Possible Scams

Are you a knowledgeable buyer of timeshare interests?

Chances are you are!

So ask yourself...."Why would anyone pay me more for my timeshare interest than it would cost from the developer for the same floor plan??"

Answer is simple: They wouldn't!!

The next time you take a call from someone who says he will pay you some huge amount of money for your contract, tell the caller you have a great deal for him or her....and pay a lot less for the same contract....call Grupo Vidanta.

Possible Timeshare Scams

No bonus weeks in this offer - just a waste of your time AND possibly money! NOT LEGITIMATE! Tap here to read all about the offer...

FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme
FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme

Scams - The unfortunate soft underbelly of the Timeshare Industry.

The most frequent scam is called the Advance Fee Fraud. In this case, the timeshare owner/seller is cold called by an individual who claims to be a legitimate broker/agent for a legitmate broker/dealer/event planner/timeshare specialist. Often times the caller has stolen the identity of legitimate brokers/agents and companies to put the person being cold called at ease.
Want to report a fraud to the FBI?

You must listen to this recording - a California licensed real estate agent talking to a person who has stolen his identity to collect a commission on money received from unsuspecting sellers. Brett Jennings is the real name of the California agent.
Read the full account of this scam here.
The Fake Brett Jennings says he will release the real Brett Jennings name and company within a month of the call. Then he will be gone! Never to be heard from again by the real Brett Jennings.

Yes, it is highly important that we find and prosecute these individuals. But....their's is a perfect business plan. Why? Because WE ALL WRITE CHECKS!

Follow these simple steps to determine if the caller is legitiate or not:
  • Copy and paste the domain name into a “who-is” site to determine the ownership profile of the domain. When it was created, when changes were made and when it expires. The sites with one year durations are likely scams.
  • Copy and paste the address into Google Earth or some other mapping service with Satellite imaging. Look at the location of the address to determine if it refers to an office building or some other structure. Sometimes the address is a vacant lot.
  • Copy and paste the address into the search box of your browser. Identify companies located at the given address. It is best if you can find the management company or leasing agent. Call them and ask if the company in question pays rent to the management company. If you can’t find a management company or leasing agent, call one of the companies listed at the given address. Generally speaking, addresses in office buildings without specific reference to a suite number is a fake address. The US Postal Service or any other mail delivery service would not be able to deliver a parcel to an address that does not have a suite number.
  • Log into the state’s Secretary of State Business Search site. Search for the company name. If it does not appear, then the company is suspect.
  • Log into the state’s real estate division and search for the agent’s name or the name of the company. If the company does not appear, it is suspect. Sometimes you can find a name that has been hijacked by checking addresses listed. The scammer's address may not appear in the official records.
  • Search for a website called Yougetsignal.com. This site allows you to reverse look up email addresses, telephone numbers and other stuff. The keys are to determine if the telephone numbers are located at the address given in the website. The email search is likely to come up blank.
Receive a call from someone who wants you to participate in tracking down dishonest timeshare developers? Tap here to see a list of offices in Mexico's Department of Tourism. Do not give your personal information to anyone!
So let's all do our part to help stamp out the scams: Only You Can Write the Check....Don't Write the Check!
Remember, these people do not feel they are doing anything wrong.
  • Do not send money or pay for ANYTHING.
  • Do not send any documents by FAX.
  • Do send by certified return receipt requested to the caller's listed address a test document. If the test parcel arrives and the recipient reads to you the information you requested in the certified letter, then at least you know the address is not fake.
  • Perform your due diligence carefully.
  • If it seems too good to be true, then stay away!
  • If it is legitimate, then all costs of the sale are paid from verified proceeds in a verified escrow account that you open and control.
If you are contacted by a company that does not pass your "too good to be true" test, please let us know so we can share your information with others.

Finally, heed Grupo Vidnata's instructions as they are outlined below:


2021-07-22 UK Couple Plead Guilty - Impersonating Solicitors

This couple promised timeshare owners to bring legal actions against timeshare developers for making false promises and perpetuating lies. They collected over $500,000 before they were caught and brought to justice. This is a great example of how scams are becoming more sophisticated. Be very careful. Ask questions and conduct due diligence before sending money ....

2021-07-16 Maverick Abstract Inc. - Great Story

An Aimfair member shared his adventure with Maverick Abstract Inc and its alleged employees and related individuals. What he learned by conducting his own, brief due diligence uncovers clear evidence of big Flags. Remember, do your due diligence and don't send money to people you don't know.

2021-04-02 Scam Calls are on the Rise - International Travel Services

The conversation a founding member of Aimfair shared started something like this - We are one of the few companies that are authorized to work with Vidanta... Not true! They even hijacked Vidanta's phone number as if it were there's. Two other names to look out for: Luxury Travel Consultants and Corporate Management Consultants. Remember, only YOU can help stamp out scams - Don't Send Money!!

Please subscribe to view this article.

2020-06-02 Empire Realty Group Incorporated, Chicago, IL

The Aimfair member who sent this to us noted the errors in the letter sent by the contact person and the untrue statements about his ownership. It was clear this offer (and all the other cold call offers) was a scam. Be aware and no need to take the call.

Help stamp out scams - DON’T SEND MONEY ….

2020-05-30 Fake CEAV Inquiry

The CEAV is a number of agencies in Mexico that are devoted to supporting victims of abuse, hardship, and other possible crimes against them directly or indirectly. This scam leads the recipient of an information request to believe the sender is going to investigate scams and attempt to recover money lost to scams.

Not true. The sender is impersonating an investigator for one of the agencies and requests information that can be used against the recipient.

Help stamp out scams - DON’T SEND MONEY ….

