Puerto Vallarta Is Second Home In Mexico - Cirque Du Soleil

August 12, 2014

Reportur.com reporters have been busy. Four articles about Grupo Vidanta, Cirque du Soleil, Mansions of the World and Sr. Daniel Chavez have been published by this online magazine, between November 3, 2013 and May 13, 2014. All were published in Spanish. Thanks to Google Translate, we have a semblance of the English translation.

The following article was published on May 13, 2014.
Puerto Vallarta is second home in Mexico - Cirque Du Soleil

May 13, 2014
Soleil Vallarta

The alliance of Cirque Du Soleil and Vidanta open in Puerto Vallarta second permanent headquarters in Mexico, according to exclusive information obtained REPORTUR.mx, once the "JEWEL" project which will start in November at the Riviera Maya into operation will be announced new investment to bring this world class show the Mexican Pacific.

The circus in Puerto Vallarta resort would have the same format as the scheme presented in "JEWEL" Vidanta Daniel Chavez Moran Group puts infrastructure, Cirque Du Soleil, Guy Laliberté and Ocesa show marketing.

As at the time came forward REPORTUR.mx Cirque Du Soleil show premiering in November "JEWEL" a purpose-built theater for this show for the first time also be combined with a dining experience, the site is under construction and is directly across hotel accommodation Vidanta installation, Mayan Palace on the Riviera Maya.

The theater will require an investment of 20 million dollars and will accommodate up to a thousand-seat auditorium type, although it is expected to function with a forum with 600 points, 250 of them will enjoy VIP dinner show. Notably, only two cities in the world have residents Entertainment: Las Vegas and Orlando, the two cities that attract more tourism in the United States.

During the Mexico Tourism Tianguis in Cancun Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of the circus REPORTUR.mx confirmed that before the official opening will serve from November 8.

In time Daniel Chavez Moran said it's a project that is not just a company, "The social impact we can not measure in numerical terms, but we can predict that a mark the size of Cirque du Soleil impact within not more than three years in increased occupancy of 5 percent, because it is an enticing brand "

Source: Reportur.com - http://www.reportur.com/mexico/2014/05/13/tendra-cirque-du-soleil-su-segunda-casa-en-mexico-eligio-puerto-vallarta/
Arturo Medina | Cancun | May 13, 2014 Leave feedback
Out takeaway from the article is:
  • Grupo Vidanta will provide the venue and Cirque du Soleil will provide the marketing for the shows.
  • The theater will require an investment of $20 million (USD, we think, but it is not stated).
  • It appears theaters in the Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta (Nuevo Vallarta?) locations will be similar, with a total number of seats reaching 1,000, which includes 250 VIP dinner show seats.
  • Sr. Daniel Chavez believes the social impact of the Cirque du Soleil shows will be significant because of the enticing brand and increase occupancy by 5% over the next three years.
There is no question this is exciting news for guests who live on the West Coast and spend most of their vacation time in Nuevo Vallarta. In fact, the author points out that there are only two cities with resident shows - Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida. The equivalent will be Grupo Vidanta's Riviera Maya location on the East coast and Circus Puerto Vallarta in Nuevo Valllarta on the West coast.

The location in Riviera Maya opens November 8, 2014. Many have already made their reservations. It will truly be an memorable extravaganza.
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