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Grupo Vidanta - Gifted Raffle Ticket to Small School - Won

September 20, 2020

We owners of Grupo Vidanta issued contracts should be very proud! Why? Because money from Grupo Vidanta was used to buy tickets in a 6 million ticket lottery, one of which is a winner!

The school is in the state of Nuevo León in the small community called El Yerbaniz in the municipality of Aramberri. Interestingly, Aramberri was founded as Santa María de los Angeles de Río Blanco Mission in 1626 in the jurisdiction of Río Blanco, in the former New Kingdom of León.

The community will receive 20 million pesos as one of the 100 winning tickets. Eight tickets were donated by Grupo Vidanta, one of which is a winner!

Tiny school in Nuevo León is among beneficiaries of plane raffle
12 students will benefit from 20-million-peso lottery win

A tiny school in a poor farming community in Nuevo León was one of the lucky winners of 20 million pesos (US $950,000) in the “presidential plane” raffle, drawn in Mexico City on Tuesday.

Located in El Yerbaniz, a community in the northern state’s mountainous southeast, the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz school was gifted eight tickets in the raffle by Grupo Vidanta, a real estate conglomerate.

The National Lottery printed 6 million tickets for the raffle, in which 100 20-million-peso prizes were up for grabs.

Along with several hospitals and other educational facilities, the school in El Yerbaniz held one of the winning tickets.

According to the newspaper Milenio, residents of the community have just completed the construction of two classrooms at the school. Prior to their completion, seven preschool students and five primary school students all studied together in a 65-year-old dilapidated hut.

Now, the school is expected to be upgraded further and there will likely be money left over to make improvements to the community, home to 60 residents from 16 families whose main economic activity is growing corn and beans.

Almost no one in the town has a television or running water, Milenio said.

Azucena Reyna, a fifth grade student, said she was happy because extra amenities will be added to her school and “it’s going to very beautiful.”

Nuevo León Governor Jaime Rodríguez congratulated the school for its win and said he would provide advice to educational and municipal authorities about how to use the money only if they asked him to do so.

Three schools in indigenous communities in mountainous regions of Puebla also won 20-million-peso prizes in the raffle as did three telesecundarias, or distance education schools, two in marginalized areas of Veracruz and one in Oaxaca. The schools in Puebla were gifted their tickets by the federal Welfare Ministry.

Among the other winners were hospitals in Zacatecas, Michoacán, México state, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa and Morelos.

Revenue raised by the raffle, whose total prize pool is roughly equivalent to the unwanted presidential plane, will be used to purchase medical equipment for hospitals.

Raffle ended 65 years of neglect for NL school
Presidential plane. Grupo Vidanta bought 400 thousand cubes and donated 8 to the campus, which on Wednesday obtained 20 million pesos from the draw.


The rural school of El Yerbaniz, Nuevo León, was one of the winning institutions of the raffle on September 15. (Graphic: MILLENNIUM)

The Gustavo Díaz Ordaz rural school, which for 65 years received its students in a small hut almost 40 kilometers from the municipal seat of Aramberri, Nuevo León, came out of anonymity on September 15 when one of the eight lottery tickets donated by Grupo Vidanta, led by Daniel Chávez Morán, was the winner of one of the 20 million pesos prizes awarded in the presidential plane raffle.

This non-profit institution acquired 400 thousand pieces that it distributed among 50 thousand marginalized schools throughout the country that are part of the La Escuela es Nuestra program.

The building, in which until last May he taught seven preschool children and five primary school children in a small hut, is in the community of El Yerbaniz, a mountain area with difficult access, inhabited by just 16 families, about 60 people, dedicated to the cultivation of corn and beans and in which almost no one has television or drinking water.

A week ago its inhabitants finished building two small halls with their bathrooms after receiving several generations for 65 years in a room with boards and a tin roof.

For its inhabitants, the 20 million pesos are a hope that the school and the community will improve, however, the happiest are the students themselves, such as little Azucena Reyna, who is in the fifth year of primary school, and her sister, Veronica. "They are going to put a lot of things on it and it will be very pretty," says the little girl.

Among the other winners of the National Lottery raffle are three indigenous elementary schools from the Sierra de Puebla, three telesecundaria schools, two of them in marginalized areas of Veracruz and one in Oaxaca, as well as hospitals that treat patients with covid-19 .

The three indigenous schools in the Sierra Norte, Negra and Mixteca, in Puebla, received the cachitos as a donation from the Ministry of Welfare last August.

One of them, the Quiaptepec primary and preschool, in the municipality of Zoquitlán, Ajalpan region, one of the poorest in the state, has only an enrollment of 30 students; while Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Elementary School, with 14 students, is located in the town of Guadalupito, a municipality located in the Sierra Mixteca.

Other rural schools that were also winners are in rural areas of Veracruz and Oaxaca.

Medical institutions were also winners such as the Issste hospital in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, which serves 22 thousand beneficiaries and that two days before the draw received the donation of several pieces from the federal government, Gerardo Navarro, director of that institution, announced that With the money, they will build an intensive therapy area and buy medicines, as well as equipment to treat covid patients.

The list of winners includes mainly covid hospitals, such as the one in the 28 Military Zone, in Oaxaca, also the regional military in Torreón, the Issste in Tampico, Tamaulipas, as well as the hospitals in San Ignacio, Sinaloa; General Ernesto Meana, in Morelos; General Boca del Río, in Veracruz; the general of Zone 1 of the IMSS, in Nayarit, and the regional 220 of the IMSS, in the State of Mexico.

The governor of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez, congratulated the Aramberri municipality school that won 20 million pesos in the drawing for the presidential plane raffle.

Although he said that he will not get involved in the decision of how to distribute the resources, he will provide help if required by the educational authorities and municipality.

The capital city of Nuevo León is Monterrey, and Grupo Vidanta has stong ties to Monterrey in many ways.

We have no idea how much each raffel ticket cost, but it is amazing that tickets bought by our purchases were among the winners. This small community will have to decide how to spend over $950,000 USD.
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