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2018-04-29Nuevo VallartabobjonesVallarta Food ToursPut Vallarta Food Tours on your list of things to do on your next Vallarta vacation. Reviews are current and four and five stars through Google and TripAdvisor. Check them out by tapping here. There are six different tours that range in price from about $50 US to $72 US, per person and each tour is different. Some tours offer reduced prices for children. Very interesting way to see Puerto Vallarta too. Give it a try. Other Aimfair members love the tours and company.
Puerto Vallarta$$$
2017-01-04Nuevo VallartagljacobsQuintoWe did eat at Quinto for lunch and dinner. Lunch is poor with few choices and overpriced. Dinner is good with quality USDA beef and large portions and a corresponding high price. Service was poor. The wine list is on an iPad and very user unfriendly and of course high priced -= most winess tart at 800 MXP. 8 ounce filet (no sides) is 450 MXP as is a 12 ounce NY strip. Side are extra cost and just OK - not large. Of course you can have the 40 ounce porterhouse for 1350 MXP!!
Tower Five Rooftop Pool$$$$
2015-12-23Nuevo Vallartagary bEddie's Place Nopal Beach (Rank NV 2; NAY 10)We heard service and food quality has declined after Eddies demise. We tried to give it a shot and after a reservation for 8 and a taxi expense, upon arrival, we were advised of a cash only policy. Tables were empty at 7:00 PM.....so we pssed. Did not feel right. gary b
Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2015-08-05Nuevo VallartabobjonesEddie's Place Nopal Beach (Rank NV 2; NAY 10)Sadly, we learned that Eddy passed away in May, 2015. He was in a bad accident last year. Not sure if the accident had anything to do with his passing. Too bad because Eddy was a colorful, supporter of the Nuevo Vallarta Marina area.

Eddy's No Pal Beach continued to operate throughout the early summer, but not sure about the quality of the food and service. Maybe someone can chime in and give us an update.

Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2014-03-13Nuevo VallartagljodGuido's Restaurant & BarSTOP AND READ!!!
The original Guido Morelli and his wife Louisa are BACK in business at the Wal Mart Plaza!! Guido sold his restaurant by the Sea Garden several years ago and circumstances being different today than then - he is back in business. When/if you go to Wal Mart in Nuevo Vallarta stop by and treat yourself to his wonderful cooking. Guido and his wife Louisa welcome you and cook just what you want. They offer Antipasti, Insalate, Pasta, Pizza, chicken, meat and fish dishes and they have a full bar and desserts. It was wonderful to taste Guido's delicious cooking and talk with him and his beautiful wife again! His facility has nice tables and chairs and is surrounded by three walls. They are hoping to add glass doors to dampen some of the noise in the near future. The food AND the company is as wonderful as we remember it from the good old days. Guido was always there for us...now let's be there for him and help his new business flourish! We had spaghetti carbonara, fettucini with shrimp, spaghetti fruitta de mar and lasagna - all were excellent with cold beer, bread and a delicious insalate mista. Give it a try!
WalMart Plaza$$
2014-02-12Nuevo VallartagljodJUDE Bistro & BarLocated in the Paradise Plaza, this tiny little gem is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner - but the BEST PART is everything is also available for take out! Wonderful paninis, baguettes, pizzas, and breakfast (great eggs Benedict). There is nothing we haven't eaten here that we would not heartily recommend. The sandwiches are served with a small side of grilled veggies in a delicious soy/teriyaki sauce and the sandwiches also come with a delicious mayo/ranch drsg blend to apply if you like - and we recommend you use it liberally! Delicious Mexican salsa and guacamole are prepared daily and can be bought in quantity to take back to your home to enjoy later. Wonderful desserts and coffees and a full bar, including ice cold beer. Omar Gonzalez is the manager and he and his delightfully pleasant and talented staff are there to please. Everything is Delicious!
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2014-02-08Nuevo Vallartagljod8 (Ocho) TostadosBe sure to try the shrimp and avocado salad with Thousand Island dressing - big enough for two if you start with their wonderful tortilla soup!!! The salad is to die for. Marissa and her staff are warm, welcoming, and so eager to please.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2014-02-06Nuevo VallartagljodManao CebicheriaLocated in the Nuevo Vallarta Plaza building housing Porto Bello and Prime 159, this is a tiny little restaurant next to the pizzeria. It's just starting up and worth a try whether at one of a few small tables inside or out or Take Out. You choose your fish from tuna, mahi-mahi, sailfish or marlin and then choose the preparation - Manao, Tropical, Chipotle, Al pibil, Caribbean, Peruvian, Acapulco or Vallarta. There are also specials including salmon, surf & turf or veggie ceviches. If you don't care for ceviches there are tuna or shrimp tostados and shrimp or fish tacos. Nice desserts too. Wine, soft drinks and beer complete the menu. A very nice, light, change of pace for dining. We preferred take out and enjoyed the walk to and from.

