Welcome to Our Perspective

We are members of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club and formed Aimfair to enhance the value of club members Grand Luxxe contracts.

To do so, we offer services, publish information and provide opportunities for Grand Luxxe Residnece Club and other resort members to interact with each other.

Our Mission

Provide accurate, timely, relevant, fun and useful information and services to the community of members, prospective members, renters, property owners and interested parties, all of whom have a reason for following the development of Grupo Vidanta / Grupo Mayan properties.

That said, all information found on Aimfair should not be relied upon as official statements of fact, truth, advice, promises or any other form of encouragement that in any way would be relied upon when considering the purchase of a Right To Use Contract. All official information is provided by Grupo Vidanta. Aimfair.com is not associated with Grupo Vidanta in any way. Neither Aimfair.com, members of Aimfair.com nor owners of Aimfair.com assume any responsibility for the accuracy of any information found on the Aimfair.com website.

Our Vision

Vacation and Residence Club Members are a diverse group of travelers, who want to be treated fairly and respectfully, receive value in exchange for member payments, be presented with options and flexibility as to their member rights and club usage and be confident that the ownership organization (Vidanta / Grupo Vidanta / Grupo Mayan Resorts) will perform all its fiduciary responsibilities to protect member interests.

We see an opportunity to provide the link between owners and members that will bring expanded value to both communities.
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