The Parks Buildings - Source: themeparx.com February 13, 2020

Cascades and Kingdom of the Sun Unit Models

August 5, 2020

A question was raised in the Owners Forum recently. Does anyone know what the floor plans in The Parks are like?

According to architectural renderings, there are five building classifications at The Park:
  1. The Cascades
  2. Kingdom of the Sun
  3. Kindgom of the Sun II
  4. Kingdom of the Sun III
  5. Presidential
An Aimfair member visited the San Jose del Cabo location in 2018 and was shown models of the Kingdom of the Sun and Cascades units. Since both are named after buildings in The Parks, we assume they will be located in the named buildings.

The Cascades units are equivalent to the Mayan Palace Master Suite and the Kingdom of the Sun units are equivalent to the Grand Mayan/ Brand Bliss in terms of space and layout.

Kingdom of the Sun likely has different configurations because there are three Kingdom of the Sun buildings. Maybe Kingdom of the Sun will have a Villa, Suite, SPA and Loft configuration too. These might be in the Kingdom of the Sun II and III.

In addition to the Kingdom of the Sun, there is also a Presidential configuration. These could include something like the Presdiential Villa in the Punta and the Residence in the Residence Tower.

There is a lot of work to be done before The Parks will open. Here is what The Parks looked like in the April to May time period:

The Parks Buildings

The Cascades and The Kingdom of the Sun Towers. The Kingdom of the Sun Towers II and III are on the other side of The Parks.

Cascades Models:


Cascades - Living Area

Cascades - Kitchen

Cascades - Master Bedroom

Cascades - Second Bedroom - Looking in...

Cascades - Second Bedroom

Cascades - Second Bedroom - Bath Area

Kingdom of the Sun

Kingdom of the Sun - First Model

Kingdom of the Sun - Entrance

Kingdom of the Sun - Kitchen and Eating Area

Kingdom of the Sun - Living and Eating Area

Kingdom of the Sun - Pots and Pans

Kingdom of the Sun - Stove, Sink and Microwave

Kingdom of the Sun - Master Bedroom

Kingdom of the Sun - Master Bath

Kingdom of the Sun - Second Bedroom

Take photos of your tours and send them to us so we can post updates to keep everyone informed. In the meantime.....stay tuned....
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