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2019-07-09 Jungala - Soft Opening - July 6, 2019....

Jungala is now open. Speculation was Jungala would not open for a month or so, based upon observations of work still to be finished. Looks as though that work was done quickly because the Water Park is now open. Looks very attractive and should be quite a draw. Stay tuned....

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News From Vidanta 634
2019-06-29 Travel Industry Consultants, Inc. and W.N.T.A., Inc. - Two alleged companies working together to take your money. Stay away. Thanks to Gordon and Nino for sharing their experiences with us. Remember....Help Stamp Out Scams - Don’t Send Money!!
T - Possible Scams
2019-06-29 Jungala - Still Under Construction....

Bill just returned from Vidanta’s Riviera Maya. He and his wife walked the property near the new water park called Jungala. His photo clearly shows the area is still under construction. According to Bill’s estimate, roads, walkways, under ground infrastructure and buildings were still under construction. With the new season only 4 months away, odds are opening may be in October. Stay tuned....

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2019-06-28 Timeshare Contracts - Is there really a way out?

This article is written by Mr. Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate. He writes articles designed to make consumers aware of hidden issues associated with the purchasing of items in many industries. This particular article provides his recommendations for getting out of timeshare contracts issued by resorts.

The article provides points we should all look at when we buy into a timeshare. It also highlights the benefits of contracts we all own that have been issued by Grupo Vidanta over the past ten years.

Although we all may have ownership issues at one time or another, one issue we don’t have to worry about is how we get out of them. They expire ten years after the activation date.

2019-06-24 Jungala - Not Open Yet - Testing Quality and Safety....

Although the original plan was to open on June 22, 2019, that did not happen in spite of the Travel Agent Central article that was posted on June 23, 2019 stating that the park was open. Likely, the authors were going off of earlier expectations, and they may have thought the park opened on time. Not a big issue. Better to be safe and high quality and late than not safe and low quality and on time. What do you think? Stay tuned....

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News From Vidanta 634
2019-06-11 Vida Management: Cirque du Soleil remains an important contributor to the Park

Management provides insight to Cirque du Soleil's continuing involvement in the Parks. More to come....

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2019-05-09 Forbes Mexico Speculates Jungala will compete with Xcaret venues

The goal is to create sustainable tourism in Mexico, and Grupo Vidanta expects to accomplish this with Joya Theater and Cirque du Soleil, and now with Jungala. The Forbes Mexico article mentions many aspects of Jungala that have not yet been announced by Grupo Vidanta. More to come....

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2019-05-07 The Riviera Maya Water Park - Jungala - Scheduled to open June 22, 2019

The Vidanta announcement is a positive statement about the thrills the Water Park - Jungala - will offer guests. Steep water slide, wave pools, a 1 KM long Lazy River, restaurants, and many other exciting features. Limited entrances. No information on price yet. More to come....

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News From Vidanta 634
2019-04-30 First Annual Golf Tournament - May 3, 2019 to May 5, 2019

Are you in Nuevo Vallarta? You need to sign up to play in this tournament and let us know how you do. It sounds like a fun time. Also, if you miss it, then you can play next year in the Second Annual Golf Tournament. We are looking forward to your comments.

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2019-04-30 Diamond Resorts Attracts Millennial Generation through 10 year contracts

According to Diamond Resorts International CEO, the Millennial Generation wants access to flexible, experiential, and the ability to move on after a given period of time. It sounds as though the Vidanta programs are just what they want.

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2019-04-30 Cruise News posted an article that described the increase in cruise capacity on the West Coast in 2019

Among other things, the article cited Vidanta Cruises as a new entrant that will offer cruises up and down the coast of Mexico. In addition, the article went on to say the most popular cruises are offered by Carnival Cruise Lines, and these are three and four night cruises. Vidanta Cruises plans to offer similar cruise itineraries. So the model is in place and stands a good chance for success....Stay tuned....