Nuevo Vallarta$$
2014-01-29Nuevo VallartagljodSonora al SurForgot to mention you may take your OWN bottle of wine and there is NO corkage fee!!!
Nuevo Vallarta$
2014-01-29Nuevo VallartagljodMama Lucia/ Mama LeyvaTHIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT BUT A TEQUILA TOUR!
Take a cab to Mama Lucia's Tequila Agave Leyva at Puesta del Sol #197, Col. El Palmar, Mezcales, Nayarit. The tequila tour is wonderful and there is a nice little gift shop and a bar/café area hidden inside the walls of this villa. Learn the process of making tequila and taste some of the smoothest and most flavorful we have ever tried. They will also email you some excellent recipes to follow with the tequilas that you purchase. We have been back several times with family & friends and will probably return soon. Get there by 11:00 AM to beat the tourist busses - most pleasant and delicious and the cost of the tequila is very reasonable. Well worth the little jaunt and interesting as well.
Mezcales, Nyarit$$
2014-01-28Nuevo VallartagljodSonora al Sur/The Butcher ShopWe went back to try Sonora al Sur again! And this time it was OUTSTANDING! A 3rd time it was equally as good & inexpensive.
Also known as The Butcher Shop, it is located on the highway behind Paradise Village, literally JUST off the highway. They do have wine (by the bottle and glass), and ice cold beer as well as soft drinks. Nice tables and chairs in the open air, sometimes a strolling guitarist which you may ask to play a song (for payment) or NOT.
First a nice bowl of bean soup (complimentary, then you venture to The Butcher - where you pick out what cut of beef you prefer and tell the butcher how thick and how you want it cooked. It is placed in a plastic container and you and your party (each person has their own container) venture to the cashier, where you order your sides - huge baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese, grilled sweet onion (enough for four), a container of delicious fresh salad (enough for two)(dressings served at the table - Caesar is GREAT), and a variety of other delicious items such as macaroni and cheese, mushrooms (spicy & garlic) or marinated portabella with a large grilled tomato with delightful seasonings.
I advise you to try different items and share at the table.
Then you pay and go sit down to delicious chips and salsas and enjoy conversation & spirit until your food is served (the Styrofoam container is returned to you and you put your meat on a plate.
We had VACIA one time and rib eye steaks the next time - both were equally delicious and seasoned delightfully, and cooked to perfection.
Dessert as offered, but we were full so we did not partake.
Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2014-01-28Nuevo Vallartagljod8 (Ocho) Tostadoslocated at Junto Al Antiguo Delfinario (the dolphin show behind the OXXO), Servicio a Domicilio, Morelos 20 Ote., Fracc. Nautico Turistico - it is an easy 10-15 min. walk from the front entrance of the resort. We have been coming here for several years and have never been disappointed. Cold beer, 2 for one margaritas and excellent food. The tortilla soup is a deliciously generous portion, served with cheese, tortilla strips, avocado and sour cream if you like. Plenty of delicious Mexican (a personal favorite is the quesadillas with shrimp) and seafood choices, but be sure to check out the "RED" menu too which features 3 stews that are wonderful! They are in the process or reprinting their menu, so be sure to ask if you don't see something on the typed menu for now and they will do everything to accommodate your desires. Cute little restaurant with nice indoor and outdoor seating...be sure to add this to your "must try" restaurants.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2014-01-26Nuevo VallartagljodNachoDaddyA cute little Tex Mex Restaurant/Bar in the heart of the Zona Romantica. Located at 180 Basilio Badillo, in PV, check out their website at www.nachodaddymexico.com.
