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2018-12-28 The Park - Update

The Park in Nuevo Vallarta has been under consideration and development since prior to March, 2014. This post shows the progress made by year on the Park property and the most recent architect’s renderings. The overview is impressive and stunning. But, that said, all is subject to change. The important take-away is the buildings under construction are real. They are setting the tone for the accommodations that will be sold and available. Timeshare sales along the Jarretaderas border? Stay tuned....

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2018-12-23 Re: Estates Construction in Riviera Maya
Construction may be underway now, but we hear nothing is far enough along to allow tours of the facilities. The general statement is the facilities may be located on the inland side of the highway rather than the ocean side. Also, models do not appear to be available either. The Estates Division is evolving, and there are likely to be many changes to what we are told today and what actually is available for our use. Happy Holidays to you as well.
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2018-12-20 Update From Nuevo Vallarta

First and foremost, these Aimfair members said their last visit to Nuevo Vallarta was the best ever! What a great statement, because we had our best ever stay at Nuevo Vallarta in November ourselves.

In addition to letting us know about the great time they had, they shared current photos of changes taking place on the property. The Estates and the Celebrate Park are under construction. It is not clear what either will ultimately look like after all the changes that likely will take place between now and their opening in late 2019 or 2020 for the Estates and 2022 for Celebrate Park, so we will all have to watch for updates on Aimfair. Stay tuned.....

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2018-12-20 East Cape Update - December 20, 2018

A number of sources show indications of construction at the East Cape site. One source is from Aimfair members, Rita and John. They provided photos of the construction as they saw it in November, 2018. Of course they could not tour the construction site, but the were close enough to see wired rebar in preparation for creating the first pilings and foundation structures for a building.

A second was provided by another Aimfair member - jssquared. He pointed us to a recently published article about the area.

Finally, there are satellite images that confirm construction is under way.

Thank you jssquared, John and Rita.

That said, it will be quite a while before anything is ready for occupancy. Celebrate Park has to open first. So on we go, and .... stay tuned...

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2018-12-19 I am headed to riviera maya in 2 weeks. We are platinum residence club members and recently bought into the estates. Does anyone know if there has been any progress on estate development at the Riviera Maya property...if so can we get a tour? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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2018-12-19 What is a Timeshare?

This article is written by a Street.com contributor, and it seems to capture the essence of Timeshare Interests. It is a short article and written to provide highlights. Enjoy!

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2018-12-19 What is a Timeshare?

This article is written by a Street.com contributor, and it seems to capture the essence of Timeshare Interests. It is a short article and written to provide highlights. Enjoy!

2018-12-04 Following are my comments about the last Aimfair Gathering held on November 14, 2018:

Bob, Mary Ann,

It was a pleasure to finally meet you after years of only email communication! It was the first time I happened to be on-site when you had one of your gatherings. Thank you for taking the time to arrange them and give members and opportunity to gather and share.

On that sharing topic, I was a bit saddened by some of the petty complaints that were brought up and of course, the one person that feels compelled to monopolize all of the question time. Just like every other meeting you’ve ever been to! I wanted to complement you, Bob, on trying to keep the meeting moving along and most importantly, injecting positivity and humor into it.

I was compelled to state how my reservation experiences have all be great after hearing all of the complaints about the team and the process. That is the one part of Vida I have never had a problem with.

It also amazes me that people have to share something that only impacts them personally and not have any broader appeal. Certainly their concerns were valid, just not in that venue IMHO.

After hearing what my girlfriend and I commonly refer to as ‘first world issues’ I returned to our floor and was talking to our concierge. He told me that earlier that day an owner had complained about the color of the river behind our building and asked if they could do anything about it! I had to say I was totally embarrassed by it.

The one comment that resonated with me from the meeting was around providing a member with information in advance of their arrival with any potential changes or upgrades that might be available. That would save so much time and prepare people to make in some cases substantial financial decisions. They know your account and when you are going to be there so why not let you prepare in advance? It seems to make so much sense for both parties.

I love the idea of being paired with the same agent every time. In my 14 years there I have never seen the same person twice and would welcome that type of one-on-one relationship. It certainly wouldn’t be with the woman we got this time. She went from being sweet as you can be to a viper in 10 seconds.

Best of the Season to you both and I hope our paths cross again soon,

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2018-11-30 The November, 2018 Gatherings - Vida Vacations participated.

It was a new year and a new Vida Vacations representative. He was welcomed by the attendees and asked some tough questions. All in all, he did a good job. The trouble is there is no movement by management to make changes that Luxxe Members would like to see take place. The changes are few and easy to implement. But, that said, management is concerned about restaurant revenues going down if members are allowed to easily leave and return to the property. All this will change in a couple of years...

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2018-11-30 The Vidanta Alegria is now the Vidanta Elegant.

The Vidanta Alegria is now the Vidanta Elegant. It is located in Naples, Italy and undergoing significant changes and upgrades. There was talk about the ship being ready by Spring, 2019 for use by Luxxe members. But that is not likely to happen. Stay tuned....

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2018-11-29 Is anyone aware of the new process being used for Privileged weeks? According to reservations, they will no longer book SFX Privilaged weeks for holidays through reservations. Unfortunately they do not know how SFX privileged weeks will be booked.
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2018-11-25 The Puerto Vallarta International Airport is expanding to meet traffic demands.