2020-04-19 Fake Coronavirus Bonus Weeks from Vidanta-Group.com

This group sends emails to members advertising bonus weeks that are available to you. Don’t fall for this offer. It is not from Grupo Vidanta. Grupo Vidanta does not use the domain called Vidanta-group.com. No need to respond. Stay away....

2019-12-04 SEIDO is legitimate - seidogob.mx is not!

Charles received an email from a domain called seidogob.mx and asked if it is legitimate. No, it is not! That is the answer.

Don’t provide any information or participate in this FAKE OFFICIAL LOOKING request. This is a Phishing exercise, and your information will be passed along to unscrupulous groups.

2019-11-03 Beware of the Fake Member Lawsuit Claim

Members are being solicited to participate in a Member lawsuit, presumably against Vidanta. First a call comes in, then the email arrives to ask you to register with memberslawsuit.com. No one registered so we don’t know what information the website requests. You can bet it would be proprietary information about your ownership.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t share your personal information with anyone!

2019-09-27 Another Fake Offer from Vidanta-group.com. There is no website. We did not call the number, nor did we send an email to the group using their email address. There is nothing traceable about this group. It appears to be more a nuisance than anything else. Only emailed offers, no telephone solicitation.

We send this to keep you updated with groups that are either trying to scam you or create distrust in the Vidanta brand. Whoever it is seems to repeat this process twice a year since 2005. Crazy, right? Stay tuned....

2019-07-30 Fake Bonus Week Offer - Vidanta-Group.com

This offer states you have unused bonus weeks. You can either use them by paying for them or you can have HSI rent them for you and you will receive rental income. In either case, you pay up front and hope to get something in return. Chances are you will not. Stay away....or if you want to do more due diligence - Don’t Send Money!!

2019-07-26 MB Realty LLC - Very suspicious!

Help stamp out scammers - Don’t Send Money!

2019-06-29 Travel Industry Consultants, Inc. and W.N.T.A., Inc. - Two alleged companies working together to take your money. Stay away. Thanks to Gordon and Nino for sharing their experiences with us. Remember....Help Stamp Out Scams - Don’t Send Money!!

2018-10-04 Estates-Club and PJU Associates are not to be trusted. Stay away because they are phishing for your confidential information. The only way you can gain insight to their websites is to provide confidential information to register first. Not good. Our contacts at the Mexico Department of Tourism says the sites are not to be trusted and Vidanta says the Vidanta legal department is trying to close the site down.

Do not become a victim. Stay away.

2018-10-02 Fake Attorney Representation Offer by Alvarez Asesoria Y Defensa Legal

The caller described in unclear terms the fact that he is with a law firm in Mexico City that is devoted to representing Timeshare owners in suits against timeshare companies that oversold their product with lies and misrepresentations. He invited us to sign documents that among other things asked for confidential information about our ownership.

In a previous investigation, we befriended Sr. Rangel in Mexico’s Department of Tourism. He has provided us with accurate information and warnings. He also confirmed that the group that called us should not be trusted.

Tap here to be taken to this very interesting article.

2018-09-11 Another Fake Offer to Rent Unused Bonus Weeks

Yes, this scam is making the rounds again. Just look at the earlier offers:

We are sure there are more. It's all we can do to keep up with the few that we run across.

Don’t fall for the offers, even though they look very legitimate. There are many re-used scams out there now. Don’t be a victim......Don’t send money!!

2018-07-26 Another Inquiry by Fake Mexico Tourism Department Employee

This is the second time in 2018 that information was solicited by a person claiming to be an employee of the Mexican Government's Department of Tourism. The sending domain is CPTMgob.com.mx and not owned by the Mexican Government. Also, the request is for money to participate in legal action against scammers. Finally, the false claim is the Mexican Government is interested in buying timeshare interests.

Definitely do not respond with any information or send any money!

2018-06-19 The Oregon FBI Posts Warning About Timeshare Frauds

KTVZ.COM news sources in Portland, Oregon reported an FBI post that warns timeshare owners about frauds and what they can do to check whether callers are legitimate. It also posted the link to a FBI complaints line. This is important and procedures should be followed as part of your due diligence. Help stamp out frauds - do due diligence and don't send money...!

2018-04-30 Asset Real Estate Investments - AREI

This entity claims to be headquartered in Clayton, MO. However, the address given does not provide a suite number or post office box number. Also, there is a company registered with the Missouri Secretary of State's office, but the name is not an exact match. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the two are related. Finally, the website claims the business has been actives since 1995, but the domain for the website was created on January 6, 2018 and expires on January 6, 2019.

We would stay away from this opportunity!

2018-04-24 Another Fake Vidanta Offer

An email letter is circulating that offers to rent bonus weeks that are presumably expiring. The deal is pay the $850 usage fee in advance and get $2,200 guaranteed rent. All for using the bonus weeks that the email recipient is not using. Oh, BTW, they will not send documents. Only oral representations over the telephone. Definitely a scam. Stay away from this one if you get such an offer. Remember....only YOU can help stamp out the scammers.....Don't Send Money!

2018-02-17 Lic. Ernesto Alfonso Acosta - Fake Mexican Government Inquiry

A new theme of the Fake Mexican Government inquiry to abusive timeshare sales tactics is circulating the Internet. An Aimfair member brought to our attention a request for information about the member's timeshare and whether the member is involved in a legal action against the timeshare company.

It's a phishing exercise. The request comes from a non-Mexican owned domain. The domain expires within a year of its creation. Check the differences between the domain names....very subtle. Bottom line....don't submit the form. It would allow scammers access to your confidential information. Remember - only you can help stamp out scams - don't send information or money....!

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