by families. A spa is in the palapa at the pool on the left and The Grill restaurant at the pool on the right.

Entance Walkway to the Estates Pools

An Estates driver told us they have 54 units available for guests in the Estates building and as of Saturday 10/16 they are at 40% occupancy. When I say nearly deserted: we saw 4 guests at the pool by The Grill Sunday and none yesterday. In fairness we were there at 5 PM both days. No one was at the other pool either day. Maybe there were others earlier though the restaurant staff indicated it has been really slow both at the restaurant and pools.

Bruno’s Noches

2021-10-17 Hola All,

Today was a cluster-pluck at times. Cabbed to Walmart. The driver grew up and still lives in Jarretaderas. I asked him about the rumbling I’ve heard about citizens there not liking Vidanta. He said people where he lives talk about and feel Vidanta is a monster. A big monstrous corporation doing what it wants and his town feeling it has little power to change the balance. He acknowledged there are quite a few Vidanta employees who live in his town but was guarded with his answer when I asked how they liked working for the company. Interesting talk.

Anyway, got to Walmart, walked into the shopping mall about 20 feet to find a line waiting at closed doors to be let in. A guard told me there were too many people in the store so everyone had to wait for others to leave.

Of course my cab was gone so I got another and went to La Comer/Mega. Decided I’d check out Mega first. Eventually found everything on the shopping list except the most important Diet Pepsi and ginger ale. $95 US worth of groceries and the bagger is placing everything back in my cart. They don’t have free bags so we now own 3 Soriano reusable bags. At least they were each less than a buck.

Got a great driver for the taxi back to the property but got stuck for 17 minutes behind a driver at the gate who the guard wouldn’t let in….and wouldn’t move. Per instructions I had What’s App’d our butler for a shuttle to the Estates but today all drivers for the Estates were jammed so waited 35 mins at Taxi Reception for the assigned Estates driver to finish getting a leaving group of 5 and their luggage into a van that hadn’t been pre-ordered.

I told my bride our huevos and tocino were already cooked with the melted butter…she didn’t care because I hadn’t gotten her sodas. Back to La Plaza. In and out in 10 mins but I had let the driver go because they were so busy. Texted for a shuttle to come get me and waited only a Mexican second: 12 US minutes. Not bad but this Estates transportation situation will take some getting used to.

Day 1 complete with a jaunt to The Grill now.


2021-07-01 Spent two delightful weeks at NV in early June, first week in the Residence and second week in 4BR Estates. We had four-generation family the first week, two, the second week. Again we were "wow'ed". We had been some of the last "out the door on March 20, 2020. The Beachland transformation was dramatic. It was nice to see familiar faces - at least eyes above masks - and cheerful spirits. Staff are fully masked and well trained for hygiene. The vast majority of guests were comfortably vaccinated. The covid test required for US return was handled well as 3rd-party service in the convention center area, provided by a local hospital. We rode the gondola several times, including over the Park with our friendly "sales" tenders. It is sharp. The first park ride (parachute) was beginning assembly while were were there. The infrastructure is substantial. The evolution of earthworks has been amazing the last few years. My wife and I happened on a private dinner showing of "Le Petite Chef". Awesome, not cheap, but awesome. The staff took great delight in our delight. I assume some folks just don't get it - my father wouldn't have.

Now for the Estates -
Service was indeed "over the top". The butlers are indeed trained and certified on site by delegates from the British Butler Institute. They smartly are on call at any time via the WhatsApp phone app. A group is formed for each unit, and requests for info, reservations, transportation etc. are communicated directly to the butler by anyone in the group - even to the summoning of transportation from a particular point at a particular meeting time. Nice. Reality did creep in when there were just too many simultaneous requests and cart flat tires occurred, but best smart efforts were always deployed. We had fun helping the our butler and concierge commission their new afternoon tea service set brought to our room. Our butler, Anika, was smooth, gracious, efficient and effective.

