Plan for The Parks/Vidanta World - January 2, 2020.

Gondola and Estates Pod in Nuevo Vallarta - Seen by Jim

December 25, 2020

The Skydream Gondola is open. Guests are getting chances to see the property from the Residence Tower to the Highway 200 station and back again. They may be able to take it from the Residence Tower to the Grand Bliss Pool station at the beach, but that is not clear yet.

Owners of Estates contracts will be able to use the Gondola to reach the beach when staying at the Estates complex on the Jaliso side of the Ameca River. It appears for now, the Gondola will be used to attract tourists to Vidanta Resorts in hopes of selling timeshare contracts.

Actionslax and his wife were able to take a ride and shared their video. Here is what they recorded:

This video was taken on December 25, 2020 by Jim. Thank you for sharing with us.

Across the river, we get a glimpse from the Gondola of the new Estates Pod. It is made up of one and two bedroom units. Combining them makes a three bedroom unit. The ones we see in the video do not have the 4 BR units in the building.

Actionslax was able to take photos of the first Estates Pod to be built. Two 4 BR units are on the end of each arm of the building. Supposedly, this pod will be open by the end of January, 2021. Although units may be open by then, it is unlikely the amenities that guests will use will be finished. Maybe they will be available by May or June, 2021.

The Estates Pod in this photo has three arms. Each arm has two 4 BR units on the ends of the arms and a 2 BR and 1 BR unit on each floor.

The 4 BR end units are not finished yet. The completion date estimated to be the end of May or June, 2021.

At the Skydream station, there is a small map of the gondola line. Also included in the map are updated images of Vidanta World and the Estates project. Although the map is not crystal clear, it does show a significantly reduced plan for Vidanta World. It also shows a reduced plan for the Estates as well. More to come, we are sure.

Note the changes made in the Vidanta World plan and the Estates complex. Completion dates are likely pushed out because of Covid delays.

The Parks are changing. In January, 2020, the plan for the Parks at the top of the page shows a substantial parking lot on the west side of the Entertainment Zone. An entrance to the Park was supposed to be located there. The map on the Skydream station shows reduced if any parking on the west side of the Park. Also, there seem to be fewer features in the current rendition, which is not characteristic. Historically, there have been renderings that present activity and color. It does appear the map on the Skydream has been toned down. What do you think?
Thank you Actionslax for posting your Estates photos and the Skydream video. There is more to come, and we are all anxously waiting to see the plans unfold to reality. In the meantime....Stay tuned....
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