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What a great way to communicate with each other and Grupo Vidanta.

Members offering what they like and what they would like to see help parent organizations make decisions that are relevant and meaningful. Such exchanges often lead to improved experiences, interactions and surroundings.

We individuals can best be heard when others having the same ideas voice their opinions too. A community voice adds a bit of weight to the community's ideas.

Capture fleeting thoughts. The time to strike is when the proverbial light bulb clicks on. The trick is getting the suggestion into the system while it is fresh in our minds. Wait too long, and click, the bulb is dark and we move on.

So, now that we have started this not so new idea, let's see if anything comes of it. The idea is to let individuals be heard.....if they want to be heard. Comments are not necessarily limited to Nuevo Vallarta. Please note: Participation is limited to Subscribing Members. You can Subscribe Here if you have not already done so.

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2019-04-12 Riviera Maya Experience on TirpAdvisor:

Just returned from my 5th trip to Grande Luxxe since 2012 as an Interval trader.
Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your vacation:

1) Avoid the sales presentation at all costs, no matter what discounts, freebies or bargains they offer. They flatter then insult and degrade you if you refuse to buy — I have never felt so disrespected. It ruined my vacation. Better train your sales staff in respectful business practices and good manners.

2) Traders pay a "resort fee" depending on room size which will include an airport transport to the resort but not back. Read PG 2 of your confirmation. Return trip is $1360 pesos for a van which fits 5-8. Pay in pesos not dollars otherwise you get ripped off.

3) Main Pool Cabanas are reserved the day before at 7:30 AM and cost $25 US which is credited to food and drinks. Very busy. Don’t expect a shady place at main pools. Great Zumba at 10 AM and noon poolside and free kids' activities all day. Best food - drink service - in front of Havana Moon. Happy Hour is 12-2 PM= 2 for 1. Cocktails have virtually no alcohol; a lot of empty calories.

4) Grande Luxxe/Bliss Beach Club line is ridiculous. Get there before 9. Great if you have kids; incredible service.

5) If offered an upgrade, stay in an ODD numbered GL room. Otherwise you are on top of the 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM construction noise-- and it is loud --even with the AC and fans on. Like to sleep? Stay elsewhere. Waterslides they are building next to GL Jungle wont open till after June.

6) All restaurants, casual and elegant, are excellent. US prices, no bargains, but fresh and delicious selections esp the ceviche and Mexican favorites at Balche/Fridas. Try the crickets. Tramonto Italian is probably their finest; need a reservation.

7) The rooms are gorgeous, modern, very clean and extremely comfortable. Maid service twice a day. The employees are warm wonderful people. Treat them well.

8) Best place for an ocean swim is north of the resort where there is less coral and seaweed, near Valentin. Visit a different saltwater resort pool each day. There certainly are enough.

9) Dont miss the Flamenco night on the beach at Chiringuito Saturday nites with Natalia and her husband guitar player. Paella and sangria are amazing. New Salum is always fun anytime with hammocks and swings in the water. Try the tamales, and fresh fruit icepops and churros filled with creme for dessert. And of course, dont forget the traditional flan.

10) The transportation is a major problem. The trams/golfcarts can take forever. Wait is 5-20 minutes. Rides are long, windy and bumpy. Enjoy the iguanas and quatie (racoon/squirrel/mongoose, whatever!) with the two-foot brown tails. There are crocs at Greenbreak and flamingoes somewhere.

Enjoy your vaca, the beautiful Caribbean, and try to tune out the craziness.
Every little tip helps.

2019-01-15 Hola!
Regarding the question about construction of Estates in Riviera Maya, ground may be broken, but there does not appear to be any structural construction yet. Management may have decided where the Estates will be located in Riviera Maya, but there is no official announcement. Just as there is no official announcement regarding Nuevo Vallarta either. That said, the buildings on the Jalisco side of the river are pretty stout, so there is a strong likelihood that they will be the first Estate buildings.

2019-01-14 Fantastic Property
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Our group of six adults and four kids had a fantastic time at Vidanta Nueva Vallarta. The resort property is mind-bogglingly large, yet accessible. Walking around the area is easy, and there are convenient shuttles if you'd like that never had a long wait. There are pools everywhere. The ones by the Grand Mayan are best for kids, as there are some fountains that help mask the noise. Before we discovered those, we felt a little guilty about having loud kids in a quieter pool area (but not too guilty; what do you expect at a pool, anyway?). The beach is giant, and the setting is gorgeous.

