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Links and discussions focused on "Timeshare Ownership", what a timeshare interest actually is and means, how it compares with other forms of shared ownership, valuation issues, and key concerns in the industry, such as companies offering to take money from you in dishonest ways (called "Scams" and "Stealing") are presented here.

In our view, Timesharing is the process of sharing use of a tangible asset among two or more parties. We believe contracts that define rights of use over small fractions of time (weeks or other intervals of time) are typically called timeshare interests. On the other hand, our view of contracts that define rights to use an asset over larger fractions of time than periods of one week or that stipulate a limit to the number users who have the right to use the defined asset are generally thought of as fractional interests.

Timeshare interests are usually rights to use rooms in a resort or hotel. Fractional ownerships can apply to all types of tangible assets.

The articles in this section will be written mostly by industry professionals, some of whom may be attorneys. All writings should not be relied upon as advice, legal or otherwise. Rather, think of them as conversations you may have with friends and fellow owners at the pool, at the dinner table or in some other casual setting.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in this section or anywhere else on this website, for that matter. Nor can we be held responsible for decisions others may make based upon any or all information contained in this section or other sections on this website. Rather, think of the writings as food for thought on your path to learning whether the use of timeshare interests suits your needs, personality and financial capabilities.

One unfortunate sideline of Timesharing is exposure to Scams. The most frequent is called the Advance Fee Fraud. In this case, the seller is told by individuals who steel the indentity of legitimately licensed individuals and company names that they must send money before the transaction can proceed. You must listen to this recording of a California licensed real estate agent talking to a person who has stolen his identity to collect a commission on money received from unsuspecting sellers. Brett Jennings is the real name of the California agent.
Read the full account of this scam here.
Remember, these people do not feel they are doing anything wrong. Do not send money. Do not send any documents by the FAX. Do send documents by certified receipt requested if you do not believe us.

Conduct your own research. Use the YouGetSignal.com tools to find the owner of an email address, who owns a phone number, who owns a domain name and other cool stuff.

We hope you enjoy our view of Timesharing and will contribute as you can.

  • Scams and Possible Scams: - This section describes how others determined whether offers or solicitations are possible scams. Aimfair subscribers and others have contributed everything from comments to actual contracts that you can review. Remember: If it is too good to be true, then it is likely not true.


This section is devoted to displaying links to articles we have found that describe what timeshares are, how they are different from other forms of sharing ownership interests in assets and how the process works. Included are articles about Destination Clubs, Residence Clubs, Fractional Interests and other methods of gaining use of facilities without buying them outright.

Please do not hesitate to send us questions or comments if you feel the urge. Our email address is infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

Articles are listed by the date published and are listed below:

Headlines of News about Shared Ownership appear below:

2021-09-27 Why is saying "No" so hard?

An article in Kiplingers Newsletter asks that question. Although it was presented in a general way, the question was also raised in the context of a Timeshare sales presentaion. The answers are interesting, especially in light of the fact that Timeshare Sales personnel have lots of Grit. The answer becomes increase your Grit to prepare to say "No".

2021-08-22 What is a Timeshare - Another great review

The timeshare industry has grown over the past 20 years, and the contracts offered have grown in complexity. Vidanta contracts are unique, and the differences are described in this article. Monica Fish is the author. Her perspective is fresh. Enjoy!

2021-04-17 Timeshare Ownership - Hard to stop buying?

An Ohio real estate and business attorney suggests buying timeshares is as hard to stop as using drugs. He discusses why timeshares are not good investments. What do you think? - 4/18/21

2021-03-20 Buying a Timeshare - What you should know...

Timeshares are very popular. The industry is growing rapidly. There are many advantages to owning timeshare interests. That said, there are many issues that need to be considered before taking the leap. This MSNBC article does a great job exposing the pros and cons of owning timeshare interests. Our Vidanta contracts are unique and offset some of the negatives of timeshare ownership. Great article, and a must read by those considering a purchase. Good luck....

2021-01-09 What is a timeshare, asks MSN.com?

The author provides a fair and understandable discussion about what a timeshare is. We have overlaid our knowledge of the Grand Luxxe Timeshare for comparison. Although not a scientific study, the article is a good foundation from which to grow.

