PH Nov192011 GLIII

Grand Luxxe Tower III

November 19, 2011

Photos from BarbaraT, KMACKERMAN, Gary III, Kack and others show the difference in architectural design of the Grand Luxxe Towers III and IV.

Unique? Yes, because the reception and shopping areas for these Grand Luxxe Tower are on the fourth floor (third floor in the elevator), not the ground level floor.

The result is an interesting architectural skyline of Grand Luxxe towers along the Ameca River that can be seen from Marina Vallarta to the Romantica Zone in Puerto Vallarta. This became very apparent during our water taxi ride to Puerto Vallarta one morning. We were treated to a different view of the Grand Luxxe Towers III and IV that provided greater insight to the architectural design for these towers.

Even though Grand Luxxe buildings have different exteriors, the living unit configurations are similar on the inside, with the exception of the Grand Luxxe Punta building, which is comprised only of Presidential Villas and Signature Villas.

BarbaraT sent us current photos showing changes in the looks of the Grand Luxxe Tower III.

The Grand Luxxe Tower III A soft opening experienced was difficult for some guests. TV and Internet connections were unavailable for a period of time and leaks from above became evident.

Unfortunately, the synchronization of the construction process overlapped the reservation window, causing a bit of inconvenience. Regardless, it is our understanding the Grand Luxxe Residence Club staff treated those members who were impacted with respect and understanding, thereby minimizing the negative aspects of the affected members' experiences.

Reports from those Grand Luxxe Members who were not impacted were very favorable.

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