We were in a Presidential Suite. The Suite was very nicely appointed and had more than enough space for all of us.

Plenty of restaurants to choose from, though we learned the hard way that some won't let you come in your pool attire (even if you are dry. The explanation was odd: the kids can't come, the reason is they are wet, but the kids were the only ones who had changed into dry clothes. And this was one of the restaurants listed as "casual," if I recall). The market was enough to keep us stocked for breakfasts, snacks, a few kids dinners (and could easily allow for cooking more than we did). We did not need to go to a grocery store off-site.

If I had to nitpick, most of the pools were quite cold, except for the ones by the Grand Mayan; WiFi was intermittent and slow, something to consider if this is a necessity; and it was sometimes difficult to get a dinner reservation. We were warned about the dinner reservations during the peak season, but it still did not quite make sense. One place said they only had early availability, but then a good 75% of the restaurant remained empty during our 2-hour meal (lucked out that we left the kids with the grandparents that night...).

In all, we loved our stay. This was our first time here and we are already thinking of coming back.

Date of arrival
December 22, 2018

2018-12-23 Re: Estates Construction in Riviera Maya
Construction may be underway now, but we hear nothing is far enough along to allow tours of the facilities. The general statement is the facilities may be located on the inland side of the highway rather than the ocean side. Also, models do not appear to be available either. The Estates Division is evolving, and there are likely to be many changes to what we are told today and what actually is available for our use. Happy Holidays to you as well.

2018-12-19 I am headed to riviera maya in 2 weeks. We are platinum residence club members and recently bought into the estates. Does anyone know if there has been any progress on estate development at the Riviera Maya property...if so can we get a tour? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

2018-12-04 Following are my comments about the last Aimfair Gathering held on November 14, 2018:

Bob, Mary Ann,

It was a pleasure to finally meet you after years of only email communication! It was the first time I happened to be on-site when you had one of your gatherings. Thank you for taking the time to arrange them and give members and opportunity to gather and share.

On that sharing topic, I was a bit saddened by some of the petty complaints that were brought up and of course, the one person that feels compelled to monopolize all of the question time. Just like every other meeting you’ve ever been to! I wanted to complement you, Bob, on trying to keep the meeting moving along and most importantly, injecting positivity and humor into it.

I was compelled to state how my reservation experiences have all be great after hearing all of the complaints about the team and the process. That is the one part of Vida I have never had a problem with.

It also amazes me that people have to share something that only impacts them personally and not have any broader appeal. Certainly their concerns were valid, just not in that venue IMHO.

After hearing what my girlfriend and I commonly refer to as ‘first world issues’ I returned to our floor and was talking to our concierge. He told me that earlier that day an owner had complained about the color of the river behind our building and asked if they could do anything about it! I had to say I was totally embarrassed by it.

The one comment that resonated with me from the meeting was around providing a member with information in advance of their arrival with any potential changes or upgrades that might be available. That would save so much time and prepare people to make in some cases substantial financial decisions. They know your account and when you are going to be there so why not let you prepare in advance? It seems to make so much sense for both parties.

I love the idea of being paired with the same agent every time. In my 14 years there I have never seen the same person twice and would welcome that type of one-on-one relationship. It certainly wouldn’t be with the woman we got this time. She went from being sweet as you can be to a viper in 10 seconds.

Best of the Season to you both and I hope our paths cross again soon,

2018-11-29 Is anyone aware of the new process being used for Privileged weeks? According to reservations, they will no longer book SFX Privilaged weeks for holidays through reservations. Unfortunately they do not know how SFX privileged weeks will be booked.

2018-04-14 Just a few thoughts on GL Riviera Maya. By way of background, we are long-time drinkers of the kool aid and have experienced some of the not-so-happy experiences of other members. However, we would be remiss in not praising Vidanta Resorts for what they have here. The people, ambience and laid-back atmosphere of GLRM more than justify the cost and occasional longer-than-expected waits. We’re always blown away by the genuine friendliness of the staff and overall serenity of the environment. Granted, we have not yet had our “update” and therefore cannot opine on this year’s sales onslaught. But after 15 years and sevral upgrades, we’re still fans. For what it’s worth.

