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Tuesday May, 13 2025,
T - Possible Scams
Newest Scam On The Block | Shares of Vidanta | Ownership
James wanted to share his latest experience with a scammer. The concept has been around for years. The story goes Vidanta is going public and we, as owners of Vidanta timeshare interests, should be owners of certain shares and Vidanta is hiding that fact from us. Here is what James had to say: We are longtime “Grande Luxxe” members and a couple of years ago bought a small amount of “Kingdom...
Sunday May, 12 2024,
Current News
East Cape | Update | Questions and Answers
Our first trip to San Jose del Cabo turned out to be fun and busy! We met for the first time Bob, Todd and Pam. Bob has been an Aimfair member for decades, while Todd and Pam have been members for years. It is amazing that we should meet up at the same time in a location Mary Ann and I have never visited. The sole purpose of our visit was to see first hand East Cape. We are glad we did. It...
Monday May, 6 2024,
Current News
East Cape Photos | April 6, 2024 | Lance Kramer
Lance and his wife spent time at the Grand Mayan in San Jose del Cabo. He shared his photos of both places. This post is about East Cape and the state of construction when Lance visited the site. Following are photos from his visit. !!!! The Pool Area, Terrain and Beach: !!! The Estates Suites At East Cape: !!!! Estates Decks and Views From...
Friday April, 26 2024,
Current News
Vidanta and Redweek | Membership Plan | Free Stays
Good day! I stumbled upon an interesting promotional offer from Redweek.com. It reminded me of the Off Property Prospects (OPP) strategy used to attract potential buyers to attend timeshare sales presentations. The ad congratulated me for qualifying for a "Free Luxury Vacation in Mexico." It's a limited-time offer, exclusively for Redweek members. At first, I thought I was a Premium member,...
Thursday April, 25 2024,
T - Possible Scams
How To Test A Warning Email
Scams and spammers are all over the place. They are like nasty no-see-ums. You are innocently walking along a path in shorts and a couple of hours later you start scratching! Where did you get those bites and why didn't you see them? One of the most effective methods scammers and spammers us is the warning email. Your service is about to be shut off unless you contact the sender by tapping...
Sunday April, 21 2024,
Member Reviews
The Estates Experience at Riviera Maya | Monica D's Review
The Estates at Riviera Maya is now open. Make your reservations now. From Monica's review below, it is a place we all want to experience. Here is what Monica had to say: We just returned from a fun and relaxing week at the brand new Vidanta Estates in Riviera Maya. It’s been open to a limited number of guests for only a few weeks, and we were thrilled to be among the first families to be...

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