We stopped on a lazy Saturday afternoon to watch a US college basketball game and were not disappointed with the deliciously spicy tortilla soup and the excellent nachos and guacamole. The beers were ice cold, the drinks delicious and the service was outstanding. There is music every Saturday night that Rocks the Place and the entertainers get everyone involved. Viva las Chuy was playing the evening we were there - loads of fun and Joe King will be playing Sat. nights in February. Casual & fun and the rest of the menu was reasonable and inviting.
Puerto Vallarta$$
2014-01-25Nuevo VallartagljodIvan & Martha'sCalle Pera No. 1 Col. Los Limones
Saturday night all you can eat barbequed ribs and they are delicious. But even better than that is the tortilla soup!!! Servings small, medium and large. The large has to be a meal in itself - can't wait to go back. Very laid back restaurant -looks like someone's patio around a swimming pool, but filled with fun-loving Canadians and Americas enjoying the service of restaurant personnel and some cute young children. Trust me folks - you will keep going back - we can't wait for Saturdays.
2014-01-10Nuevo VallartagljodLa Langosta FelizRepublica Dominicana #120-Altoss, Col. Lazaro, Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta reservations (322)223 13 09 A GREAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT!!! Do NOT try to get here on your own - even cab drivers are challenged. In a residential neighborhood, upstairs - but lots of fun. Mariachi band if you want a song - lots of wonderful seafood, cold beer and the second margarita is free. Obviously lobster, red snapper and shrimp...but I loved the sea bass even more the second time - try it, you will too. A delicious and fun evening.
Puerto Vallarta$$$
2013-11-25Nuevo VallartaPadre202El BarracudaWe visited this restaurant twice during November 2013 and enjoyed it both times. It is next to OXXO, a short walk from the Sea Garden. We enjoyed all the food we ate at El Barracuda, and especially the shrimp. They cook it several ways and all are good. The shrimp tacos are also excellent. They do have a varied menu although not large, and the wine list is limited but covers at least one "by the glass" in most categories. They have a full bar as well. It is very casual and the wait staff is friendly and attentive. We took guests there both times we went and they liked this one a lot. I would compare it to Eddy's both price wise and food wise. But no white tablecloths! Its outside but they have plenty of fans, and some of the tables are covered and some not, so be prepared for an outdoor eating experience. We were served a complimentary Kahlua and crème at the end of the meal which was a nice touch. We would certainly recommend that you give El Barracuda a try if you enjoy good food at a reasonable price, in a fun, casual environment.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2013-11-16Nuevo VallartaMDeMarcoNicksan (Rank NV 5; NAY 24)Innovative Japanese cooked and sushi based items presented in a modern clean pleasant setting at Paseo Cocoteros No.53, in the Marival Residences Plaza west of Dreams, an 8 to 10 minute cab ride from the Mayan property in Nuevo.

