T-PS 2018Oct4 Estates-Club and PJU Associates

Estates-Club.com and P. J. U. & Associates - Cannot Be Trusted

October 4, 2018

In connection with our most recent scam alert about Alvarez Asesoria y Defensa Legal, two other suspicious names arose:
  • Estates-Club.com
    • Domain is 97 days old
    • Created on 2018-06-29
    • Expires on 2019-06-29
    • Updated on 2018-06-29
  • PJUassociates.com
    • Domain is 157 days old
    • Created on 2018-04-30
    • Expires on 2019-04-30
    • Updated on 2018-04-30
These websites are geared to gather names, addresses, email addresses and other confidential information.

Estates-club.com has a sign-in option that "allows" you to provide confidential information about yourself. The site itself does not offer news that Aimfair members are not already aware of. Some of it is repeated, which implies the developers are gathering information to put on the site. Perhaps that is why a person from the law firm subscribed to Aimfair, so he could participate in the forum. Interestingly, there was another individual who registered on Aimfair and posted a link to the Estates-club.com site. Again, the goal is to gather confidential information about its viewers.

P. J. U. & Associates is supposedly a law firm. It claims to "be a global network of legal professionals & seasoned counsel affiliated with top-tier law firms. Our team is recognized for forging enduring relationships with our clients & for solving complex legal challenges." Their web site claims transparency is important to the firm. Yet, there is nothing on the website that allows you to conduct any due diligence unless you divulge information about your self first. Even then, it is highly unlikely that you will receive any reliable information.

We have removed the accounts associated with these individuals and banned them from returning. These are simply unfortunate examples of how we all need to be diligent, alert and cautious when we follow a lead that we know nothing about, where it came from or who is associated with the lead.
Thank you all for continuing to submit unsolicited offers and possible scam schemes. We will continue spreading the word, and remember, only YOU can help stamp out scams....Don't Send Money...!!
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