2018-03-23 We are Plantinum Level members in the Residence Club (full share in a 2 Bedroom Loft unit). I sent a friend to Nuevo Vallarta yesterday to be in a 1 bedroom GL Villa. They were denied Platinum (black) bands and were given a Studio Loft in Tower V. Clearly not what I had book, nor what was stated on their reservation. They were given this by 3 people at a desk in the Santuario. The 3 were very rude to my guests and told them unless they were with the owner, they had no privileges and were like anyone else who walked off the street. Then they asked them how much money the paid me. What! They were pushing them to go on a sales presentation.

I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to straighten this out to no avail. I was transferred all over the place and was told Platinum privileges on my contract do not say anything about guests receiving them. I countered with, it doesn't say anything about my guests not receiving them. Frustrating. I encouraged my guests to be persistent and hold out until they honored the reservation for a 1 bedroom Villa. After 4 hours they were given that, but no black wrist bands.
I have sent other guests to NV and they received all our privileges — black band included — and I told Customer Service this. Their response was, that was a mistake and I was lucky that happened.

When I was in NV last November, the Utah Jazz corporate guys were there being treated to golf, rooms, etc. in the hopes that corporate would buy into the Vidanta properties so that they could send clients and give away weeks as perks. So I wonder when a corporation sends clients to the resort, how are they treated. I doubt the same as my guests.

Another thing I wonder. Last year we added the VIP Entertainment package and were told it included tickets for everyone staying in the room. Now I wonder if when the Park opens and I send a guest, are they going to say the privileges only apply to the owners?

You can't change your policies midstream, but that seems to be what's happening with Vidanta. For example, my contract says complimentary golf for all Groupo Vidanta courses, but now we are told it's complimentary only for the Jack Nicklaus course in Nuevo. I'm here in Puerto Penasco and they want $99 for the golf.

By the way, I paid full price for the 1 bedroom GL Villa. It was not an Ambassador certificate.

2018-02-22 The good:
· Beautiful apartment. It felt like a home, everyone was really nice and attentive. Fantastic.
· The grounds - very pretty, well-manicured.
· Joya (cirque) - fantastic and the restaurant Nektar next door to the show too. Very special, all really enjoyed it.
· Dive shop people were super nice. High winds so diving was tough, but the team was really friendly and professional. Nice boat as well.
· The Pool for Luxxe guests was good, attentive staff and nice environment.
· Both Nektar and Gong restaurants were very good.
· The Beach Club area on the far side of the resort was very nice too.

The OK
· The Mayan Side was a bit crazy, especially the chair reservation system. People showed up at 7:00 am to reserve spaces, and it was crowded. So it was more difficult to enjoy the myriad of pools on the Mayan side without a spot. We eventually got a Cabana by the beach on the 4th day.
· Restaurant Reservations - very hard to come by. High season, but we didn’t know it would be so packed. Regardless, the food was really good.

The Bad
· Transportation is Bananas. We kept telling them we were platinum. I speak fluent Spanish (born in Latin America) so it wasn’t lack of communication. Shuttles showed up 10 minutes or so, and overall that works ok. But the process is complicated if we wanted to leave the property. We had to plan 30 + minutes ahead to get transportation so we could use the car we rented. First go to the “Lobby Central”, then take the Valet car to get our car. They make it expressly difficult to leave. It took an hour to go to the Joya show, even though we are across the street. We chatted up the drivers in Spanish and became good friends. They said they have been lobbying for a better system. It’s clear management tries to make it difficult to leave.
· The Travel Agents must have a separate financial arrangement with the tours they recommend. I’m not surprised, I’ve seen it a lot and it’s part of how they must personally make extra cash. The Agent recommended a Dive shop in Playa (Phantom Divers) instead of the one in the resort. That usually happens because the one in the resort may not pay a commission. Nice guys, but the diving outfit was very unprofessional. Had to change equipment multiple times - we called them on it - gauges didn’t work, BCD’s were faulty, etc. Bordering on dangerous. The next day we used the resort shop and told them about it. They said the agent does that all the time. Seems unethical.
· Finally the pitch with the “complimentary breakfast” for the Condo sale was pushy. I nipped it in the bud when we checked in. But the constant pitching was annoying. It happened for the most part throughout the property, and we got accustomed to it.

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