Unrest At La Jolla De Cortes

Mexico is an interesting place, especially when you consider its close proximity to the US.

The US Federal Government has been dealing with immigration along the Mexican/US border unsuccessfully. Arizona has passed a bill to try to influence the affect of illegal immigration on its citizens.

Now we learn that La Jolla de Cortes has its own levels of drama. Following is an article that appeared in Wapedia, which is a "Wikipedia like" repository of information presented by interested volunteers. You might enjoy the read:

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The Puerto Peñasco Politcal Crisis of 2010 is a coup d’état against the La Jolla de Cortés regime located in the ejido near Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico, and the subsequent destabilization of the social-political structure in the area.

1. Background
2. The Coup Begins
3. January 1 Public Relations Offensive
4. Vigilante Intervention
5. Dissolution of the La Jolla de Cortés Regime and the Founding of Las Joyas Sonorenses
6. 7 de Marzo Incident
7. See Also
8. References
1. Background

The University of Hermosillo's website credited the instability in La Jolla de Cortés to violence in the area, especially after the discovery of six bodies on the highway toward the Arizona border. It also placed blame for swine flu and the economic collapse of the area on the governing body as well. 1 2 3 The self-proclaimed Council of government of La Jolla de Cortés denies this assertion. 4
La Jolla de Cortes.

The La Jolla de Cortés compound near Puerto Peñasco.
2. The Coup Begins

The coup began on December 28, 2009, when one member of the La Jolla de Cortés trinity, a female and resident of Tucson identified as TEH, announced her withdrawal from the governing council. She then attempted to overwhelm the remaining administration and shut it down, which gave her access to leadership as supreme dictatress. 5

The remaining members of the La Jolla de Cortés regime resisted pressure from the former member, meanwhile internal strife became an issue. La Jolla de Cortés’ Amy Goodman declared her intent to pull out of the La Jolla de Cortés government unless Miguel, the regime’s chairman, located a suitable replacement for TEH. The administration vetted several potential candidates unsuccessfully, and El Imparcial of Hermosillo reported that the government in La Jolla de Cortés was “teetering on the brink of collapse”. 6

Meanwhile, Amy Goodman and Miguel issued an international arrest warrant against former councilwoman TEH, and publicized their offer of a 10,000 peso cash prize for her arrest and extradition to the La Jolla de Cortés compound. 7 8 9
3. January 1 Public Relations Offensive
On January 1, 2009, a Facebook page appeared purporting to be representative of "the Council of government of La Jolla de Cortés".The arrest warrant against TEH was posted to the page as a note, along with the above mentioned bounty. 10 The page's administrators published several messages to the public, orginally written in Spanish:

"The Council of government of La Jolla de Cortés would like everyone to know that the government is in a stable state and there is no risk of collapse. Please continue as normal and do not listen to foreign-made rumors aimed at destabilizing the region." 11

Another message found on the page urges the public to act upon the international arrest warrant issued by the Council:

"The Council asks all citizens of Mexico and the United States to be alert in the matter of the fugitive TEH, who is likely in Mexico or Arizona. We also make a public call in favor of the right of citizen's arrest, as is explicitly permitted under the 16th article of the Mexican Constitution, and in A.R.S. section 13-3884" 12

These statements contradict the information previously provided by El Imparcial.
Later on the same evening, the following message was posted to the government's Facebook page:

"The Council of government of La Jolla de Cortés condemns the unfair coverage currently found on Wikipedia. The article “2009-2010 Puerto Peñasco coup d’état attempt” is full of lies and misinformation. Furthermore, this article has brought the Council much negative attention from the Mexican federal government and from the Ministry of Justice of the State of Sonora. We have detained the persons responsible for these acts, and the will answer to our magistrate if they do not repair the damages that have caused. We ask Wikipedia to fix the article so that it reflects the truth of the situation." 13

4. Vigilante Intervention

The Nogales based newspaper Nuevo Día reported on January 1, 2010, that a group of Phoenix-based vigilantes had begun organizing a cross-border raid on La Jolla de Cortés, aimed at establishing personal interest in the area. The article failed to provide further detail. 14
5. Dissolution of the La Jolla de Cortés Regime and the Founding of Las Joyas Sonorenses

In the days following the January 1 offensive, all visible facets of the La Jolla de Cortés regime disappeared and communications to and from the compound ceased entirely. This prompted an official from the Sonoran Justice Ministry to visit the ejido, where he proclaimed the former regime to have vacated the compound.

In mid February, the San Pedro Sula newspaper La Prensa reported that Miguel had surfaced in Honduras after fleeing political prosecution. Miguel subsequently chose to return to the U.S.-Mexico border area after falling out of favor with Honduras’ Bajo Aguán leftist guerrilla movement and former minister of the exterior Patricia Rodas. 15
Republica sonora.

The proposed Sovereign Republic of Sonora.

In early March a document 16 was delivered to Sonora governor Guillermo Padrés Elías’ office announcing the creation of the Las Joyas Sonorenses (the Sonoran Jewels, in Spanish) group. Listed as members were TEH, Miguel, and Amy Goodman, all members of the late La Jolla de Cortés regime. Also listed were Señor Tijuana and Señora Cremadora, notable border-area activists. The document was titled “A Manifesto for the Sonoran Desert” and declared the group’s intent to take control of the municipalities of San Luís Rio Colorado, Puerto Peñasco, General Plutarco Elías Calles and Caborca and merge them into one independent nation of free association to be called "La República Soberana de Sonora", or "The Sovereign Republic of Sonora" in English. Under the plan, luxury resorts in the Puerto Peñasco area are to be seized by the government and expropriated as a manner of creating and balancing a sustainable national economy. Las Joyas Sonorenses plan to invite southern Arizona to join the nation, and desire full diplomatic relations with surrounding Mexico and the United States. The regime also plans to capitalize on Puerto Peñasco's rising status as a haven for international fugitives. 17

During the same time period, a private intelligence report surfaced claiming that Miguel and Señor Tijuana had been spotted on a weekend in mid January scouting out possible government/coup plotting headquarters in Puerto Peñasco. El Imparcial reports that the pair was sighted at the Esmeralda, Bella Sirena, Las Palomas and Tessoro resorts. 18
6. 7 de Marzo Incident

El Imparcial reported that Miguel’s intended exit from Sonora on March 7th, 2010 was significantly impeded by a rival citizen’s regime, the municipal police, and U.S. Customs saboteurs. 19 According to the report, citizens of the Mayan Palace ejido took advantage of an overnight storm to erect numerous blockades on the road leading out of the La Jolla de Cortés Compound. The Puerto Peñasco police were said to have pursued Miguel’s vehicle northward on the highway toward the border town of Sonoyta. Several individuals of Mexican nationality awaited Miguel at the U.S. Customs port in Lukeville, Arizona and attempted to draw attention to his vehicle. U.S. Customs officers arrested the three men and brought them forthwith to a magistrate.
7. See Also


Puerto Peñasco
8. References

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