Welcome to Vedanta Capital and Possible Connections

The following is information we found interesting and thought you would too.

It suggests possible links between Vedanta Capital, Vedanta Capital Group, Vedanta Equity and New Silk Route Growth Capital.

So what, you ask?

Capital to complete Grupo Vidanta buildings that are now under construction and planned for the future.

- Vedanta Capital Team
Vedanta Capital Team Members
General Partners

* Howard Goldstein
* Michael Patterson
* Alessandro Piol
* Larry Posner
* Shrikant Sathe
* Parag Saxena

Venture and Operating Partners

* William I. Campbell

Firm Partners

* Gonzalo Cordova
* Andrew Dworkin
* Margaret Riley

Team Members

* Anait Avidzba
* Philip Shih
* Jason Tronni
* Irene Winn

Vedanta Capital Group
Vedanta Capital Group
The History of Vedanta Capital Group

"Leading the Way
''Vedanta Capital Group is proud to be the leader in the investment of Latin America