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The Beachland area

Beachland Is Open And Lance Was There

January 15, 2021

Lance had the opportunity to walkabout Vidanta Nayarit for two weeks. He enjoyed his stay. He is also an accomplished photographer and has photographed many parts of the world, in addition to Vidanta Nayarit.

We met during one of our stays two years ago and shared photos of Africa. His were stunning! We visited the same places, and it was wonderful to revisit them through the lens of Lance's camera.

The following photos provide a glimpse of the Beachland area that is supposed to be exclusive for Estates owners only. The Estates development is not open yet, and the amenities are not finished. So, Estates owners are staying in different Luxxe floor plans while they wait for the Estates to open, which may occur in May or June, 2021. In fact, it is likely Beachland is not completely done either. This is borne out by the temporary looking eateries that provide services to guests during the daylight and evening hours.


Leaving the Punta Pools and walking north to the old Punta Arena restaurant, now Puerto Manjar.

Heading down to the newly renovated Puerto Manjar seafood restaurant.

Puerto Manjar - a popular seaside restaurant. Can't wait to try it out!

Farther north from the restaurant is the beginning of Salum. Informal lounges are above and look out over the beach.

What is and where is Salum?
Salum is an area between Puerto Manjar restaurant and Beachland - the exclusive area for Estate owners and guests. It is built in the sand and very rustic. A Taco truck, ice cream truck and beverage stand are in the area. We intend to try theim out when we arrive in April since Chiringuitos is closed. We will let you know how it turns out.

Very rustic surroundings in Salum.

Salum is lit at night, providing a very festive atmosphere. Light meals are available until about 9:45 PM.

There is even a wonderful secluded hideaway for two in Salum.

The staff had a great time creating reminders that humor remains important in our daily lives.

Beachland - Exlusively for Estates Owners
This is a beachside area that is supposed to be use exclusively by Estates owners and guests. They arrive by Gondola or on foot. The area consists of a large pool with a swim up bar and a second pool that is very quiet. It is between Salum and the Mayan Palace pool, where Balche is located.

Many guests enjoy having privacy. These cabañas are for rent by the day. A portion of the price is for food and drink.

The area is called the Exclusive Area. Families with children find these facilities to be very convenient because to the amenities that are included.

There are at least two pools that are part of Beachland. One has a large, swim-up bar and food concession. This one is what remains of the old Mayan Palace pool. The Balche restaurant is in the background.

An elevated area is devoted to more lounges. These are in a sand filled space that looks out on the beach. Another popular venue.

The elevated walkways have a pause spot that is a perfect outlook to survey the entire beach area.

The beach is emense. Lifeguards are on duty to keep track of both guests and the occassional tortoise that returns home to lay eggs.

La Plaza is still there and the walkway in front of La Plaza along the waterfall has new palm trees. Very nice addition.

Elevated Walkways are everywhere, even Beachland.

These Elevated walkways are extremely convenient because they cross the property and allow walkers to get places more rapidly than they might by some other mode of transportation.

The newest "cute feature" is the Water taxi ride across the new lagoon waterfall.

Thank you Lance for taking the time to take these wonderful photos of the Beachland. They give us a great feel for the changes that have taken place over the past year. What fun!!
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