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Scott and Sue's Grand Luxxe III and Grand Luxxe Punta

June 11, 2011

Scott and Sue were vacationing at the Nuevo Vallarta Grand Luxxe Residence Club and took photos on June 10 and 11 of the construction taking place there. And was there a lot of construction!!

They not only sent photos, but also an update.

After looking at their photos, can you believe the buildings will be ready for occupancy in November, 2011? That is what they say the goal is. Open Grand Luxxe Punta and Grand Luxxe III in November.

Well, all we can do is sit back and watch it all unfold.

We are sure there will be lots of inconveniences, for sure. But, the construction period will be finite. Let's hope the end product lives up to our expectations.

Here is what they saw while on vacation....

Thank you for thinking of us Scott and Sue...

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