NFV 2019Aug9 Cleaning Vidanta Riviera Maya Beaches

Sargassum - Vidanta Is Cleaning Riviera Maya Beaches

August 9, 2019

On August 6, 2019, the Secretary of the Mexican Navy declared Sargassum would be gone in six weeks. Ten thousand people, both in the public sector and the navy are working hard to eliminate the pesky organism from the pristine Caribbean beaches.

Grupo Vidanta has assumed a leadership role. The following video provides graphic evidence of the efforts taking place and the mechanisms being used to accomplish this very challenging task. Enjoy the following video:

Grupo Vidanta and the Mexican Government want you to enjoy your future vacations in the coming months, and they are confident the beaches will be free of Sargassum when you arrive.
Vidanta Riviera Maya is beautiful, and we applaud the efforts being taken to clean the beaches of the onslaught of Sargassum. Stay tuned.....
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