The 4 BR Estates units are 2-story - glorious visually indeed, but the stairs are not built to any US building code and kitchen and room storage space is less than in the Residence. "Clearly designed by a man" I heard some of my party say. Since the number of Estates buildings had to be reduced compared to initial plans, that and the mobility issue feedback drove the change to the Empire Estates design. This created 18 4 BR units for each of two planned pods, while there are only 6 in the initial pod. (Curiously note that the existing occupied pod is labeled #3.) We were shown plans for 2 BR Empire Estates units. I'm unclear where they are located.

Though opening only after we left, we got a brief tour through the Estates pool area. There are two pools, one clearly aimed at families with (or tolerant to) small children, the other with adjoining bar. The area was spacious and elegant, clearly intended for quiet lingering. (No tequila volleyball here.) The Estates gym and spa facilities were under construction, a full restaurant spot had a roof, but apparently the theming was yet indefinite, no work underway there.

The new two-way bridge over the river was under active construction with work proceeding on the approach pillars. Cart traffic was - interesting - with no services available across the river. Drivers were super and friendly. I heard they anticipate a staff of 80 Bellboys/drivers when the Estates is built out.

If you can find a recent enough satellite image of the area, you'll see other smaller rectangular lodging structures under construction between the Estates and the airport. This was announced in April as the Imperial Jungle Aqua, Mayan Palace-comparable accommodations aimed to support the "coming" new water park - similar to Jungle Aqua Experience now operating at RM. This is on Jalisco property, not Nayarit.

We found the food quality as good or better than ever. Lack of full occupancy had most restaurants closed a couple days a week. Everybody is eager for the time that Canadians get the green light to travel, and also for the Mexicans to have ready access to covid vaccines.

We understand that we have bought into dreams crafted and managed by others. We also saw fresh evidence of deep-rooted integrity as a corporate value, which gives me some basis for anticipating further dream realization in the future.

I've many photos that I'll offer to Bob as postable.

2021-06-14 The newest very convincing group to reach out to Vida Vacation members is Fastest Exit, a company that claims to be working with the Mexican Federal Government and the Department of Tourism, depending on who you talk to, with the goal of recovering money spent by Vidanta Members who were victims of misrepresentations. The caller claimed we were flagged as members who did not receive what we thought we purchased. The caller knew the contract number of our most recent purchase and they knew there were promises made that did not appear in our documentation. Turns out that is true. How this person got access to our personal information and knowledge of promises not kept so quickly after our upgrade is the subject for another discussion.

The issue is Vidanta members are paying this company money for services that cannot be backed up. The carrot is getting a full refund of recent payments we made because Vidanta failed to provide what we thought we were buying. Provide the company with contract details and pay them money, and they will do the rest.

We are not alone. Many Vidanta members have been contacted by this company and at least one has "Hired" the company to pursue action against Vidanta. Following are some of their comments:
Below is a recent conversation with another Vidanta member about Fastest Exit.
It is really unfortunate that Vidanta has put itself and members in such a position that causes a total lack of trust and confidence in the Vidanta organization.
It not only affects how members feel about their membership purchase(s) but also puts the viability of the organization in question. New memberships help Vidanta continue with its growth plans and in providing current members with services that they were promised.....Vidanta needs to do a better job in delivering on its promises and treating is membership better.....Will Vidanta change? Not likely but maybe such negative PR pushers like Fastest Exit will encourage the owners of Vidanta to review its practices and take better care of their members.....Our last upgrade (January 2020 -the fourth time) did not go very well at all. It was the most high pressure sales process we went through....It is good to be on aimfair – we wish would have joined earlier that we did.

...After paying Fastest Exit, we did more research and did not feel comfortable moving forward with their program. We emailed and requested a full refund of monies paid. Of course, they were not happy with that. They threatened that we would be put on "their list" and would not work with us in the future should we change our mind. Our biggest concern - even though they have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, is that we couldn't really find any reviews - positive or negative - about them.

