T-PS Jan22017 Fake Bonus Week

Another Fake Bonus Week Offer

January 2, 2017

Notices from memberservices@bonusprogramvidanta.com to use "expiring bonus weeks" started circulating in Novmeber, 2016. An Aimfair member sent us another version of the offer, and yes it is still bogus.

If you receive the following in an email, give it no other attention than to delete it permanently from your email folder:

Consider the last sentence: "Sometimes when we call it appears as UNAVAILABLE or PRIVATE....". It is a dead giveaway and fair warning that the offer is fake.
There is a whole list of fake offers, including this one:

Other scams are on the horizon. Remember....
Only YOU can help stamp out scammers.....DON'T WRITE THAT CHECK.....!
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