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2020-02-26 Sales History Tunnel Now Open on 2nd Floor of Grand Bliss.

Also, new rendering of a Gondola Station at what appears to be The Park. Stay tuned….

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News From Vidanta Gondola 654
2020-02-21 New Procedure after Checking In. We met with an On Site Services Guest who asked about booking for an update. We clearly stated we wanted to discuss with a company a representative how we can devise an amicable exit strategy from ownership. The person said this would be arranged. He quoted, " The New Management wants to have more positive meetings with long time owners. With the new developments of the park, they need to have access to our rooms". He noted a new change is coming where members with the most monies invested will be given the priority privileges. (I thought that was already in place!!!). I would appreciate to have some replies from other members if you are interested in hearing the results from our meeting. This site appears to be very quiet with comments. I do not want to submit unworthy information to the members. Cheers Rick A.
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2020-02-18 East Cape update - a short video of the construction site and area.

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News From Vidanta 629
2020-02-18 The January 8, 2020 Gathering Notes are available

It was a lively group and large group. Information provided was good but not earth shattering. The Vida Reps did not have time to prepare, so they had to provide the best answers they could under the circumstances. ....Stay tuned....

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Current News 669
2020-02-09 Forbes Mexico published an article about the Vidanta Elegant and provides insight to delays.

Vidanta Elegant planned to sail in October, 2019. That date was pushed to a later one, which has not been announced. Word from a wait-staff member who will be trained for shipboard duties thought the maiden voyage would take place in March, 2020. Maybe....Stay tuned....

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Current News Elegant 633
2020-02-06 Gondola Station at the Grand Bliss from JandR

JandR sent us photos of the changing look of the Beach Station of the Gondola line. This station is located behind Chiringuitos Restaurant next to the Grand Bliss pool. The additional feature that was not apparent earlier is the addition of the Stainless Steel outer veneer on the towers. Will all towers have the same design? Stay tuned....

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Current News JandR 672
2020-01-31 Gondola and Tennis - Update

The Grand Bliss Gondola station is becoming more defined. Structure is taking place. The photo shows what Grand Bliss guests will see as they walk along the outside patio on the first floor.

Those of us who are looking forward to tennis and Pickleball may not have long to wait. Stay tuned....

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News From Vidanta Gondola 668
2020-01-30 The Beach and The Boat with John and Rita

There is now a visual barrier facing the beach that runs from the Exclusive Area on the beach near Costa del Sol to the Grand Bliss Gondola station near Chiringuitos. The barrier advertises the Sky Dream Gondola and the Amasol area that will have restaurants and shops in the current Mayan Palace pool area and grassy knoll. Lot’s to come. Stay tuned....

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Current News JandR 665
2020-01-15 The Estates Division - Update

Construction of the Estates Division projects is underway on three Vidanta properties: 1) Jalisco, across the river from Vidanta’s Nuevo Vallarta property, 2) Riviera Maya - Playa Paraiso area and 3) East Cape, north of San Jose del Cabo.

The Jalisco project is furthest along and the largest of the three. There could be 10 pods on the Jalisco property, and maybe even more. There is one Pod located on the Riviera Maya property and a single, multi-story tower structure is in the skeletal stage now.

Contract owners have high expectations for these facilities. Only time will tell if they are met. Stay tuned....

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Current News Estates 666
2020-01-14 The Sky Dream - a Gondola system that will extend from Highway 200 to the beach at Chiringuitos restaurant is under construction. Towers are prominent throughout the property at Vidanta Nayarit. There will be five stations, and ultimately, people will use the Gondola to travel from Towers Four, Five, Six and the Residence Tower to the Santuario for the Taxi or to the beach at Chiringuitos. Looks like a fun way to get around and it may be faster than waiting for the shuttle, which will also be available too. Stay tuned....

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Current News 660
2020-01-01 The day after New Years day the rain was over, the day was warm as was the ocean. We were looking for a place for dinner. There are ten of us staying at the Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta, and seating us at restaurants on the property can be challenging.

As is our tradition, we also walk off the property to Marina Vallarta to see the changes taking place there and visit Ochos Tostadas for dinner. In the past, we could plan on space being available for 10 to 14 us at a time.

So off the property and down the beach we went to view the changes and eat at one of our favorite restaurants.

We were surprised to see new finished construction of condo buildings there. We spoke with an owner who was enjoying the late afternoon on his deck (first floor). He said he loves his new condo. So does his young son, who was there with him too.

We arrived Ochos Tostadas at 6ish PM and the place was packed, and the line waiting to be seated was long.

On our way, we passed a new restaurant called Mazul. The waiter said he could seat us as we walked by. Since Ochos Tostadas was not able to seat us, we returned, were seated, and had a wonderful dinner.

At about 8:00 PM, we finished dinner and headed back to the property.....on the beach again. It was a beautiful way to return to the property. The sound of the ocean, the lights from all the buildings and the white foam from the waves created a memorable end to an evening adventure.

If you want to leave the property for a dinner or lunch, walking the beach is the only way to go!
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2019-12-23 Mexico News Daily - $3B USD Investment in Riviera Nayarit - Without including Vidanta’s Investment

What does that say? Vidanta is not counted as a major hotelier? The investments made by Vidanta don’t count along with other hotel developers? Interesting article, and not a word about Vidanta Nayarit.

Current News 657
2019-12-22 As of 12/20/2019. The Costa Arena restaurant is temporarily closed and our favorite pool, the adults-only round pool with the island (and iguanas) next to the Grand Bliss pool is closed. Our closest access to the beach from Grand Luxxe is closed. The sign says they are doing some maintenance. The employee at the rental cabanas says they are making some type of beach club which will be “even better” than what’s there. There is no sign that the pool is being demolished, or any trees around it. From what I could see it didn’t look like a huge project, not so far at least. No idea when access to beach, pool and restaurant will be given again.

