SkyDream signage displays a map of the Parks I, Parks area west of Highway 200. Note the lack of detail about the venues in Park I.

The Parks - Park I: SkyDream Station 4 Entrance and Parachutte Ride

March 17, 2021

After virtually riding SkyDream from Station #1 at the beach next to the Chiringuitos Pool (formerly the Grand Bliss pool) to Station #5 at Highway 200, we are discovering more about what the Park I will look like. Understand, what is presented here is speculation based upon information that has been circulating on the Internet. But the pieces are coming together.

Let's examine the West Entrance to Park I and the Parachutte ride in Park I.
West Entrance to Park I
In earlier photos, we saw a large, almost mountain-like change to the topography on the west side of Park I. It is a bowl-like structure. There are areas on the sides of the bowl that are being sculpted out. They could be foundations for waterfalls that would line the sides of the entrance bowl. What fun!! Look at the areas being shaped below:

This photo shows the West Entrance to Park I. Station #4 is where guests would get off and enter Park I. Note the areas on the sides of the bowl that are being excavated. These may be the sites for small pools with waterfalls to addtional pools below.

This close up view of the bowl shows the excavated areas along the wall of the bowl. There might be a lagoon at the bottom of the bowl. Guests might walk around the lagoon as they head toward the center of Park I.

At the other end of the entrance, the walkway appears to go to the center of Park I. Restaurants and other activities will be located there.

Although this image is an architect's rendering of a proposed entrance to Park I, the area being sculpted appears to be following the architect's vision. Who knows. It will be at least 12 months before we will know for sure.

Intamin Amusement Rides - Parachutte Ride in Park I 
A parachutte ride has reached Puerto Vallarta and is being stored by Vidanta somewhere. If previous architect's renderings mean anything, then the parachutte ride will be located near the circular structure the could be a theater in the round. Certainly, such a structure has been discussed by management. Regardless, it is fun to see plans start to take shape.

Here is the shipping document from Intamin describing the shipment of a parachutte tower that has landed in Puerto Vallarta.

An architect's rendering shows the parachutte tower in close proximity with the circular theater-like structure close to the Kingdom of the Sun I hotel.

Video of the Intamin Parachutte Ride - The first venue in Park I aside from the hotels. It will provide quite a view of Park I and the surrounding area. What fun!!

Thanks to Jim, Lance, Bob and many others for sharing their great photos. We are piecing together what may ultimtely be a major tourist attraction for Nuevo Vallarta and the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, Mexico. Stay tuned....
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