Attentive service, table and sushi bar seating, a well stocked bar and one of the most interesting ceiling treatments we've seen add to the desirability of this restaurant. We had multiple items, all fresh, pleasing in presentation and good to eat, though some we would not order again mostly to try different items on the extensive menu. The recommended tuna tostada was a hit and the in-season Aji, an item we have a hard time getting at home, was a nice treat. They import some items from the U.S, Japan and elsewhere for quality purposes so don't expect bargain basement pricing. Our meal was a bit more expensive than a somewhat equivalent meal at home in the San Francisco Bay area. But at home we don't buy bottled water or anything as interesting as Nicksan's tuna tostadas. We will return for more and definitely recommend this restaurant.

Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2013-03-12Nuevo VallartagljodSandrina's in Bucerias (Rank Buc 9; Nay 22)Monday nights features a trio of Flamenco guitarists who appear about 7;30 - they are absolutely great! Reservations for dinner are a MUST! The setting is a tropical jungle paradise with beautiful dinnerware and delightful wait staff to make you comfortable. Margaritas are delicious - but they also have fantasstic specialty martinis! We shared a delightful shrimp coctail with a wonderful sauce nd then followed it up with garlic shrimp. There is a special menu on monday evenings due to the tremendous attendence, so ask your consierge to call for reservations AND ask for a copy of the special menu. Don't forget to buy a CD and also to browse in the beautiful gift shop attached to the restaurant.
2013-03-11Nuevo VallartagljodSonora al SurSonora al Sur also known as the Butcher Shop! Inexpensive is NOT always good! Right on the highway behind Paradise Village across the street from the University. You go into the Butcher shop at the back of the restaurant and pick out your cut of meat and the size of the piece of beef you want. I wanted a 6 oz filet and of course they didn't have any so I chose the bone-in filet (spouse had t-bone). It is weighed and then you take it to the cashier who adds your sides, baked onion, baked potato with sour cream & cheese and a salad. You pay and they take the meat to the grill and prepare according to your desire. You take the salad and your waiter brings you your dressing and your bread and butter in addition to your drink order - coke, beer or wine (which was okay by the glass). Soon your meat, potato and onion come. Mine was okay as was the rest of the folks in our party - but nothing would rave about. Service was slow and full of mistakes. They need to get things better organizedand tenderized:-)
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2013-03-11Nuevo VallartagljodAdauto's On The Beach in Bucerias (Rank Buc 21; Nay 59)A gorgeous seaside location with seating available on the beach or in the restaurant with open views of the seaside. The restaurant next door had a live band that was excellent, but made it hard for dinner conversation.
I had the shrimp that was okay and my three dinner companions opted for the catch of the day - mahi-mahi, which again was okay.
Margaritas were good and beer was cold but the price of dinner plus a cab ride warranted a little higher quality food.
2013-02-03Nuevo VallartagljodVALLARTA EATS Food ToursThis is a GEM you shouldn't miss! I really cannot say enough good things about this experience. $55 for a 6 person tour of 10 taco stands/small eateries throughout downtown Puerto Vallarta pays for everything unless you wish to purchase extras along the way. You MUST be able to walk as you travel through fantastic neighborhoods you would probably not see otherwise. Owner Eric Wichner meets you and introduces you to your guide - ours was wonderful Memo (short for Gillermo) and then the fun begins. Memo walked us through a splendid gastronomic experience - teaching us history and culture as well. We walked to taco stands,butcher shops, restaurants,bakeries and vegetable markets, sampling all the way. In addition to the food we were treated to an education about agua fresca - the Mexican flavored waters you see everywhere - we tried so many and I don't want to spoil the surprises for you. Also visited a candy shop that was delightful and you end up on the beach eating fish on a stick! HURRY AND SIGN UP FOR YOUR TOUR ONLINE - vallartaEats.com. I'm not kidding folks - DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!There is also an evening tour of 3-4 restaurants that we will take in the next couple of weeks. Our friends took it and loved it!BE SURE YOU SIGN UP WITH vallartaeats.com owned by Eric Wichner as there is someone who is copying his idea. PLEASE treat yourself to a wonderful day in downtown Puerto Vallarta with truly talented young people who love Mexico and its food and are eager to share it and their culture with you. No alcohol is included on this tour.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2013-02-03Nuevo VallartagljodErnesto's Good Grub (Rank NV 15; NAY 66)Two locations - Milan Esq. Rafael Osuna n"157, Col. Versailles and Jarretaderas Calle Pera

