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Grand Luxxe Punta Pools Open - Darrin's View

December 11, 2011 and December 14, 2011

Darrin arrived at the Vidanta property in Nuevo Vallarta on December 11 and could not wait to see what had changed since his last visit.

The Grand Luxxe Punta pools opened today, and he was able to partake. No festivities. Just beauty. Following are his photos of what he saw:

Telephone technology has come a long way, don't you think? The photos shown above are from his phone.

Today, December 14, we received a treat. Darrin introduced us to Photosynth a couple of years ago. In the following photos, he shows us what he has learned. When you click the link, remember....you may have to add software to your computer. Its OK, though, because the result is very worthwhile.

Note: The photos present a 360 degree view. See the panoramic view by holding your mouse key down and dragging your mouse in one direction or another. Also, just press the "Plus" sign to zoom in. Definitely worthwhile!

Thank you Darrin. You just arrived and sent us all your views of the Grand Luxxe Punta. Very thoughtful indeed!
We hope you enjoy your vacation and provide us all with updates as you are able.

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