Vidanta's Resort Properties - Complements of Aimfair members.
Vidanta's Resort Properties - Complements of Aimfair members.

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January 10, 2022

Yes, it is after the Christmas and Holiday celebrations. We know. BUT, this rendition of Jingle Bells will, if nothing more, introduce you to a new and energetic experience. Joy exudes from this video, which is a pop-up concert performed by the US Air Force Band and Choral group. Remember this link when you feel down or like you need a boost of energy! It will be the cure for all despondency!!

Yes, we know it is unusual to draw attention to something that is traditionally saved for the Holidays. But, if we all keep this rendition of Jingle Bells in mind all the time, chances are we will smile and think of how wonderful the gift of music is; maybe it will also be a mood changer too.
Here's to you and many wonderful years where ever you may be!

January 3, 2022

Where does time go when vacationing at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta? We celebrated New Year's Eve on the beach and had a wonderful time seeing friends and family. Following is what we saw and enjoyed, and you can vicariously participate in the celebration any time you tap this post.

Before midnight, Salum was hopping with families with multiple generations. Truly a fun way to introduce the New Year!

At midnight, the fireworks display was everything anyone would want. Look in the distance. So many other resorts were shooting off their fireworks show too. Beautiful, and so much fun!

Now, we are three days into the New Year and looking forward to all that 2022 has to offer. There seems to be a new energy to the beginning of 2022, and we hope it will last throughout the New Year!

We wish you all a healthy, prosperous, joyful and exciting 2022.


December 4, 2021

In less than thirty days, Freddy's friends and Aimfair Members raised more than the $6,000 US goal of the GoFundMe campaign to help Freddy pay for his wife's cancer treatments. This is an exceptional example of kindness!

During the campaign, an Aimfair member brought to our attention another act of kindness. Here is his story:

What a very caring effort you both have made to help Freddy Knox and his wife!

I would like to share with you a similar effort I made last February when my wife and I were at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. While there, I noted that Sr. Oscar Aguilar, who has a craft shop near the Grand Mayan water slide where he sells had-made jewelry, appeared to be in need of a reconditioned wheelchair as the one he was using was in very poor shape and nearly beyond repair and in need of prompt replacement before his chair collapses on him.

With the help of Karina de la Rosa of the Vidanta Customer Care Center, I was able to send him $275 via Western Union and he shortly thereafter received the money and was able to buy a reconditioned wheelchair. He was personally very thankful and we look forward to seeing him when we are at Vidanta NV in January.

Please, I want no recognition for this story of my gift to Oscar; his thank-you was welcome enough. On the other hand, I mention Karina de la Rosa and the Customer Care Center as perhaps another possible source of help in providing care to other Vidanta employees.
It is truly wonderful to find kindness in many places you don't expect. After all, kindness is something we all have to give, and sometimes we forget how important it actually is!

Thank you all for your generosity and kindness. Let's keep spreading it all over!!!

Freddy Knox and his wife need your help.

October 23, 2021

Freddy Knox is a 20 year veteran with Grupo Vidanta. He spent a number of years in sales until he moved into the Customer Care department. There he found his calling to help people through the challenges of Vidanta contract ownership. After a couple of years as a Customer Care agent, he suggested the company form a VIP Concierge service. The company liked the idea moved him into a new position. He has been working in that position for the past five years.

During the last three years, Freddy's wife has battled cancer. Progress was being made until the pandemic hit in 2020. The combination of reduced tourism that negatively affected Vidanta and a change for the worse in Freddy's wife's condition have created very difficult circumstances for Freddy and his ability to continue paying mounting medical bills.

We did not know Freddy had to leave Vidanta and move to his wife's home town north of Mexico City until a Facebook post indicated Freddy was no longer the point person for the VIP Concierge services. We reached out to Freddy and heard his desperate story. He needs help paying his rising medical bills.

Given he has been such a helpful person to those of us who worked with him at Vidanta, we decided to form Go Fund Me page so Aimfair Members and other members of Vidanta can give back by sending gifts in his behalf. The goal is to reach $6,000. Generous Aimfair members have already contributed nearly $1,000, so we are on our way.

Please give what you can to help Freddy cover his mounting medical expenses. Tap the following link to be taken to our Go Fund Me Page: https://gofund.me/792f37da Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

December 1, 2020

The year has only a month to go before a new one begins. For many of us, it will be a godsend. Something positive to look forward to. New experiences and acquaintances are just around the corner.

Although this video has nothing directly to do with our experiences at Vidanta, indirectly it does. Because it is a reminder that the world we live in is wonderful.


Refer back to this video when days are cloudy and dark. Cheers!

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