Entrance to Park I under construction as of April 23, 2021. It looks very dramatic. More to come.

Grupo Vidanta now describes itself as a Tourism Development Company - First offering: VidantaWorld

May 16, 2021

An article appearing on OceanDrive.com is a Grupo Vidanta sponsored post that was published on May 14, 2021. The article provides an official statement about the nature of the Parks and VidantaWorld. Grupo Vidanta now calls itself a Tourism Development Company and it's first offering will be the VidantaWorld complex in Nuevo Vallarta. Three experiential "Dream Parks" will be developed to increase tourism to the Vallarta communities. It is an interesting statement and the first to come from the company in several years.

Cirque du Soleil will be included in Park I, although it is not officially clear where the venue will be located. We were told by a Vida Sales Manager that Guy Laliberte, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, will be working with Vidanta to create and operate a venue within Park I, and the venue will be south of Sky Dream Station #4. Enjoy the following article:

All You Need To Know About Mexico's Upcoming Dream Parks, “VidantaWorld”
May 14, 2021 | Sponsored Post

With its white-sand beaches and lush greenery, the Pacific Coast of Mexico has always been a dream destination for holiday-makers. The coast—specifically Vallarta—will soon be the home of VidantaWorld—a series of immersive entertainment parks.

Grupo Vidanta had previously announced plans to open a theme park in Vallarta, Mexico. But in the last few years, the size and scope of the project has grown as has the buzz around this large-scale entertainment destination. As of April 2021, it has been confirmed that VidantaWorld will offer three “dream parks”—which are Grupo Vidanta’s industry-disrupting answer to the typical theme park—along with brand-new hotel accommodations so that guests can stay inside the park and enjoy an immersive experience. It was recently announced that one of the dream parks would contain an entire realm dedicated to the international performance-arts phenomenon Cirque du Soleil. Not much is known yet, but the favorites of the Las Vegas entertainment scene are to launch a brand-new show in an amazing, cutting-edge custom theater as part of it. SkyDream Parks Gondola, an aerial gondola that transports guests from the neighboring Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort to all dream parks, has already been constructed and is now operating. SkyDream runs a loop of 4 miles and soars over 150 feet high. It promises to be more than just transportation and is likely to be an attraction in and of itself.

The exact launch date of VidantaWorld has yet to be announced, but it appears that the first phase will be opening soon. The tourism development company Grupo Vidanta was founded in 1974 by Daniel Chávez Morán, who envisioned creating spectacular vacation and entertainment destinations that would bring the world to Mexico. The successful launch of several popular entertainment parks and attractions is said to be a step toward realizing this vision. Jungala Aqua Experience in Cancun has proved to be a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. As part of its philanthropic endeavors, Grupo Vidanta has founded The Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation, which provides support for the development and education of children of the Nayarit communities.

Each new detail released about VidantaWorld is gradually revealing its features, building more and more anticipation around its launch.

Vidanta's property west of Highway 200 has been under development since at least 2011, which was 4 years after we purchased our first Villa contract.

Concept #1 (2011) - The steam engine would transport guests from the new entrance to the Santuario by train.

By March, 2014, Concept #1 was gone and Concept #2 was beginning to emerge.

The beginning of The Parks development - before March 23, 2014. Note the Nicholas Driving range on the left side of the photo. That and the surrounding area is now The Park I

By 2015, the new entrance opened and the property started to close down the different access and egress points. Soon, autos would not allowed on the property. Walking off the property would become a real chore.

The Park I Development in 2015 from 300 feet. Cirque du Soleil was the focal point at that time. Note the new entrance on the right side of the photo.

In 2016, construction of new structures and infrastructure was in high gear. It was clear by now that the project was going to be a big one.

The Park I Development in 2016 from 300 feet. Construction of semi-circular infrastructure and foundations for Kingdom of the Sun and other buildings was moving forward.

In 2017, Kingdom of the Sun I towers are rising from the ground and the smaller structure, Cascades is taking shape too.

The Park I Development in 2017 from 300 feet. Kingdom of the Sun I and Cascades are rising from their foundations, and the infrastructure supporting the Park I entertainment venues appears to be taking shape too.

By 2018, the other Kingdom of the Sun towers and the Presidential Tower are taking shape too. People who purchased Kingdom of the Sun contracts along with the rest of those of us who purchased new contracts are the sources of capital for this development.

The Park I Development in 2018 from 300 feet.

The Park I Development in 2018 from 500 feet.

Following is a preview of the state of construction at Park I:

April 23, 2021 - Passing by the restaurants and circular structure next to Kingdom of the Sun I Towers. Infrastructure changes are taking place. Note the black ribbon like structure. That is a water barrier. Everything to the left will be water when the project opens. The Park I is one of three Dream Parks.

Note the two story spaces in the buildings in the background. These will become loft like units. The tower to the right is Cascades, and you can see the units in this tower are much smaller than the units in the towers to the left.

Keep in mind that the Park I is divided into economic sections. Companies will lease the spaces in the economic sections for various lengths of time. Today, we know only that restaurants are on the property. Also, there is an umbrella ride. It is highly likely that a company will lease space and pay for the ride over time. The Tourism Development Company will provide access, space, advertising and guests, and very likely a lot more.
It will be fun watching the Tourism Development Company work through the Dream Parks concept. The world changes every day, and we want to be able to do so as well. Remember, the only constant at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is change.....
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