We too received a call from Fastest Exit about our purchase with Vidanta. They claim our contracts are fraudulent and that they will work with us to cancel the contracts and get our money back (less their fees). We called Vidanta and went over exactly what we signed up for and it certainly sounds legit.
We told Fastest Exit we did not want to move forward with them and that we wanted a full refund of monies we approved by them. Very threatening that if we did not move forward with them, they would need to record us and they would not work with us in the future.
Why work with Fastest Exit? They do not have a physical office, even though they provide a box number in AZ.

If you get contacted by this group, ask for names of other Vidanta Members who have hired Fastest Exit to work on their behalf. Ask to talk directly with them and ask about performance. A Class Action suit does not start on its own. Chances are there are none. Bottom line - don't be tempted. Money spent is money lost.

2021-06-03 Hola - in response to your question about the cost of quarantining in the event of a positive covid test - yes you are charged a reduced rate, and the unit is likely to be in Tower Six where covid tests are administered. Evidently the cost is not unreasonable, otherwise we would have heard about it.

2021-05-14 Just curious for having to stay because of positive Covid test, does the resort charge you and is it at a reduced rate? Thank you! CMW

2021-05-13 Resort is running at about 50% capacity and expects to increase that. Some buildings were empty (e.g. Bldg 5) and some people got upgrades because of that. We had originally had a Friday check-in, but United cancelled our flight for that and Vidanta allowed us to have a Thursday check-in instead. Do be aware that you must fill out a Mexican health questionnaire before going through passport control in both directions. It is electronic only; so make sure your smart phone works.

Masks for guests are not required outdoors. They are required in La Plaza and the gym. All staff are wearing masks and undergoing all the hygiene they have advertised. We were not at all worried, but of course all of us were vaccinated. The required testing for returning is quick and easy and is done in the conference center behind La Cantina.

Several of the restaurants were closed or had reduced hours. My wife was particularly distraught as Sal Y Limon and its Cuban sandwich are no more. What was Costa Arena is now Puerto Manjar but still with a seafood focus. It was also the only place open for breakfast other than the buffet. Some of the goodies and activities that one used to get are a bit reduced—undoubtedly as a direct or indirect result of the pandemic curtailment. In general, though it was a lot less crowded.

The gondola is operational between Bldg 5, Santuraio and Beachland. Estates owners can use it freely, others have to ask. If you are with a salesman, you can take it all the way over the park and back, which I recommend. (The park is likely to have a soft opening by the end of the year with most significant parts opening during 2022.)

While there are people staying at the first Estates building, I would not recommend it in the near term. There is no infrastructure over there. Not even the pool is open. You have to be taken by golf cart back across the river for everything. (Estates owners have private beach pool access where the Luxxe beach pool was.) They are building a new bridge and other infrastructure. There is no sign of a gondola connection.

Not everything at Beachland is finished, but Salum is. It is not, however, as nice as the one at RM.

Spatium is open for messages etc, but they have moved the locker rooms outdoors. The new hydro pools are open, but they don’t have permission for sauna/steam rooms yet. They encourage clients to wear masks when appropriate.

Things are constantly changing, but it seems the Vidanta App is reasonably up to date.

2021-04-07 A review of Quarantining at Vidanta’s Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta:

If I were to describe the experience of quarantining at Vidanta’s Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta in one word, that word would be professional. I will say, when it originally came back that I would need to be quarantined, it was quite frustrating, as I was originally told they would take us to Tower 2. After a getting the results, Vidanta did let me get retested to rule out a false positive. The medical staff came directly to our Condo and administered the tests. Once those results also came back as positive for coronavirus, Vidanta again sprung into action, however, this time they told us they were taking us to Tower 6. Tower 6 is a new Grand Luxxe building that is directly connected to Tower 5. Tower 6 features Grand Luxxe Royal Suites, a new style of unit. Photos are attached below. It featured 2 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a good amount of closet space, but a smaller balcony than other Grand Luxxe units. Staff came directly to our Condo at the Grand Luxxe Punta, cleared the hallways, escorted us to an elevator just for us, then escorted us to a private shuttle that took us directly to Tower 5’s lobby, and then across to Tower 6. When I say escorted, I mean they physically blocked off a path just for us so that other guests would not be near us. Once at Tower 6, we were greeted by our new concierge. He was incredibly helpful, and even gave us his personal WhatsApp. He was very responsive, helpful, and kind to our situation. He was also very attentive, and answered any and all questions within a matter of moments. He helped us with anything and everything from food orders, to daily coffee being sent to us in the morning at a consistent time, to setting up a time for Bell Boys to pick up our suitcases, and so on. We were not allowed to leave the condo, unless it was to pick up housekeeping supplies, toiletries, do laundry, and pick up our food. Those in quarantine are able to use their balconies, but the dipping pool had no water in it.