Best known for its outstanding chicken tortilla soup - the servings are VERY large and VERY good. We also split an order of their ribs and they were deicious too. The warm buttered bread is outstanding. CLOSED on Sundays. Saturday - all you can eat in Jarretaderas!
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2013-02-03Nuevo VallartagljodCheeky Monkey (Rank PV 12)This restaurant is looked on the second and third floor overlooking the malecon - with great views of whales and street entertainers. One dollar beers and margaritas - great food - BUT ESPECIALLY THE NINE LAYER SALAD!!!! Just fantastic!
A great place to sit and enjoy the city and the sunsets!
on the Malecon in PV$$
2013-02-03Nuevo VallartagljodLa Langosta FelizA FUN Place with Delicious food! Hard to find on your own so take a cab. You must walk up a flight of stairs, not easily handicap accessible. Food is great! We shared a combo for two - 3 large pieces of lobster (don't pay extra for tails - this meat was plentiful and easy), 4 gigantic prawns, 4 huge shrimp and a filet of sea bass that was absolutely wonderful. Our friends had cocunut shrimp and red snapper that was excellent. The beer was ice cold and the margaritas were delicious - with the second one for FREE!
Republica Dominicana #120-Altos, Col. Lazaro Cardenas$$$
2013-02-03Nuevo VallartagljodLa Parrilla de VillaA cute little restaurant with great food and not many patrons - I can't figure it out as we have been there several times and each time it was excellent. Moderate to medium prices. COLD beer, good margaritas, excellent Mexican platter, the LOBSTER is to die for and even the rib eye steak was delightful. But about 10 minutes BEFORE you have finished your dinner, ask them to bring you a serving of corn ice cream. It is really frozen, so you want it to soften a bit and the serving is large enough for at least two people.
This is a hidden gem of a restaurant, try it - you'll like it!!!
AV. Ingreso nte, Nuevo Vallarta$$
2013-02-03Nuevo VallartagljodVictor's Place / Cafe Tacuba (Rank PV 16)Just want to tell everyone that contrary to messages on OTHER sites, Victor's is OPEN and thriving! Spoke with Victor and he is aware someone is saying he is closed and believes it is his competition. PLEASE go and enjoy the fun! The food is great and Victor is the consummate host!
Marina Vallarta$$
2012-12-17Nuevo VallartaLenPorque no?This restaurant is owned by Eddie of Eddies fame and is located on the NV Marina. Great view, service and food.We twice had the catch of the day and one was Grouper and the other was Sea Bass cooked to perfection and served with great sides at a very reasonable price. The waiters are very attentive and we recommend this place to anyone looking for excellent food at a fair price.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2012-09-06Nuevo Vallartapj_lowreyEnriquesWe are looking for someone who has been to Enriques. It was recommended to us by a gentleman in Customer Service. Says it is the best. If no post, we will review next April when we go next.
2012-03-25Nuevo VallartabobjonesEStudio CafeCoconut Shrimp anyone? Try EStudio. Monday nights are Coconut Shrimp night, and they are large, sweet, crispy and delicious.

Now, the other shrimp dish offered is Sonora Shrimp. This is a tangy but not too spicy dish with smaller shrimp. This is delicious as well.

Accompanying these tasty morsels are perfectly cooked, fresh vegetables. We think they are steamed because they too are crispy and tasty.

EStudio is on the Marina side of the business district near the Vallarta Ventures location, which is on the water.

Take a short walk down the street to the Sea Garden, then go across the street and walk to the water. EStudio is along the water walk and easy to find, day or night.

Nuevo Vallarta$$
2012-03-23Nuevo VallartabobjonesEddies Por Que NoEddie's No Pal Beach restaurant is across from the Sea Garden and a popular spot. Earlier in the year, Eddy entered into an agreement to rent the space that was once Quixote Restaurant. The owner became ill and was unable to carry on. So Eddy rented the space and opened his new restaurant on or about March 20.

We were about the 10th customer (joking) because we visited his restaurant on Sunday, March 25. Red Snapper was my choice and Mary Ann had the Cornish Game Hen. We shared the Caprese salad. The tomatoes were sweet and juicy, and the mozzarella cheese was generous.

Prices were reasonable. Plenty of help too. Give it a try....a short walk from the Grand Mayan or Sea Garden.

Nuevo Vallarta$$
2012-03-09Nuevo VallartakaringwizJoe Jack's Fish Shack (Rank PV 10)This is a couple blocks from the pier. I take the bus to walmart and a cab from there. 212 Basilio Badillo. Best fresh snapper beer batter fish & chips and tartar sause. Excellent other choices. Friday all you can eat fish and chips for $160 pesos. Not fancy but fun and soooo good.


Old Town PVR$$
2012-02-17Nuevo VallartadlcrandelEcole de Cuisine LeFortGilles LeFort prepares gourmet dinners prepared in front of you while you sip on a glass of wine from their extensive 3,000 bottle wine cellar. Great for groups. If you are six or more, you can call the menu. Reservations required. One seating per night. In Bucerias near Hotel Royal Dacameron at Lezaro Cardenas, No. 71 A, the restaurant is both a school for chefs as well as a restaurant for lovers of food.

