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Welcome to Buenos Aires

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Argentina is a long way away. It is a beautiful country, and we hear is very friendly.

Buenas Aires is a growing city in which hotel owners are building luxury hotels at a fast pace.

Buenas Aires is the location of the newest Grupo Vidanta resort called Mansions of the World.

Currently, there are no open The Mansions of the World facilities. Buenos Aires, Argentina was to be the first location of several Mansions of the World hotels were to be built.

It appears as though the location for the first Mansions of the World hotel was to be in Dique One in the Puerto Madero district in Buenos Aires. This region is famous for its history and is on banks of the Amazon River.

According to articles that have appeared in periodicals published in Buenos Aires, Mansions of the World will offer first class accommodations that will range from 3,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet. The nightly fare will be in the range of $1,000 US.

In 2012, construction commenced on the property. It was cleared and deepened for what we presume to be underground parking. Reports of an opening in late 2013 circulated throughout the media. This came to an end in late 2012, when construction slowed to a crawl. There is little evidence of work since.The Mansions of the World in Buenos Aires will not likely be ready for occupancy for two or more years.

Architectural renderings that appeared in July 2009 on monitors in the sales offices at Nuevo Vallarta indicated The Mansions of the World facilities were planned for Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya. That said, there can be no assurance that any will be built on these properties until Grupo Vidanta makes an official announcement.

One thing we do know is Grupo Vidanta has posted a new page with photos on one of their websites that indicates The Mansions of the World will become a reality. Additionally, rumors are some Members of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club have been offered the opportunity to purchase rights to use an entire floor of Mansions of the World.

Friends of ours recently have visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. They came back with glowing reviews and had a great time. Incidentally, they stayed at their Marriott timeshare, which was in the center of town.

May 15, 2010

Grupo Vidanta is described in an article posted on iProfesional.com in Argentina as "an umbrella group that covers the entire range of tourism businesses" that include real estate development in beach areas, golf courses and airport administration. According to the article, the chain sells about 8,000 rooms in Mexico.

The article goes on to say Mansions of the World will offer 100 rooms that will range between 300 and 500 square meters in size (~3,200 and ~5,300 square feet) and be the most luxurious in South America. According to the article, the total development will be approximately 29,000 square meters (~312,000 square feet).

Set to begin during the second half of 2010, the article says the build out should be completed and the opening would occur in 2013.

Click on the attached file to see the article. Click here to view an article written by Barbara Anderson for CNNExpansion.com on April 23, 2010.

We will be following the development of the Mansions of the World at Nuevo Vallarta. As of July 20, 2012, we have not heard of plans for building a Mansions of the World hotel in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

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