For food, we had access to a room service menu. The menu was 28 pages, and featured a variety of foods and drinks. We also could use the Vidanta app to pick out and pay for groceries to be delivered to us without any contact. In addition to that, we were able to order Pizzas, and they were promptly delivered to our condo. The food was up to par with the quality of food served at the restaurants. It did however take approximately 30-45 minutes for everything to be delivered, so plan accordingly. That should be expected though, as all the food is prepared as it would be in one of Vidanta’s restaurants.

It is important to note that there was no housekeeping service while quarantining, but there were housekeeping carts that were fully stocked left in the hallway for us to use as needed. The carts had toiletries, fresh towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, fresh sheets, and so on. I will say that each time I opened the door, a security guard peaked around the corner to watch me and make sure I was not leaving the dedicated quarantine area. While that is an understandable measure, it may come off as an extreme measure to some.

Medical staff who operate the testing at Vidanta were also responsive and attentive. They called daily, and also arranged for me to get retested after 5 days had passed from the original test. They came up and administered the test once again in the Condo, emailed results, and also came up again to explain the results. When they came up to administer the tests, they did ask for payment right away, and stated they preferred cash. I will note that with the laboratory, there was some confusion regarding one of my tests, as it listed me at the wrong age. That was corrected once it was pointed out. Miscommunication does happen, but they made sure to fix the issue as soon as possible. I took both the Antigen test, and PCR test, and they were able to administer both directly in the condo. It took anywhere from an hour for results, to 12 hours for results, depending on the test and the time it was given.

Overall, the quarantine experience was professional, all staff were helpful, and the service was up to par with the typical Grand Luxxe experience. Quarantining is not ideal, however, they helped make the experience about as good as it could be.


2021-02-18 The following is from a Vidanta employee:

Good Morning Everyone

Hope all are well and staying safe.

Vidanta and hotel operations has hit an high in occupancy post -covid this week. This is no surprise as President's week is traditionally one of the most popular weeks in our calendar year. What is surprising is the extended stays and lack of children. I am seeing more clients enjoying longer stays. Clients that would come for two or three weeks have chosen to stay (sometimes) months. Families with small children have been conspicuously absent for obvious reasons.

This past weekend I played tourist because my brother in law was here. Mar had us going non stop for the weekend. Sayulita was full of Nationals and tourists from the United States. FULL!

Then to PIPIs restaurant which was empty but loud. Next day, back to the Malecon where there were plenty of people enjoying the sunny weather. The highlight of the weekend was out tour with Vallarta Adventures where we went to Isla Mujeras and Mahajuitas Beach. The whales were not concerned with the current Virus situation as they were spotted in abundance.Lastly. as I went to work, My guests went to the resort(for the first time) and totally enjoyed the lazy river, cafe del lago and beach. It was nice to hear that through the eyes of a newby.

Construction in the Park continues full force. As the gondola goes over the Park, you can spot 1000 construction workers and countless trucks moving dirt. It really is amazing the progress. You can now see progress on the buildings in the Park. The Cirque Theater is starting to take shape. Those disbelievers will be silenced with the amount of progress.

Thats all for now.
I look forward to your next visit.

Be Safe everyone.

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