November, 2011 - The Parks Area was under construction. This photo shows the proposed new entrance and train tracks linking this structure to the Santuario, which was under construction then too.

The Parks - What are they? Photos by Lance Kramer

February 27, 2021

Vidanta World, Cirque du Soleil, Celebrate Park and now The Parks I, II and III - what are these venues that have been discussed as long ago as 2011 and maybe before?

This 2016 Google Earth image shows the early stages of hotel construction at Grupo Vidanta's property in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. The 2011 structures that were to be the new entrance have been removed and replaced foundations for new hotels and infrastructure. A new entrance was moved to a Highway 200 access scheme.

Today, the SkyDream gondola system has replaced the train. The tracks to the new entrance area are now gone. The tracks, engine and railroad cars in the Santuario are gone now too. The new system is far superior to the train, even though the train idea was very quaint.

This map shows the Gondola stations. It is clear the Gondola will be used to bring people from the Parks I, II and III to the beach. It will be quite a draw, don't you think? Also, for those interested in the Estates, look at the different buildings presented in the sign. Finally, the Park does not appear to have as many features as earlier renditions suggested.

Lance and Bob sent us photos of the area. Photos on this page were taken in January, 2021 by Lance. Bob's photos were taken a month later, and you will see changes between these two dates. A huge thank you goes out to both Bob and Lance for sharing their photos with us.

The Parks I is the area that has a circular water feature, cement structures and a circular building that looks like a Cirque style theater. Additionally, we can see the extent of the underground infrastructure that ties buildings and venues together. It is clear that many acres of land have been moved, shaped and added. The following photo shows a circular lagoon that may be the massive dirt bowl that is now under construction adjacent to Station 4.

The Parks I is comprised of the area west of Highway 200 to an area near Station 4. You can see in the signage a circular lagoon. This may be the circular bowl that is under construction in the following photos. It appears to be a feature that may have water spouts and a walkway around the rim. Speculation only. What do you think it will become?

The western side of the Parks features massive changes to the area's topography. The photos that appear below will take you to Station 4 and show the sculpted land and installation of many, huge bolders. It looks as though this will be a walkway, but it is hard to tell now.

From Station 4, we move to Station 5 and see all the infrastructure, the buildings, the future restaurants and the Cirque theater. It appears The Parks II and III are to be developed east of Highway 200.

So, here we go, and thank you Lance for taking such great photos.
The Western Section of The Parks I

Our first glimpse of the Parks I.

We start to get a feel for the amount of dirt that has been moved around during the past year or so.

It appears a moat like waterway is going to be filled near Station 4.

The land approaching Station 4 is becoming more sculpted.

The new moat is becoming more defined as we move toward Station 4.

An opening between two massive walls of dirt appears, and workers and equipment are at the bottom of the valley. They are installing large rocks and boulders similar to the ones installed at the Grand Bliss Lagoon, which we called Red Rock Point.

As we move further east toward Station 4, we get a better picture of what is going on. Still don't know exactly though.

The rock wall must be a retaining wall, and maybe there will be a pond running between the two walls.

The flat portion above the rocks may be a walkway. What do you think?

Considerable attention is being paid to the placement of the bolders.

More views of the interesting structure under construction near Station 4.

The hillsides surrounding this central causeway are steep and appear to have markings where platings will appear.

Much of what is being done now appears to be preparations for large scale hills that ultimately will be landscaped. But that is only a guess.

This area is at the east end of the causeway. It too looks interesting.

Just look at the tractor grading the side of the hill. It definitely looks like a basin of some sort, doesn't it?

Temporary storage for bolders? Not sure, and not sure what will become of the bowl either.

This hillside is adjacent to Station 4. Still much to do on this slope.

Here we have arrived at Station 4. Obviously, getting off the Gondola here is not permitted. But, it may be in a couple of years or so. Still lots to do, and this is just the western side of The Parks I.

On to Station 5 - future restaurants and infrastructure. Wow! Lot's of work to do!!

Moving past Station 4, we enter the center of the Parks I. In the center of the Parks I is a cement structure. This is the site of future restaurants and likely the anchor for the Malecon. The Cirque Theater is on the right.

In earlier renderings, the restaurant building is located on the shore of a lagoon. That may still be the plan. There appears to be a shoreline gradation in front of the cement structures. Waterfront?

The cement structure is clearly two levels. What is not clear is what ground level will be. It looks as though the rectangular structures are being built. Infrastructure? Stay tuned....

It appears a new cement structure is tying into the one leading off to the left. A rectangular space has been opened in the extension from the restaurant, and it looks as though there is a change taking place.

A circular structure is under construction. Cirque du Soleil?

Kingdom of the Sun II, the Presidential and Kindom of the Sun III are in the background. Closer in is the restaurant. To the right is what looks like a Cirque theater. Can't be sure though.

It is not hard to see that the structure is circular. What is not obvious is what the end game is. The center of the structure has lots of wood frames, which implies concrete walls among other things. We will just have to wait.

This frontal view provides insight to the ground floor of the structure. It appears the lowest, or ground level will be under ground when the building is finished. More dirt and fill to come if true. BTW, there is a water feature that is under construction in front of the buidling to the right, which is Kingdom of the Sun I.

A closer look at the circular thearter shows a flat surface on the second level, and there appears to be many smaller spaces under construction on the lowest level. Looks like it could be a theater.

Kingdom of the Sun I

Kingdom of the Sun is said to be the buildings closest to the Gondola. This view shows the two buildings with a large space between them. It appears the space will stay.

The two Kingdom of the Sun I buildings angle away from each other, making two towers with the same interiors.

This view shows the taller section of the building, and the section with fewer floors is to the left.

More dirt will be imported to cover the black coating. Alternatively, will there be a moat around Kingdom of the SunI?

Kingdom of the Sun I units face both sides of the building. Not so with Kingdom of the Sun II, which is across the property on the other side looking in.

Station 5 - The entrance to Parks II and III.

We've reached the end of the line, but the entrance to the Parks II and III at Highway 200.

Down we go to Station 5.

Station 5 - Entrance to the Parks II and III. We will have more as we learn about them.

Thank you Lance and Bob for sharing these great photos with us. We will contiue updating the progress. Opening is a long way off. Stay tuned...
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