T-PS Aug262015 MHP Brokerage Group

MHP Brokerage Group - Kansas City, MO

August 26, 2015

Website: http://mhpbrokeragegroup.com/about.html ....update.....October 8, 2015.....this link is no longer active!

About the company:
We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial management, as well as rental and resale of timeshare memberships. At MHP Brokerage Group , we take our commitment of managing, selling and renting your property very seriously. We believe it is important our clients are informed and understand every step of their transaction. Changing the way you experience the process of timeshare sales MHP Brokerage Group is more than just a real estate sales company; it´s a perfect combination between excellent work ethics and customer service. ...
  • Their specialty is ambiguous.
  • They are committed to managing, selling and renting your property, but they are not committed to becoming licensed in the state of Missouri.
  • They keep their clients informed, but the do not keep them informed about a simple thing like their address.
Yes, you guessed it.....we received a call from Jose Lopes. He has a client with a tax problem. He wants to pay cash so he can get a write off. Right! That makes about as much sense as telling the IRS that you just spent money to buy a timeshare and you want to write off the entire amount you spent. Not going to happen, right?

He encourages us to contact him. He does not even know our names. Got the names wrong right from the start. Their list must have a number of mismatched names and telephone numbers.

We want to give him the benefit of the doubt. So we look up the address. You guessed it again....the address does not exist.

One more chance. The Secretary of State of Missouri requires all real estate companies and agents to be licensed and listed. You are getting very good at this. You guessed correctly.....no company named BHP Brokerage is registered with the state of Missouri.

No, sorry, but we are not interested. This exercise, including typing the post took about an hour. You can do it too, and you will save yourself a lot of money, time and anquish!

Let's review the FTC Instagram that describes the Advance Fee Scam:
Timeshare Resale Scams - Infographic from the FTC

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