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MC Vacational Development

October 9, 2015

Update: We received two calls today. One from Barbara Bell, and she provided clarification about her relationship with MV Vacational Development.
  • It is a company registered to do business in Oklahoma. Not true....the Oklahoma Secretary of State list of businesses qualified to do business in Oklahoma does not include MC Vacational Development.
  • When asked where she received our telephone number, the answer was ARDA provides the information. ARDA is the American Resort Development Association. Javier was given the same information from Premier Business Brokers, and it was found to be false.
  • The buyer allegedly is a Canadian company that wants to increase its tax shelter under terms granted through NAFTA. Not a chance!
The other call came from Charles Miller. Both Barbara Bell and Charles Miller have hints Hispanic accents. Mr. Miller wanted to talk to us about our Grand Mayan contract, which does not exist and dated back to 2007. Trolling from old lists. What fun!!

October 3, 2015

We received a cold call this morning on my cell phone. This telephone number is not given to anyone who is not close to us, other than certain large companies that need to reach us for urgent matters. The call came in, the number was not recognized, but it was answered anyway.

A very nice sounding lady was on the other end of the line. After a short introduction, during which the name of the company and caller were quickly glossed over, the real reason for the call came to light. "We have a buyer who needs a tax writeoff and who is buying up timeshare interests. Would you like to sell yours?" Or something close to that....

The caller said the company is not a "Listing Company". Instead, it is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Oklahoma. First mistake! Also, the caller is a licensed real estate agent with the Oklahoma Department of Real Estate. Second mistake. The telephone number was written down as was the company's address.

You guessed it...:
  • The "company" is not registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State as a company that is qualified to do business in Oklahoma.
  • The "company" is not registered with the Oklahoma Department of Real Estate.
  • The caller claims to be licensed to sell real estate in Oklahoma, but the records are confusing. There are two licesnses for Barbara Bell. One has an address in Tulsa, OK, not Oklahoma City. The other has no listed address. Is this a case of hijacked name?
  • The telephone number is listed with someone at a different address than the office address.
  • The domain was registered on September 13, 2015, and it expires in a year.
  • The registrant is located in Great Britain.
Need we go any further? No. Too many questions. Plus, the building where the alleged office is located does not look occupied.

So, type this number into your cell phone contact list: 405-421-0399 and name it SCAM. You won't bother to answer the call.

Keep this chart in mind every time you get a cold caller asking you if you want to sell your timeshare:
FTC Instagram - Anatomy of a Scam
FTC Instagram - Anatomy of a Scam

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