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Current News 633
2019-04-28 Since I am a new member on the block my simple question is to verify if this is the better way to ask questions or if there is another page for me to follow through... Answer will come directly to my E-Mail.??. Thank You So Much For Your Help, as I mentioned before I need to learn how to ask and how will I receive the Answers back, My E-mail sdomenechsr at aol.com Thank You All Again.
2019-04-22 Travel Pulse Magazine Interviews The Director of Vidanta Cruise Lines

Ms Theresa Norton interviewed Mr. Amondo Franco to learn more about plans for Vidanta Cruise Lines. Interesting insight to Vidanta’s plans and vision came from the article. Definitely unique and definitely more to come. Stay tuned....

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Current News
2019-04-20 Cruise and Maritime Voyages and Vidanta Cruises - Two cruise companies that will cruise the 58,000 miles of the coasts of Mexico.

Itineraries are set for six 11 night cruises offered by Cruise and Maritime Voyages, with the first cruise to set sail mid December, 2019. Prices range from $1,600 to $2,300 USD for the 11 night cruises. Vidanta Cruises has announced Vidanta Elegant will set sail for the first time in October, 2019. Prices for the Vidanta Cruises have not been announced nor have fixed itineraries. Is cruising going to be a viable alternative to spending weeks on land? Indications are they could be very popular. Stay tuned....

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Current News
2019-04-16 News From Vidanta - Updated Renderings of the Park

The Park goes by many names - The Park, The Parks, Celebrate Park and Vidanta World are just a few. Clearly we do not know the final name. Maybe someone could let us know so we can update our posts. In the meantime, we received updated renderings of The Park. These are interesting because of the perspective and detail. There also appears to be a possible ride that we are speculating. Anyway, see what you think. We know there will be more changes, so....Stay tuned....

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News From Vidanta 639
2019-04-16 Meet Sr. Iván Chávez - Executive Vice President of Grupo Vidanta

Over the weekend, Econo Times published an article about the Executive Vice President of Grupo Vidanta, Sr. Iván Chávez. The article reviews the past 12 years that Sr. Chávez has worked for the company and highlighted many of the changes that have taken place during this period. It is clear that Sr. Chávez has provided leadership in shaping events and future venues. It will be fun to see them evolve to completion, and to see new ideas be introduced. Stay tuned....

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Current News 636
2019-04-12 News From Vidanta - Jungala Luxury Water Park

We have just learned the official name of the Riviera Water Park that has been under construction for the last year or so. It will be Jungala Luxury Water Park. This new venue offers families a wonderful and exciting water park. It is located behind the new Grand Luxxe Deluxxe units, and it will offer many different and thrilling water rides. It also features a 1KM long Lazy River, a new wave pool and a children’s activity area, consisting of small slides and water showers. Scheduled to open on June 1, 2019, the Jungala Luxury Water Park will provide one more reason why families and Vidanta members will want to spend their vacations at Vidanta's Riviera Maya property. More to come, so...stay tuned....

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News From Vidanta 634
2019-04-12 Riviera Maya Experience on TirpAdvisor:

Just returned from my 5th trip to Grande Luxxe since 2012 as an Interval trader.
Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your vacation:

1) Avoid the sales presentation at all costs, no matter what discounts, freebies or bargains they offer. They flatter then insult and degrade you if you refuse to buy — I have never felt so disrespected. It ruined my vacation. Better train your sales staff in respectful business practices and good manners.

2) Traders pay a "resort fee" depending on room size which will include an airport transport to the resort but not back. Read PG 2 of your confirmation. Return trip is $1360 pesos for a van which fits 5-8. Pay in pesos not dollars otherwise you get ripped off.

3) Main Pool Cabanas are reserved the day before at 7:30 AM and cost $25 US which is credited to food and drinks. Very busy. Don’t expect a shady place at main pools. Great Zumba at 10 AM and noon poolside and free kids' activities all day. Best food - drink service - in front of Havana Moon. Happy Hour is 12-2 PM= 2 for 1. Cocktails have virtually no alcohol; a lot of empty calories.

4) Grande Luxxe/Bliss Beach Club line is ridiculous. Get there before 9. Great if you have kids; incredible service.