Anne Cvancara, Aimfare member
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2019-12-18 Puerto Penasco - Update

Puerto Penasco - expectations were high in 2010 through 2013. Airlines were going to open schedules from Las Vegas and maybe other locations. Not much demand, so schedules stopped, if they ever started. Now, according to Michael, the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace are open but the services are limited. Great golf! Cold water in the pools. Maybe not a good place for families in off-season times.

Nice update, Michael. Thank you.

Current News 563
2019-12-17 Hi Bob: Hola from the Riviera Maya. News: the Jungala water park is open and not crowded. We had a great time there yesterday. Pricing has been reduced to about MEX$699 for adults and MEX$599 for kids and seniors.
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2019-12-06 Estates Riviera Maya - Update

The Estates Resort Hotels are under construction in the states of Jalisco and Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Jalisco development is further ahead than development at the Quintana Roo property at Vidanta’s Riviera Maya property. This collection of photos provide an aerial history of the Riviera Maya Estates development. There is more to come, and opening could be in 2021. Stay tuned....

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Current News Estates 652
2019-12-04 SEIDO is legitimate - seidogob.mx is not!

Charles received an email from a domain called seidogob.mx and asked if it is legitimate. No, it is not! That is the answer.

Don’t provide any information or participate in this FAKE OFFICIAL LOOKING request. This is a Phishing exercise, and your information will be passed along to unscrupulous groups.

T - Possible Scams
2019-12-01 More News - Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta

Articles appearing in different online venues reinforce Cirque du Soleil’s and Vidanta’s commitment to each other as Celebrate Park construction continues. The concept putting forward is a 600 person dinner venue and show that combines technology with artistic programs.

More to come. Our prediction is opening will not be until 2022.

News From Vidanta
2019-11-27 Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta Announce Plans for the Park in Nuevo Vallarta

Cirque du Soleil and Grupo Vidanta announced their plans to open a new show and theater in Nuevo Vallarta in the 2021 time frame. Executives for both companies described concrete plans for a new show and new theater to present the theater in 2021. Speculation was Cirque du Soleil was no longer involved in the project. Not so. Stay tuned....

News From Vidanta
2019-11-25 Warning: Pickpocket in Walmart

Glad the AimFair site is back up. About a week and a half ago I had my wallet pickpocketed at Wal-Mart in Nuevo. Fisrt time had this occured in Mexico and first time in 50 years ever. A woman approached me and said I had some bird poop on the back of my tee shirt. I was in the produce dept and with the high ceilings I thought it possible? Went to the restrooms to clean up. The handicap stall was open and as I step into it a gentlemen also noticed the poop and offered to help. I thought this was a little strange but took hs assistance. Once I felt him touch my tee shirt I immediately grabbed my hip pocket where my wallet was.It felt safe. He then stepped out of the stall and I cleaned up my shirt and shorts. Went back to finish my shopping and when I went to pay for my groceries noticed all the credit cards and debit card missing. Pesos were still there. Never felt a thing. Fortunately, the gentlemen behind me made up the overage in my bill.I paid and got out of Wal-Mart. Returned to resort, logged into my accounts and canceled all credit cards stolen. About 2 1/2 hours since the cards were taken, there was one new bogus credit and several debit card transactions in error all pending.

Wanted to get this posted to give everyone a headsup. Even Wal-Mart isn't safe anymore. Back to my old methods of carrying as little cash as possible and a credit card is in my front pocket if at all.
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2019-11-19 News - Vidanta Announces Purchase of Three Rides

The purchase of three rides was announced today by Grupo Vidanta. The rides include a 45 meter Ferris Wheel concept, a 40 meter high Parachute Drop and a five station gondola system that will be the only Park to Beach ride system in Mexico.

Pretty exciting stuff. Phase One of Celebrate Park may open in 2020. Stay tuned...

News From Vidanta
2019-11-17 The Estates Nuevo Vallarta - Update

The Jalisco side of the Ameca River is where the West Coast Estates Division development is located. A “Pod” is under development along with four other structures. Two of these structures are along the Boca de Tomates road, and both appear to be nearly 100 yards long. One is one story structure and the other is two stories. There is a beach not far from these buildings. Stay tuned....

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Current News Estates 649
2019-11-09 The ambush of Morman women and children near La Mora, Mexico was horrible. But, does that mean Mexico is unsafe? The New York Times thinks so.

Mexico Daily News posted an article that provides more insight to possible reasons for the horrific murder. The article suggests the families were engaged in drilling illegal wells and drawing water away from others in the area. Threats were made on both sides. A fight was brewing. Perhaps, the end result was the tragedy that evolved.

True, nothing is worth the loss of life. But, that said, Mexico is not necessarily unsafe because of this ambush.

Current News
2019-11-03 Beware of the Fake Member Lawsuit Claim

Members are being solicited to participate in a Member lawsuit, presumably against Vidanta. First a call comes in, then the email arrives to ask you to register with memberslawsuit.com. No one registered so we don’t know what information the website requests. You can bet it would be proprietary information about your ownership.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t share your personal information with anyone!

T - Possible Scams
2019-11-02 Luxxe Suite Royal One and Two Bedroom Suites in Tower Six, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

We have all watched Tower Six under construction for the past two years and wondered how the floor plans would be different from the traditional Luxxe layout.

Well, now we know. The unit is more compact with a smaller amount of the floor plan devoted to deck space. That said, the overall living area appears to be larger than the Grand Bliss but smaller than the Luxxe Suite Villa or Luxxe Suite.

This appears to be a step toward smaller footprints, which is taking place in the Park and Acapulco. Enjoy!

News From Vidanta
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