Unauthorized Soliciations:

Unauthorized Solicitations and Possible Scams are now joined together to reinforce the importance of being alert. We don't want to be paranoid, but we do want to be careful.

Cold calling is fine. Sales personnel have to generate leads somehow, and sometimes, the cold call is the appropriate way to reach out.

However, there is a big difference between selling legitimate products and services and trolling for naive, unsuspecting individuals. Taking advantage of a person's naivete for the sake of bilking that person out of his or her money is unconscionable.

There is a fine line between wanting, trusting, releasing personal information on blind faith and conducting a meaningful level of due diligence. Sometimes, gut reactions are alright. But other times, it could cost you money that you will never see again.

Part of the service we provide is to offer a database of sorts. This particular page provides a listing of companies that, through their representatives have presented themselves as legitimate companies who want to buy your timeshare. Interesting stories...yes. But very dangerous. Do not fall into temptation....

Please send us your experiences and company names so we can post them here and in the Possible Scam pages.

Thank you for your participation. Without it, this would be a blank page!



2022-07-19 Its baaaacckkk. Yesterday, we received an offer to rent bonus weeks we do not own. It was sent to us by an impersonator of Grupo Vidanta. It is a reminder that Scammers are active. The offer is a repeat and has been around for many years - at least since 2014. But the domain for the sender is new - 12 days old to be exact!

How do we know this? We type in the sender's domain into the address bar at whois.domaintools.com. You will then be taken to an official record for the domain. This record displays a lot of information, including the domain's age and the domain's formation and expiration dates. You can do your own due diligence on any suspected scammer domain by visiting and entering the full name of the domain in the address bar at whois.domaintools.com..

In this case, we find the domain is called VIDANTA-MEMBERS.COM. When that name is typed into whois.domaintools.com, included in the record is the following information:

Dates 12 days old
Created on 2022-07-08
Expires on 2023-07-08
Updated on 2022-07-08

These dates tell us that the domain was formed 12 days ago. It is owned by an entity that has access to our email addresses. There is no clear reason for the email, other than to maybe entice you to communicate with them to provide information about your ownership and even to send money to them.

Don't fall for this offer, even though it is tempting to try to rent weeks for extra money. There is no credibility to this offer at all!

Scams are everywhere...Don't Send Money....
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2022-07-01 Our intrepid Scam Investigator sent us a warning about Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. It turns out he knows one to the other agents who contacted him last year. Isn't it amazing so many good people are in the business of scamming honest people like ourselves? Here is what he had to say:

Hi Bob,

This is the one I told you about in a previous email that was going to send me a rental agreement on Vidanta letterhead. I didn’t receive it. He probably knew that I was on to him.

I just spoke to an excellent Vidanta customer service representative, Carmen.

Carmen was very knowledgeable of these scammers and offered the following information that I think will be helpful for the Aimfair members:
  • Vidanta does not offer rental programs on behalf of its members
  • Vidanta will not accept payment via wire transfer, as this Mr. Bucerra suggested was necessary for “legal reasons”. Vidanta will only accept payment via credit card.
  • If Vidanta were to call a member, the display number will not be the 1-800-292-9446 main customer service number. Rather it will be a phone number with a Mexican format.
  • Vidanta customer service should be able to transfer you to any Vidanta employee – whether customer service, admin, or corporate. This Manual Bucerra said that he would not be reachable via customer service when I asked him what his extension is. Rather he gave me a Mexican phone number where the receptionist answers as Vidanta Corporate. The number is 52 322 980 0581.

Recall that I spoke to this Manuel Bucerra last year when International Travel Services offered to rent a week – whose website is now down. This guy is very smooth, speaks good English, and is very knowledgeable regarding Vidanta and the various types of contracts. I suspect that he is either a former sales rep, or is receiving information from a Vidanta sales rep. I’m going to keep on this guy until I get to the bottom of how he is operating.

Thanks and regards,

Scam Investigator

The conversation evolved from the following discussion.

From: Scam Investigator - Scam Investigator at msn.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 8:36 PM
To: events at luxurytravelconsultantsinc.com

Hi Ashley,

I received a call today from a Manual Bucerra with respect to the rental opportunity that you contacted me about.

He said that he works for Vida Vacations. Mr. Bucerra also called me last year with respect to another broker looking to rent a week – International Travel Services – that turned out to be a scam.

I just got off the phone with Vidanta. They said that Mr. Bucerra does not work for Vida Vacations and that Vida does not participate in any rental programs on behalf of its members.

You seem like a nice young lady. I suggest you go find yourself an honest job.

Scam Investigator

His note was sent after he received a call from the "agent" and in response to her letter requesting access to weeks he owns so she could rent them during a Mayakoba Resort golf championship.

From: events at luxurytravelconsultantsinc.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2022 5:43 PM

July 5th, 2022

Dear xxxxxxxx,

We, Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. would like you to consider the following proposal for the rental of your VIDANTA VACATIONAL membership. Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. is a leading international event planner with a reputation for delivering success in world class events.

To view our next event 2022 MAYAKOBA GOLF CLASSIC please click on the secure link below:

Kindly review the proposal thoroughly and let us know if any changes are needed. If the offer meets your expectations simply return a duly signed copy along with proof of ownership in order to start your rental transaction so a representative from your resort Vidanta will contact you.

In case you have any queries or need additional information, Please feel free to contact us at 346-201-4700 our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (CST) or visit us online at www.luxurytravelconsultantsinc.com.

We look forward to working with you and to earn your business.

Best regards,
Ashley M. Miller | Agent

As you can see, your Scam Investigator was very straight forward with the callers. Too bad such nice people have to make a living by scamming honest people.

Scammers are everywhere today. The only way to stop them is to not pay them money!
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2022-06-11 Our Aimfair Scam Investigator spoke with a person who claimed to be representing Highview Capital Realty out of New York. In the following email thread Nino flushed out the scam by:

  • Checking the lifetime of the domain name using who.domaintools.com - domain is 38 days old
  • Checking the address of the company only to find it was occupied by a legitimate company
  • Contacting the CEO of the company being impersonated, who wrote back - scam
Following are Nino's comments:

From: Nino
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2022 8:43 AM
To: info at highviewcapitalrealtyny.com
Subject: Highview Capital is a Scam


It took me about five minutes to determine that you and Highview Capital are scammers.

The Property Manager of your building at 115 Broadway told me that Highview is not a tenant on the 5th Floor, or any other floor. The 5th Floor is occupied by We Works.

Furthermore, Highview Capital’s website is only 38 days old. See weblink below.

Also your alleged CEO, Mr. Brunner, replied to me that you are a scam.

Am I missing something?

Don’t call me anymore and stop scamming honest people.

Go find an honest and respectful job.



Bottom line: Stay away from Highway Capital Realty - It is a scam!

2022-03-25 Scam - Listed as being in business for 22 years, yet the building manager for the address given has never heard of the company...

Thank you for keeping us updated....

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