T-PS 2019Sept27 Fake Vidanta Offer

Another Fake Vidanta Offer

September 27, 2019

We received the following offer by email two days ago. Additionally, RASX5 sent a copy of the same offer that he received. Here is what he said:
Per your website, passing along this scam that I received today. Thanks for posting the scam domains on your site.
Looks like this one has made the rounds before.
He attached the following offer to his email, which is the same offer we received at about the same time:

We receive cold calls from people who claim to be working for legitimate companies that are devoted to "helping" Vidanta members rent or sell their excess weeks or contracts.

Try the following steps to conduct your own due diligence:
  1. Copy the caller's "company" domain (the series of letters that appear before the extension of .com, or other .XXX plus the extension).
  2. Navigate to http://whois.domaintools.com and paste the copied name and extension into the "Who Is" address space.
  3. Examine the record that appears.
  4. If the domain expires one year from the creationg date, the chances are the caller is part of a scam. Why? Because scammers do not keep their presence on the Internet too long because they may be discoverd by authorities and arrested.
This rule is not always accurate, but this is the first example we have come across. Take the example provided by RASX5. Here are the records for the domain called "vidanta-group.com":
Dates 388 days old
Created on 2018-09-04
Expires on 2020-09-04
Updated on 2018-09-04
In this case, the domain was created for two years, and it expires in September, 2020. The reason is it would be impossible to find this group, since the address they provide is the same address as the Grand Mayan.

So, you say, why do we doubt that this group is part of Grupo Vidanta? It is all in the presentation. Grupo Vidanta is not going to send a blind ad to all of us without first giving us something of quality to look at. The presentation is not at all like the presentations Vidanta provides its members.

There is a whole list of fake offers, including this one:
Conduct your due diligence. Remember, if you can't find 'em, don't do business with'em!
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