Park I as of April, 2020.

The Parks at Nuevo Vallarta

November 17, 2020

The Parks appear to be evolving. The original idea was to create a Cirque du Soleil themed park with a concentration of Cirque du Soleil events and experiences, surrounded by themed hotels. It now appears to be a large area of land looking for an appealing theme that will attract tourists from all over the area.

The original design firm called the Goddard Group morphed into Legacy Entertainment. This group does not appear to be part of the plan (Speculation only!), since there is no mention of The Parks or Vidanta World on their website.

A new design firm called Hetzel Designs appears to be filling the role of lead design firm. Hetzel is an accomplished design and architectural firm that has worked for well known names in the Entertainment industry, such as Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios.

Vidanta is very tight lipped about the direction they will take. And for good reason....one never knows the final direction to be taken until financing is in place and toursim is high enough to support a project as large as this. So, here is what we found:

Vidanta World Vision - Hetzel Design
There's magic and wonder brewing in Nayarit that might just bring about a revolution in entertainment. Already stunning, the high end Vidanta resort in Nuevo Vallarta will double in capacity over the next three years. A world-class theme park, and an entertainment Boardwalk featuring a major Cirque du Soleil attraction will anchor this new development. This new concept in family vacationing will fuse luxury with imagination, creating a fantastical world where adventures leap into life through immersive rides, attractions, and interactive performances. Highly thematic new resort hotels will surround and complement the entertainment hub, so that every moment of the vacation experience is filled with magic and amazement.
Given the state of the economy, the project may not be completed until 2023 or even 2024, depending on the recovery of tourism to the area and the company's success at selling new timeshare memberships.

In the meantime, following are recent architectural renderings of Vidanta World from Legacy - another design firm that worked or is working with Vidanta on The Parks:

Park I as of April, 2020.

Nothing is cast in stone now. The renderings are colorful but not likely representative of the final design of The Park I. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed construction. Tourism is off by significant percentages - greater than 70%, and this has caused serious financial strains and construction delays.
The Park I is a huge development. We will all have to wait to see what the end product will actually be. Stay tuned....
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