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McNally Investment Professionals - Not Really

Another call came in a week or so ago. We took the call, and the pitch was the same. "We have a buyer for your weeks. Would you be interested in selling?" Or something like that. The person did not leave the name of the "company" he represented.

After the call, we searched for the telephone number and found it was associated with McNally Investment Professionals. Given our skeptical opinion of cold callers asking about our "confidential" ownership in timeshares located in Mexico, we found the web page. It was using a domain that was registered by Rodrigo Roa Romero. The registrant claims to be with Propia, which means Own in Spanish, and is located in the city of Celaya, which is in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. Oh boy! Bad start!
  • Creation date of the domain - November 2, 2015
  • Expiration date of the domain - November 2, 2016
  • Website location: http://www.mcnallyinvestmentprofessionals.com/about
  • Telephone Number: (713)568-1899
  • Address: 2400 Augusta Drive Suite #310, Houston , TX 77057, USA
  • Statement on the website: “With experience dating back to 2002, McNally Investment Professionals offers its services through direct operations and a network of qualified agents across the United States as well as internationally.”

Sounds great! Later, we asked the caller how meet him and learn more about his "company". It should be easy to make an appointment to visit the office and discuss his proposal in person. Ummm, what is your address again? How do I find your office? Too busy to see me? I can be flexible. Two weeks? OK.

Given that the caller was reluctant to visit with us, we decided to contact the building manager. Our conversation did not last long. Interra Properties manages the building - No one by the name of McNally Investment Professionals pays rent for the space listed on the McNally Investment Professionals website. Maybe that is why the cold caller did not want to meet. There is no office there.
The bottom line to this story and all the others we come across: Be Very Careful! Help stamp out scams - Don't Write That Check!
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