Cruise Management International (CMI) - New Manager of Vidanta Elegant

Ocotber 25, 2019

Not much has been said about Vidanta Elegant since we received news from Vidanta on April 10, 2019 that the ship's inaugural voyage would take place in October, 2019. As is the case with many best laid plans, delays occur. Clearly, in this case, experienced managment needs to be in place before the ship can make any move from its moorage in Mazatlan.

We found the following article in Cruise Industry News.

CMI Takes Over Vidanta Elegant Technical and Crew Management 
October 25, 2019

Vidanta Elegant

Cruise Management International (CMI) announced today that it has taken over the technical and crew management of Grupo Vidanta’s first vessel, the Vidanta Elegant. The ship is expected to enter service shortly.

Since acquiring its first cruise ship, the Vidanta Elegant, Grupo Vidanta has been dedicated to upgrading, re-configuring and branding the vessel to align her with their resort standards, according to a statement.

“We are honored to be awarded this contract and it is a privilege to be associated with such a quality organization as Grupo Vidanta," said Jim Barreiro de Leon, president and CEO of Miami-based CMI.

CMI is exclusively focused on passenger ship management and provides technical management services primarily to the expedition cruise segment and niche market operators.

Jose Alonso, director of operations of Grupo Vidanta said: “We are excited to engage a Technical Manager who understands our needs, behaves as a true partner and operates within the same time zone as our organization.”

Besides technical management, CMI will provide port and fuel management, purchasing, project management and will handle all administration for the deck, engine and hotel crew.

“Our partnership is based on similar objectives and principles making it a natural fit," added Barreiro de Leon. “We are confident in our ability to deliver tangible benefits to our owners and we are delighted that the Vidanta Elegant and Grupo Vidanta will enhance our reputation managing a very select fleet of vessels."

We anticipated the ship would be ready for the annual salels meeting. But that did not materialize. When do you think cruises will actually begin? Sometime soon, we suspect.
Let us know if you hear any Elegant news. It could be a fun, new venture. Stay tuned....
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