The Parks I - From Clemence7

March 1, 2021

Construction at The Parks is progressing. Clemence7 took his Gondola ride about a month and a half after Lance, and you can see the changes. Essentially, changes are taking place in the infrastructure in Park I. Additionally, the exterior of the Kingdom of the Sun II building is changing too. The castle-like architecture is becoming more clear with Merlons spreading across the top of the building. Merlons are the teeth like openings on the top ridge of the building.

Following are photos from the SkyDream Gondola that were taken toward the end of February, 2021:

Entering Park I on the SkyDream gondola. The grass is to keep the dust down. Note the way Kingdom of the Sun II tower is looking like a castle.

Moving eastward, the entrance at Station 4 is under construction. The tower at the east side of Park I in the distance is Kingdom of the Sun III.

The stonework in this and the following photos may be the sides of a waterway of some sort. Note the circular water structure at the top of the page. The flat area could be for pedestrian traffic. Also note the distance between the start of the first feature in this photo and the towers in the background. It could be a half a mile or so to the other side. The building on the far back right is the Cascades Tower. Name may change as we get closer to completion.

As we pass by Station 4, we enter the center of Park I. Note the cement structure and what appears to be cement infrastructure - tunnels. Also, the Kingdom of the Sun II tower is becoming recognizable.

This photo shows the east end of the entrance with the circular water feature. The cement structure in the central area of the photo is supposed to be the restaurant area and maybe the Malacon. Lot's of work to do, right?

This photo shows a close up view of the future restaurant(s). Also, note the tunnels. They will all be under ground. BTW, the area to the left of the cement buildings was water in earlier architectural renderings. May still be....

This photo is a close up view of the entrance to Park I from Station 4. It will be fascinating to see the finished product and compare with this "Before" version. Stay Tuned....

We are moving toward Station 5 and see the center of Park I. The obvious structure is the circular structure. Cirque du Soleil theater? Also, note the infrastructure that is being dismantled. The semi-circular cement structure with four openings was a tunnel. Plans change....

As we move toward Station 5 on the other side of Highway 200, we pass the Kingdom of the Sun I tower. There are two towers that mirror each other and are separated by a fair amount of space. Still uncertain about the final configuration of these Kingdom of the Sun towers.

There is Station 5 in front of us. We pass over Highway 200 and make our way back to the beach and Station 1.

On our way, we pass the cement structure again and see it from a frontal view. This is supposed to be the home of at least one restaurant. Who knows....

As we approach Station 4 on our return trip, we get another view of the east end of the entrance to Park I. Note the wooden and wire structure in the center of the complete tunnel. A new section of the tunnel is under construction. It will be under ground soon.

Tap HERE to see Lance's photos taken in January, 2021. These are great starting points for monitoring progress throughout the year.
Thank you Bob for sharing your photos with us. Great fun! We will all....Stay Tuned....
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