South View From Grand Luxxe Tower I - by Darlene and Gary III

June 6, 2012

GaryIII sent us photos from the deck of his unit at the Grand Luxxe Tower I on June 1, 2012. What we find interesting about his photos is the change that is taking place in the Ameca River, along with changes to the new Grand Luxxe pool area.

What changes caught our eye? Well for one, the rip-rap breakwater is extending from the shore of the Bird Sanctuary through the center of the causeway between the beach and the high tide sand spit. In the past, the sand spit would appear at low tide and one could walk from the Punta beach to the exposed sand spit. Truly a place for Pelicans and other sea birds to feed on the crustaceans that live below the surface of the sandy spit. What will happen if a breakwater extends through the entrance to the Ameca River? We will have to stay tuned to see.

The beach at the tip (a la Punta) of land in Nuevo Vallarta is where the Ameca River and Bahia de Banderas join. It is also where bucket loaders move tons of sand. This photo shows the gap between the two shores narrowing and a breakwater is appearing.
The mouth of the Ameca River is wide, but there is rip-rap extending from the Bird Sanctuary moving toward the Punta beach at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. The sand spit is still accessible, but will it be forever?

Here is what Darlene and Gary III saw from their deck as they looked from West, along a southerly arc to the east:

Our take on Gary III's photos is the southerly view from all buildings along the Ameca River is interesting and engaging. Also, we do not know what the dredged feature on the shore of the Ameca River to the right of the new pool areas will become. We will just have to wait and see.

Thank you Darlene and Gary III....

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