Possible Scams

Possible Timeshare Scams

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FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme
FTC Diagram of an Advance Fee Fraud Scheme

Scams - The unfortunate soft underbelly of the Timeshare Industry.

The most frequent scam is called the Advance Fee Fraud. In this case, the timeshare owner/seller is cold called by an individual who claims to be a legitimate broker/agent for a legitmate broker/dealer/event planner/timeshare specialist. Often times the caller has stolen the identity of legitimate brokers/agents and companies to put the person being cold called at ease.
Want to report a fraud to the FBI?

You must listen to this recording - a California licensed real estate agent talking to a person who has stolen his identity to collect a commission on money received from unsuspecting sellers. Brett Jennings is the real name of the California agent.
Read the full account of this scam here.
The Fake Brett Jennings says he will release the real Brett Jennings name and company within a month of the call. Then he will be gone! Never to be heard from again by the real Brett Jennings.

Yes, it is highly important that we find and prosecute these individuals. But....their's is a perfect business plan. Why? Because WE ALL WRITE CHECKS!

Follow these simple steps to determine if the caller is legitiate or not:
  • Copy and paste the domain name into a “who-is” site to determine the ownership profile of the domain. When it was created, when changes were made and when it expires. The sites with one year durations are likely scams.
  • Copy and paste the address into Google Earth or some other mapping service with Satellite imaging. Look at the location of the address to determine if it refers to an office building or some other structure. Sometimes the address is a vacant lot.
  • Copy and paste the address into the search box of your browser. Identify companies located at the given address. It is best if you can find the management company or leasing agent. Call them and ask if the company in question pays rent to the management company. If you can’t find a management company or leasing agent, call one of the companies listed at the given address. Generally speaking, addresses in office buildings without specific reference to a suite number is a fake address. The US Postal Service or any other mail delivery service would not be able to deliver a parcel to an address that does not have a suite number.
  • Log into the state’s Secretary of State Business Search site. Search for the company name. If it does not appear, then the company is suspect.
  • Log into the state’s real estate division and search for the agent’s name or the name of the company. If the company does not appear, it is suspect. Sometimes you can find a name that has been hijacked by checking addresses listed. The scammer's address may not appear in the official records.
  • Search for a website called Yougetsignal.com. This site allows you to reverse look up email addresses, telephone numbers and other stuff. The keys are to determine if the telephone numbers are located at the address given in the website. The email search is likely to come up blank.
Receive a call from someone who wants you to participate in tracking down dishonest timeshare developers? Tap here to see a list of offices in Mexico's Department of Tourism. Do not give your personal information to anyone!
So let's all do our part to help stamp out the scams: Only You Can Write the Check....Don't Write the Check!
Remember, these people do not feel they are doing anything wrong.
  • Do not send money or pay for ANYTHING.
  • Do not send any documents by FAX.
  • Do send by certified return receipt requested to the caller's listed address a test document. If the test parcel arrives and the recipient reads to you the information you requested in the certified letter, then at least you know the address is not fake.
  • Perform your due diligence carefully.
  • If it seems too good to be true, then stay away!
  • If it is legitimate, then all costs of the sale are paid from verified proceeds in a verified escrow account that you open and control.
If you are contacted by a company that does not pass your "too good to be true" test, please let us know so we can share your information with others.

Finally, heed Grupo Vidnata's instructions as they are outlined below:


2014-02-05 3PLManagement - Does not have an office at the address given in the 3PLManagement website, the FAX number is not traced to a Dallas, TX address and the email address given is assigned to a name called "In House", which presumably is private. Too much secrecy for us to want to trust the callers with our hard earned cash! Our advice - Stay Away

2014-02-01 Eleven Companies in Minneapolis Exposed For Scamming Timeshare Owners

All at one time. These are not companies. They are shills. They pop up, start calling, make incredible offers, collect money and go away. Ask yourself: Why would anyone in their right mind buy my timeshare for the price they are offering when they can find the same thing for much less? Answer: They don't want your timeshare....they want your money! Don't let them have it!!

2014-02-01 February 1, 2014 - Link Marketing Solutions

A person who said he was representing Link Marketing Solutions contacted an Aimfair member about renting weeks that were not even available. The weeks in question were in the Residence at the Grand Luxxe. These units are not even built. No one by the name is located at the address given....bottom line: Stay Away!!

2013-10-25 Continental Property Solutions - An Inactive Advance Fee Scam

2013-10-08 October 4, 2013 - The Finance Gruoup
Two Aimfair members living in Canada were called by different sales people, claiming to be representatives of the same company, and they both offered to buy the members' Rights to Use Contracts. Several moving parts in this example: 1) Both callers had the members contact and timeshare details, but they had the wrong names....THE NAMES THEY ASKED FOR WERE GUESTS OF THE MEMBERS who recently stayed at the resort. 2) The company appears to have been hijacked, which means the callers were impersonating legitimately licensed sales agents. The good that comes from this is our members are sending us examples of scams from all over. The bad is scams are on the rise. How to stop these? DON'T SEND THEM MONEY! Click on this post if you wish to learn more...and thank you to those of you who are sharing your experiences with us all.

