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Welcome to Mar de Cortes International Airport

November 6, 2009

On November 6, 2009, President Felipe Calderon made an inauguration speech that signified the official opening of the Mar de Cortes International Airport. It was quite a celebration and many local news agencies covered the event.

One article in particular is very interesting. A version of this article was posted on Boomers Abroad by Raul O'Farrill. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. The interesting aspect of the post is Mr. O'Farrill posted President Calderon's entire speech on YouTube and provides a link to the YouTube content in his post.

We do not speak Spanish, but it was clear from the manner by which President Calderon presented his remarks that he felt the completion of the airport is a major step forward to bringing economic prosperity to the Puerto Penasco area.

As you know, Grupo Vidanta was a major factor in getting the airport plans approved and providing the funds to build the airport.

July 16, 2009

February 5, 2009: We came across an interesting description of the activities in Puerto Penasco, now called La Jolla de Cortes. We think the following information provides a good summary of Vedanta Capital Group's commitment to the area.
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Please consider the following:

La Jolla de Cortes

Copied from http://dic.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/11456479
company_name = La Jolla de Cortes
company_type = Private
Foundation = 2004
Location = MEX Mexico City, Mexico
Industry = hospitality, tourism
homepage = Vedanta Capital Group
footnotes =La Jolla de Cortés is a 25,000-acre private urban development, nearby Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) lying in the northwestern part of the Mexican state of Sonora. This urban development mega-resort master plan features, gourmet restaurants, shopping, leisure activities, water sports, lakes, canals, Grupo Mayan luxury resorts, Mayan Palace, The Grand Mayan, real estate communities, condo high rises, world-class golf, and a five star Beach Club. La Jolla de Cortes is owned and operated by Vedanta Capital Group and is located on the shore of the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortés).


La Jolla de Cortes beach is one of Mexico's hidden gems. The private development by Vedanta Capital Group features seven miles of white-powder light-blue water beach front, located in the middle of the Sonora desert, surrounded by the mountains to one side, and the ocean to the other. Throughout the day beach-goers can watch the massive ebb and flow of the estuaries, creating a natural, ever-changing peninsula. http://grupomayan.com/la-jolla-de-cortes.html Fish, shrimp, squids and other local animals are revealed as the tide reaches its lowest point. Outlying sand bars create small islands.

Urban Development

La Jolla de Cortes, a 25,000 acre private development, already features high end real estate and luxury resort projects as well as significant urban infrastructure such as the Mar de Cortés International Airport, Mayan Palace La Jolla de Cortes luxury resort, Luna Blanca and Luna Delia Real Estate http://www.lunab.com, Encanto Living Real Estate http://www.encantoliving.com, and an Albatross Golf Course called Peninsula de Cortes. In addition to these, several projects are under construction in La Jolla de Cortes such as The Grand Mayan La Jolla de Cortes, Central Park luxury real estate villashttp://www.centralpark.com.mx, and Mayan Lakes luxury real estate codos http://www.mayanlakes.com.

All The Grand Mayan luxury resorts have been certified as protectors of the environment by Green Globe

and as safety first resorts by Check Safety First.


The Grand Mayan luxury resorts have been awarded Four and Five Diamonds by American Automobile Association. http://www.aaa.com


La Jolla de Cortes' Albatross Golf Course called Peninsula de Cortes Golf Course is an 18 hole, par 72 sand dune course surrounded by flora, fauna and 1.5 miles of beach front of the Sea of Cortes. http://www.grupomayangolf.com

Jack Nicklaus, the course designer, features this ocean front 7,210 yard course in his 2008 calendar opposite the month of February. Two more golf courses are planned to be developed in the next three years, one of Greg Norman design and the other of Jack Nicklaus design.

Vedanta Capital Group and Grupo Mayan have committed nearly $30,000,000.00 in heavy earth moving equipment to countless hundred tons of earth to shape the land and water ways. Large dredgers are being used to create several acres of lakes and canals, using the estuary flow to create a wide array of wildlife.


Grupo Mayan was the first company to open a luxury resort in the area when in 2004 is inaugurated Mayan Palace La Jolla de Cortes. In addition, Grupo Mayan has built several other projects, such as Mayan Island's Central Park and Mayan Lakes. http://grupomayan.com/mayan-island/ . Next to the Mayan Palace in La Jolla de Cortes, construction for The Grand Mayan La Jolla de Cortes is underway, scheduled to open in 2010.

Environmental Leadership

La Jolla de Cortes mega resort, as with other Grupo Mayan projects, will care for the environment. Part of the 25,000 acre development is an estuary known as La Pinta. This body of water measuring over 1,732,605.93 m2 has a massive ebb flow twice a day that allows for the creation of wildlife and marine life. This section of La Jolla de Cortes has been proposed as an Ecological Conservational Area, which includes the future implementation of a scientific research project that incorporates, among other activities, monitoring rattlesnakes (Crotalus cerastes), tracking migratory birds, fostering nesting habits of oxpreys or the Fish Eagle (Pandion haliaetus ), and the Burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia), with this last species being of great importance because it is in danger of extinction, according to the Mexican Official Norm NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2001. http://www.mayanresorts.org/profeco.htm

La Jolla de Cortes will feature Grupo Mayan properties, which are usually certified as caring for the environment by Green Globe. http://grupomayan.com/environmental-leadership.html

The Missions

"The Missions" is a community of temporary housing located on the north side of the Coastal Highway inside La Jolla de Cortes, nearby Puerto Penasco supplying comfortable living standards for the first phase of construction crews nearing 3,000 in population.

It is the developer's intent to 'give back' to the standard laborer by providing non-rent living quarters, meals, transportation for each and every worker contracted to the La Jolla de Cortes urban development.


We have not visited any of the links that are mentioned. But, we are impressed by the importance Vedanta Capital Group places on being an environmentally conscious developer. This area will become a very busy place!!!