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Tower 5 and Nuevo Vallarta Update - From Larry

March 21, 2016

Luxxe Tower Line Up in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico - View from the Residence Tower Deck.

Larry and Maria spent two weeks in a Residence at the Grand Luxxe and thoroughly enjoyed their stay. They took a number of photos of the area, in particular Tower 5A, panoramic views from the Residence Tower rooftop pool and Residence at the Grand Luxxe deck, the bedroom deck and on the golf course. The photos introduced us to new areas of construction as well as verified the progress. We all are the beneficiaries of their stay becuase of the great photos they shared with us. Following is their photographic update:

Panoramic Views of the Resort Property and Bahia de Banderas
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Looking East - View from the Residence Tower Deck.

Looking West - View from the Residence Tower Deck.

Looking East at Tower 5A - View from the Residence Bedroom Deck.

Panorama View - Looking North - View from the Residence Tower Rooftop Pool.

Panorama View - Banderas Bay and resorts dotting the shoreline.

Quite an update with all the panoramic views of the property. It is good to know that progress continues. There will be many more changes the next time you visit Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Thank you Larry and Maria for sending you snapshots. We all are going to.....stay tuned.....!
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