2020-07-19 The Case For Buying from Third Parties

Although Marriott timeshares are featured, the thought process applies to all timeshare purchases...

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2020-06-04 Escondido’s Welk Resorts - Has to pay...

The Welk Resorts have to pay for false statements sales personnel made during sales presentations. This is precedent setting and may have a significant impact on the way timeshare contracts are sold. Stay tuned....

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2020-04-26 Coronavirus has caused timeshare companies deal with cancellations in different ways.

It is inevitable that high rates of mandatory cancellations would occur throughout the timeshare industry. Some companies are taking firm positions that could cost their members dearly. Others are being more liberal in their policies, which benefits their members. These are interesting, historic times ....

2019-06-28 Timeshare Contracts - Is there really a way out?

This article is written by Mr. Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate. He writes articles designed to make consumers aware of hidden issues associated with the purchasing of items in many industries. This particular article provides his recommendations for getting out of timeshare contracts issued by resorts.

The article provides points we should all look at when we buy into a timeshare. It also highlights the benefits of contracts we all own that have been issued by Grupo Vidanta over the past ten years.

Although we all may have ownership issues at one time or another, one issue we don’t have to worry about is how we get out of them. They expire ten years after the activation date.

2019-04-30 Diamond Resorts Attracts Millennial Generation through 10 year contracts

According to Diamond Resorts International CEO, the Millennial Generation wants access to flexible, experiential, and the ability to move on after a given period of time. It sounds as though the Vidanta programs are just what they want.

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2019-03-18 Financial Facts of Timeshare

This article presents a nice capsule of the pluses and minuses of timeshare ownership. The article is short, but it presents many concepts that are important to consider when buying or owning a timeshare. It is not lengthy, but it does offer common insights. Enjoy....

2018-12-19 What is a Timeshare?

This article is written by a Street.com contributor, and it seems to capture the essence of Timeshare Interests. It is a short article and written to provide highlights. Enjoy!

2018-02-08 Why Inheriting Timeshares Can Bust Your Wallet

The subject of inheriting timeshare contracts and the associated inherited obligations is discussed in this article that appeared on CNBC News on Monday, February 5, 2018. The timeshare industry is growing, more families are turning toward timeshares as their alternative to a second home, and many early adopters are finding the exiting process a hassle and very difficult. The timeshare business model includes extremely convincing sales personnel at the front end of timeshare ownership and expensive options at the exit. The positive that comes from this is the realization that contracts that can expire are may have hidden value for family members and heirs who have no interest in using the timeshare they inherited. Enjoy!

2015-10-06 Luxury Living Magazine's Website - Best Private Residence Clubs - Description of Private Residence Clubs

There are many private Residence Clubs. In fact, your vacation home may be one of them. Essentially, a Private Residence Club offers use of fractions of time in luxurious homes and settings. Tap here to read more....

2015-09-24 FBI - Common Fraud Schemes, including Advance Fee Schemes.

2015-09-21 Top Ten Trends in Fractional Vacation Ownership
A Fractional Vacation Ownership convention concluded its proceedings with predictions for the future. Read more....

2015-09-19 Mr. Richard Marquette is a timeshare professional, writer and advocate. He wrote a series of articles in the Wall Street Journal that addressed valuing timeshare interests. First, he suggests that we follow three simple steps to discover the expected resale value of our timeshare interest.
  1. Understand the vacation ownership product that you own.
  2. Search online for ads of comparable timeshares that are for sale.
  3. Request a comparative market analysis from a respected real estate broker specializing in timeshare and vacation resorts.
Then he outlines a few comments...

2015-08-05 The Thin Line Between Timeshare Interests and Fractional Ownership/Residence Club Membership

We were asked why we say on Aimfair our interests are Timeshare Interests rather than Fractional Interests in a Residence Club. The line is thin, at best. In the end, the contract is where we get our information. How about you? Leave your comments at the end of the article.


Renting Weeks?

We asked the question of ourselves - is it realistic to expect returns from renting timeshare weeks?

If you have something you wish to share, then please feel free to pass it along to us through infoaboutus@aimfair.com.
Timeshares present themselves in many different ways, and it is important to understand the contracts before entering into them. That said, they are great alternatives under the right circumstances! Enjoy!
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