Beachland is an Estates Owners Exclusive Area

Beachland - The Estates Owners Exclusive Beach Area

Estates owners have paid large sums of money to participate in new developements in Jalisco, located across the river from the Nuevo Vallarta properties and in Riviera Maya. These developments are stand-alone resorts, separated from the hotel properties and are low density facilities. Since nothing is open yet, we do not have an idea of the finished product yet. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Plans are the amenities at the Jalisco location will be ready by May, 2021 or June, 2021.

The idea behind Beachland is to provide Estates owners their own pool areas. March, 2020 construction started. Now, December 20, 2020, the Beachland pools are open for Estates owners to use. Based upon the current comments from guests who are enjoying the property now, the Estates Pools are being well received. This page provides links to articles that discuss the Beachland project in Nuevo Vallarta.


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