5) If offered an upgrade, stay in an ODD numbered GL room. Otherwise you are on top of the 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM construction noise-- and it is loud --even with the AC and fans on. Like to sleep? Stay elsewhere. Waterslides they are building next to GL Jungle wont open till after June.

6) All restaurants, casual and elegant, are excellent. US prices, no bargains, but fresh and delicious selections esp the ceviche and Mexican favorites at Balche/Fridas. Try the crickets. Tramonto Italian is probably their finest; need a reservation.

7) The rooms are gorgeous, modern, very clean and extremely comfortable. Maid service twice a day. The employees are warm wonderful people. Treat them well.

8) Best place for an ocean swim is north of the resort where there is less coral and seaweed, near Valentin. Visit a different saltwater resort pool each day. There certainly are enough.

9) Dont miss the Flamenco night on the beach at Chiringuito Saturday nites with Natalia and her husband guitar player. Paella and sangria are amazing. New Salum is always fun anytime with hammocks and swings in the water. Try the tamales, and fresh fruit icepops and churros filled with creme for dessert. And of course, dont forget the traditional flan.

10) The transportation is a major problem. The trams/golfcarts can take forever. Wait is 5-20 minutes. Rides are long, windy and bumpy. Enjoy the iguanas and quatie (racoon/squirrel/mongoose, whatever!) with the two-foot brown tails. There are crocs at Greenbreak and flamingoes somewhere.

Enjoy your vaca, the beautiful Caribbean, and try to tune out the craziness.
Every little tip helps.
Member Reviews
2019-04-10 News From Vidanta - Vidanta Elegant Cruises Begin in October, 2019

Newly released information about the upscale Vidanta Cruises state itineraries begin in October, 2019. Although details about venues and use by Vidanta members is still to come, we do have updated renderings of the Vidanta Elegant. Although final configurations are yet to be announced, the images presented in this post point to a very promising alternative for those members who want a new experience. Stay tuned....

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News From Vidanta
2019-03-27 Vidanta announces the maiden voyage for Vidanta Elegant in September, 2019 - Are you on the waiting list? This article shows the ship in its refurbished form. No scratches until after our first trip please....LOL!
Current News 633
2019-03-18 Grupo Vidanta May Be Interested in Islas Marías and Playa Espiritu (Spirit Beach)

It is likely a long way off, but reports are Grupo Vidanta is interested in working with the Mexican Federal Government to develop a hotel on Isla María, use the island as an itinerary item for Vidanta Elegant and purchase 15 acres in the Playa Espiritu complex, which is approximately 46 miles south of Mazatlan. The property was purchased by an agency of the Mexican Federal Government in 2007. It is 2,500 hectares (About 6,178 acres) and there is a single hotel on the property now. Interesting....stay tuned....

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Current News 632
2019-03-18 Financial Facts of Timeshare

This article presents a nice capsule of the pluses and minuses of timeshare ownership. The article is short, but it presents many concepts that are important to consider when buying or owning a timeshare. It is not lengthy, but it does offer common insights. Enjoy....

2019-03-06 The Aimfair Gathering - March 6, 2019

More than 85 people attended the March 6, 2019 Gathering. It was a fun, lively and informative event. Mr. Patrick O’Leary, Director of Training for Vida Vacations, provided answers to the many questions that were raised. Some were questions that were asked in earlier Gatherings, and we found that Management is listening. An example is exiting and re-entering the property through the Little Gate. There were other examples too. In all, participants felt their questions were answered. Stay tuned for our next Gathering....

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Current News 616
2019-02-24 The Estates Division Update

News is out about the new luxurious offering called the Estates Division. The units will be one, two and four bedrooms. They will be located in Jalisco, Mexico across the Ameca River from the Luxxe Towers in Nuevo Vallarta, in Riviera Maya and reportedly in San Jose del Cabo. Still much is not known yet....so stay tuned....

Current News 630
2019-02-24 East Cape Update

Construction is progressing. Tower One has reached its height. Tower Two is coming out of its foundation and Tower Three has rebar extending from its cement footings. Sales says 2019. Maybe 2020. What do you think? Stay tuned....

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