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The Grand Luxxe Residence Club offers owners and guests a range of units, from 6,000 SF, 4 BR units to 2,300 SF, 2 BR units. Until recently, all guests in the Grand Luxxe Residence Club who are visiting Nuevo Vallarta are received in this beautiful area.

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Aimfair.com is a Grand Luxxe Residence Club member supported website devoted to allowing members of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club to share their experiences, rumors thoughts, speculations and photos of the properties they visit. The intent of Aimfair is to facilitate this communication process.

Bob and Mary Ann purchased a Luxxe Master Suite Villa in December, 2007. Knowing nothing about the developer or the resorts it owned and operated, they formed a website to gather and display information. Today, Aimfair members, members of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club and members of other resorts operated by Grupo Vidanta frequently visit Aimfair to keep up to date.

As such, all information found on Aimfair should not be relied upon as official statements of fact, truth, advice, promises or any other form of encouragement that in any way would be relied upon when considering the purchase of a Right To Use Contract. All official information is provided by Grupo Vidanta. Aimfair.com is not associated with Grupo Vidanta in any way. Neither Aimfair.com, members of Aimfair.com or owners of Aimfair.com assume any responsibility for the accuracy of any information found on the Aimfair.com website.

Since their first post, Aimfair.com founders (Bob and Mary Ann) believed that:
Information From Many Sources plus Access To Fellow Owners MIGHT help viewers Make Informed Decisions and Have More Fun.

Aimfair offers three levels of participation:
* Free - Anonymous and Unregistered: Infrequent visits to Aimfair.com access to the Home Page and other pages that provide general information is an Anonymous User of Aimfair.com.
* Free - Registered: Viewers who visit Aimfair more frequently, who elect to receive periodic email notices from Aimfair.com and access to general information that appears on Aimfair.com.
* Paid - Subscriptions: Subscribing members help offset the operating cost of running a website through their subscription payments, want email notices of updates and want the ability to interact with other members through Forums and other means, all within the privacy of a membership format.

We thank all of you who have chosen to subscribe. Subscriptions to Aimfair.com help pay our out-of-pocket costs of maintaining and growing Aimfair.com. The proceeds make possible future developments and improvements for the benefit of everyone.

In the final analysis, the value of Aimfair.com is in its growing and active membership, and all members are trying to understand how best to take full advantage of the investment they have made in their future vacations.

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Bob and Mary Ann
23 Railroad Ave., #134, Danville, CA 94526
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