Here is their website:

Most dinners cost $60 US per person.
2012-02-02Nuevo VallartamargotwojRouge Wine BarOur NV favorite is on the grounds, little known, almost hidden from view, little advertized. Rouge, the wine bar in the Palace. Wonderful wine selection, excellent server who knows his wine. Food: a small but consistently excellent menu with a wide range of choice on a very short list.
Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2012-01-09Nuevo VallartadnorlinLe Provence in Bucerias (Rank Buc=1; Nay=6)Le Provence is a small restaurant in Bucerias. French. Twenty four seats. Authentic French food. Noise after 8:30 because of the band that starts up near by. Owners plan on moving soon. When they do, the restaurant will take off.
2011-12-07Nuevo VallartaBob and Mary AnnGinger Garden Lounge (Rank NV=3; NAY=13)We were pleasantly surprised! Outside or inside seating, live music, convenient location (35 peso cab ride to the area not far from Fajita Republic), helpful wait staff and delicious food.

We stayed with the fish fare. Ahi for me and Salmon for mi amiga. They were both done to perfection. Both were garnished with fresh vegetables that were not overly cooked. We like them crunchy, not soggy.

When served, the dishes were hot and the wait staff wasted no time getting the meals to us to enjoy.

We chose to buy wine by the glass and had a nice red that was about 85 pesos per glass.

All in all, the meal with tip was close to 1,000 pesos for drinks, wine, appetizer, meal and desert.

It was our first time there, so we were impressed. Can't wait for the next time to test the staying power.

Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2011-11-29Nuevo VallartagljodSaku Sushi & Bar (Rank NV=4; NAY=19)A young Mexican lady named Allejandra from Guadalajara with a passion for Japanese food owns and operates Saku. She is a wonderful hostess! Located between Chasers and a taquiria and the Oxxo, across from the Argentinian Steak house at the roundabout traffic circle area where you are welcomed to Nuevo and the road becomes a wide, divided boulevard.
She has a FULL bar - with any thing your heart desires PLUS Sapporo beer; we were so well taken care of. We had an absolutely delicious HUGE plate of shrimp and veggie tempura, a Vallarta roll and a tempura roll. All were beautifully prepared and so tasty. A variety of tempting sauces including one that was extremely HOT, a sweet sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce with lime and teryaki sauce accompanied all of our food. You can eat in the sparse but clean and comfortable partially open-air restaurant or take out, OR have your food delivered to the front gate for pick up. Such wonderful service at a great price and yummy!
PLEASE, if you have been before, give it a try again - I promise you will be pleased!
Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2011-10-19Nuevo VallartajimanddottyLa Laguna Tino's (Rank NV=11; NAY=48)Walking distance toward the highway from the front gate, this little gem on a real laguna is a special seafood delight to locals, restaurant owners and tourists alike. I recently was surprised to hear a family that has been coming to NV for 3 years never ventured over there. We highly recommend the Red Snapper for larger parties and have had great dishes throughout the menu.
Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2011-09-16Nuevo VallartakmackermannMark'sWe make sure we get to Mark's at least once per vacation. Decor is like an enclosed patio, with lovely plants, etc. Food has always been excellent-from pizza, to lamb, to tuna--well, to everything. One of our favorites!
2011-07-08Nuevo VallartaWhiteheadEddies Nopal Restaurant Eddies No Pal Beach restaurant is a favorite of many who vacation at the Grand Luxxe, including the Whitehead family.  Convenient, good food and enjoyable clientele.  Just across the street from the Sea Garden at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  Eddies No Pal Beach restaurant is a favorite of many, including the Whitehead family.  Convenient, good food and enjoyable clientele.  Just across the street from the Sea Garden.
Further to my review of May, we went to Eddies again in July - AWSOME as usual. Try the Mexican Platter! Most meals are 100 - 140 pesos. I'm allergic to shrimp, but people in our group said they were fantastic. I never have a problem suggesting Eddies!
Nuevo Vallarta$
2011-05-12Nuevo VallartaWhiteheadEddie's Place Nopal Beach (Rank NV=2; NAY=10)Great Mexican and Lebanese food. Between 13 of us, we ended up there 3 times in one week. Chili Reyanos, Tacos and coconut shrimps were the favorite, but they have great Kafta as well. Most dishes around 85 - 150 pesos. Nightly entertainment, nice music played and you can still have a conversation with people at the table. Service is good and you can't go wrong as you can walk there. Just follow the road west of Guidos/Oxxo, around the corner. A bit hot as not much of a breeze there, but they are renovating their inside a/c area, which should be finished in a couple of weeks.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2011-05-12Nuevo VallartaWhiteheadShrimpFatBoy Restaurant - Mariscos El GordoEnjoyed this restaurant and beach location. Returned twice for lunch. Service was very good, fresh seafood - they will bring the tray of the days catch to you so you can see the quality of the food. Tacos and grilled shrimp ordered at our table and was delicious. Also had the chicken quesedillas, very good, and large portion - 4 with onions and grilled tomatoes, plenty of chicken and cheese, with veggies and rice only $120 pesos. They have a very nice pico de gallo and for an extra charge you can get the chips in a bag which are baked not fried. They are excellent, nice and light and flavourable, and what you don't eat you can take home with you. At the end of the meal they give you a small brown cow to sip on (khalua and milk).

