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Bob and Mary Ann...what do you mean by "Industry News"? That is a very broad topic, don't you think?

Yes, it is broad, but, we will try to narrow the scope by highlighting segments of different industries that in our view are related to ownership of Grand Luxxe Residence Club and other Grupo Mayan timeshare interests.

For example, airport traffic statistics through the various airports that serve cities in which Grupo Vidanta or Mayan Resorts operate properties are interesting indicators of tourism to our primary cities in Mexico.

Another example might be insurance products that are designed for travelers. On the one side is trip insurance and on the other is health insurance.

A third example might be airline and other deals that we come across.

Anyway, Industry News is a "catch all" section where we will post information about changes we think are interesting and relevant to our viewers.

Certainly, by all means, submit your suggestions for topics or information about products/services that we should know about and discuss. Just send us an email to Industrynews at aimfair.com and we will consider your ideas.

In the meantime, thank you for your support.

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