2013-10-07 My Space Vacation - 9% commission on $250,000 alleged purchase price of a SPA 3 Bedroom unit, and the Buyer selects the Escrow Officer. Not a good proposition! Read the proposal to reinforce the danger signs. Thank you to the Aimfair member who shared this proposal with us.

2013-09-30 I Realty Connect - Austin, Texas - 7% commission. The caller offered $250,000 for 2 Registered and 4 Vacation Fair Weeks in the Grand Luxxe Villa Master Suite. Jim said the offer was too low, and the caller doubled the price! Read more by clicking this link. Thank you for the heads up, Jim.

2013-09-07 Prestige Vacation Services - This company is the latest to cross our desk. Offers to buy Grand Luxxe contracts at prices that are above market are sure signs of bait used by perpetrators of Advance Fee Fraud schemes. Prestige Vacation Services seems to be on the same course. Be careful....and thank you for letting us know about this company.

2013-08-28 Event Specialists International - No Longer Active

But we found an active victim and thought it would be worthwhile to bring attention to the lengths he or she took to warn others of the Advance Fee Fraud perpetrated by alleged employees of Event Specialists International. The company may not be around but the individuals are! They are persuasive, and the only thing on their minds is to get their commission on the money they take from victims. Beware!!

2013-08-21 Skylar Vacation Services - San Francisco, CA

Called a Grand Luxxe owner, who asked about the validity of the company. We had not heard of this company but many aspects of their operation were similar. All the way to a statement on the company's website that said it supports a national professional organization. Furthermore, the name of the company is very similar to a legitimate one in California. Don't be a victim. Be very careful. Thank you Grand Luxxe Owner for a great catch....

2013-08-03 Your World Vacations - Chicago, IL - Chad Wallace - Possible Scam

An Aimfair member sent us information about this possible scam. Contact was initiated by cold call, the letter is poorly written, the price is high for a general rental and the deal is guaranteed. Also, buyer selects the escrow agent. Highly questionable. Thank you for alerting us to another possible Advance Fee Scam.....

2013-08-03 Property Management Professionals - Not Property Management Professionals LLC

This is another case of confusing the market with names that are very similar. Property Management Professionals LLC is a Valencia, CA company that is a licensed company in the State of California.

Property Management Professionals is a website that was formed on July 10, 2013.

Be very careful about working with companies that you do not know.

Thank you for bringing this company to our attention.

2013-06-09 Efforts by The US Department of Consumer Affairs to curb scams are on the rise. This article provides a link to the agency's most recent news release about scams. It also provides links to a great image of the scam process as well as a link to the recorded conversation between a scammer and the person the scammer is impersonating.

Please beware of offers that are too good to be true.

2013-06-01 Red River Portfolio Management and Equity Group of Oklahoma City, OK and Old Bay Title and Escrow Services - Be Very Careful....

An Aimfair and Grand Luxxe member has paid money in connection with a purported sale of her Grand Luxxe Master Suite and does not expect to get it back. Too bad. She was taken advantage of and has shared her story with Grupo Vidanta and us. Remember...If its too good to be true, then it is likely not.....true! Please let us know before you spend money!

2013-04-23 Silver Prime Properties (Chicago, IL) - American Title Services (Chicago, IL) - Platinum Realty Exchange (Houston, TX) - Seller Beware!

Listen to an identity thief discuss what he does with the person he is impersonating: https://www/aimfair.com/dl2962
Tap the following to learn more: https://www.aimfair.com/T-PSFeb142013

2013-04-06 Outsourcedcallers.com. - March 15, 2013: Beware!

Also, listen to this recording. It is between an identity thief/impersonator/fraud perpetrator and the person he is impersonating, who is a legitimately licensed real estate agent.

2013-02-17 Investment Choices LLC - Scammers Hijack Identities and Impersonate Real People

The new paradigm: scam artists list legitimate company addresses on their letterhead impersonate licensed individuals. Read how this works and listen to a recorded conversation between a Real person and his imposter. Amazing!

2013-02-17 Investment Choices - Scammers Hijack Identities and Impersonate Real People

The new paradigm: scam artists list legitimate company addresses on their letterhead impersonate licensed individuals. Read how this works and listen to a recorded conversation between a Real person and his imposter. Amazing!

2013-02-01 Exclusive Event Services - Tips From Steve

Steve shared his experience with this company and why he decided to pass. His tips are valuable and should be remembered any time you are about to take an expensive plunge.

2013-01-22 Summit Managements and American Closing Solutions - Be Alert!

For scams to work, trust in the parties is paramount. Nice looking websites, guarantees, contracts that look and could be legal contracts are all designed to build confidence. The breakdown is the requirement for fees in advance of closing - called the Advance Payment Fraud. Be careful!

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Thank you all for sharing with us.

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