Easy to find, go the the plaza in Bucerias, walk to the sidewalk at the beach, it is the restaurant on the left if facing the water.

Open 10am - 9pm for lunch and dinner. Open since 1991, on Av..Del Pacifico No.6 322-138-0175
2011-05-12Nuevo VallartaWhiteheadPRIME 159 (Rank NV=9; NAY=42)We have been going to Prime 159 since it opened almost 2 years ago.

Service is excellent, we really enjoy it when you haven't been somewhere for a few months and you walk in and are treated like family.

Ambiance and Food are fantastic. Try their potato skins with chipolte sour cream. A great appetizer we are now hooked. Also their wings are excellent, very large, tasty and juicy.

Steaks are excellent, but they aren't just about steaks, they have one of the best pork chops I have ever had at a restuarant. Also a couple of very nice organic chicken dishes. Ribs that fall off the bone and for those who like fish they have fish as well as a pasta dish.

French onion soup is almost imposible to enjoy in Mexico, but this is a great soup and their cream of potato soup with bacon is to die for.

Top that all off with great service, ambiance, seating inside or out and a chocolate brownie or apple crumble for dessert and it makes for a very nice evening.
Nuevo Vallarta$$$
2011-05-08Nuevo VallartaCamTacos Break - Grand MayanThis is a great find. The service is fast, the food is great and you can charge to your room. Great for families because children are treated fairly here too. Finally, convenient to the driving range and golf course. Can't say enough about this find!
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2011-05-05Nuevo VallartabobjonesPrimeGreat ambiance. The filet was most liked by our party. Prime Rib was good, but not up to our expectations. Great location and easy to get to in the shopping center next to the bridge to the Nuevo Vallarta Marina.
Nuevo Vallarta$$$$
2011-05-05Nuevo VallartabobjonesEncoreOn the beach in Bucerias, the owner of Encore entertains guests with vocal jazz reminding one of Ella Fitzgerald. Food is good and restaurant is ranked 11th of 46 Bucerias restaurants.
2011-05-05Nuevo VallartabobjonesSalvador's in Rincon de Guayabitos (Rank RdeG=1; Nay=1)Rated #1 in Rincon de Guayabitos
Rincon de Guayabitos$$$
2011-05-04Nuevo VallartabobjonesEstudio Café (Rank NV=25; NAY=96)EStudio is a combination of an art gallery and restaurant. Family owned. Ask for Federico; he is the owner. Breakfasts (the French Toast) is great. Ask when specials are served and what they will be. Each night has a different special.
Nuevo Vallarta$$
2009-01-01Nuevo VallartamargotwojChiringuitoThis is the new restaurant at the Grand Luxxe pool. The pool just opened, complete with pool bar. The restaurant is new too, and serves excellent and authentic Spanish food. They open at 11 am, and the Spanish tortilla is a great alternative to the big buffets for a leisurely late breakfast. Seafood and paellas are great,and so is the sangria.
Nuevo Vallarta$$$

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