A new terminal is planned by Puerto Vallarta’s International airport. Yes it is needed. But the fact that airport management is committing to add a 208,000 square feet terminal at a cost of roughly $18 MM USD indicates the trends in tourism in Puerto Vallarta are moving upward. International traveler visits have increased, but more importantly, National traffic is rising even faster. This expansion is part of a 2015 - 2019 expansion plan. There is no indication when the new terminal will be operational. Stay tuned....

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2018-11-16 Estates - Update

More updates on the Estates. Although there is a building under construction on the Jalisco side of the Ameca River, there is still much we do not know. But that said, the buildings are growing and the configurations seem to be better understood. We will all have to stay tuned to learn more....

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2018-10-23 Hurricane Willa Passes By Nuevo Vallarta

Comments from a member of the Vida Vacations Staff and an Aimfair member confirm Hurricane Wila does not present any danger to the property or the guests who are on site now. Perhaps the Ameca River will rise if rains persist in the mountains, but so far the surge from the Bay is only about 3 feet. Good news for all. Stay tuned....

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2018-10-15 What is Sargassum? Riviera Maya is full of it. Check it out.
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2018-10-15 Golf Course Layouts at Nuevo Vallarta

The courses have changed, not only physically, but also by name. The Nicklaus Course is no longer. Now, the 13 holes on the North side of the Ameca River and that were part of the Nicklaus Course and five holes on the South side of the Ameca River and that were part of the Norman Course are combined to make up the Nayar Course. The Norman Course added five new holes and more water to make the course more challenging. Both are great courses. Maps are shown in this article.

Don’t forget the challenging Lakes Course too. This is a jewel, and it too has a lot of water.

There are more changes to come, so.....Stay Tuned....

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2018-10-14 Vidanta Estates are under construction on the other side of the Ameca River.

Question: Are the buildings under construction actual units or are they simply models. Time will tell. Stay tuned....

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2018-10-08 Vidanta Cruises are in the news....

After purchasing a previously owned ship, Grupo Vidanta has made a commitment to the cruise industry. Industry sources claim Vidanta has hired cruise industry professionals and has formed new department. The articles in this post provide more insight but no official announcements. We will have to stay tuned....

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2018-10-08 The Ritz Carlton ships are modern cruising ships. Maybe Vidanta Cruises will be the same. Stay tuned...

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2018-10-07 Vidanta denies its development along the shores of the Ameca River and its dredging activities will result in flooding neighboring Jarratederas during periods of heavy rain. There is also concern residents will not be able to access the beaches from Jarratederas except through a tunnel that runs from Jarratederas to the River Road. Finally, there are claims that neighboring businesses are not economically benefiting from the development. Stay tuned on this matter....

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2018-10-04 Estates-Club and PJU Associates are not to be trusted. Stay away because they are phishing for your confidential information. The only way you can gain insight to their websites is to provide confidential information to register first. Not good. Our contacts at the Mexico Department of Tourism says the sites are not to be trusted and Vidanta says the Vidanta legal department is trying to close the site down.

Do not become a victim. Stay away.

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2018-10-03 New Restaurants and Shopping Areas are planned for the grassy knoll above the Mayan Palace Pools.

The restaurants may be operated by the Hakkasan Group, and reportedly the Rockwell Group is helping with the designs.

This area of the property is quiet and serene, with views of the ocean and the Mayan Palace pools as you walk up the hill. The planned changes will likely respect the beauty of the area and be an enhancement for guests and members. The company is expecting larger crowds, so the quiet nature of the resort could be short lived. Its not a bad thing....Stay tuned....

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2018-10-02 Fake Attorney Representation Offer by Alvarez Asesoria Y Defensa Legal

The caller described in unclear terms the fact that he is with a law firm in Mexico City that is devoted to representing Timeshare owners in suits against timeshare companies that oversold their product with lies and misrepresentations. He invited us to sign documents that among other things asked for confidential information about our ownership.

In a previous investigation, we befriended Sr. Rangel in Mexico’s Department of Tourism. He has provided us with accurate information and warnings. He also confirmed that the group that called us should not be trusted.

Tap here to be taken to this very interesting article.

T - Possible Scams
2018-09-28 The Vida Convention Comments - September, 2018

Water Park in Riviera Maya, The Park and changes in the property in front of the Grand Bliss in Nuevo Vallarta, changes in the works at Puerto Peñasco and San Jose del Cabo and the future of Vidanta’s East Cape are a few of the comments made by the sales department after the annual convention, which took place on Spain.

There are a number of interesting changes that are underway. Tap this paragraph to learn more...

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2018-09-20 Vidanta Alegria Update - First trip - late 2019 or early 2020?

News has surfaced that indicates Vidanta Cruise Lines is moving forward but at a slower pace. The Vidanta Alegria is still in Naples, Italy, under massive reconstruction. Word is the finishing touches will be done closer to home in Mexico.

There is no confirmation from Vidanta management, one way or another. That said, Vidanta is said to be hiring people with cruise line management and sales experience. Photos show the ship is undergoing a major makeover.

Should be fun! Stay tuned.....

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