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The Grand Bliss - Riviera Maya - Photos by rpennisi

January 20, 2013

The Bliss - Ground Floor Only Is Occupied - Jan 2013

rpennisi sent photos of the new Grand Bliss at Grupo Vidanta's Riviera Maya property. The buildings in Riviera Maya are very different from the buildings in Nuevo Vallarta Here is what Ron had to say:
Hi Bob and Mary Ann,

Just back from a couple of weeks at the Mayan Palace south of Cancun.

Don't know if you had any pictures of the Grand Bliss and Bliss yet.

The Grand Bliss' lobby does not come close to the lobby at NV, much smaller and understated.

The building toward the beach side (though not close to the beach) of the lobby is finished. The other side is not close to being done.

The Bliss is finally open. One of the unfinished MP buildings has been opened as Bliss. It is perpendicular to the MP buildings 10/11.
Only the ground floor was completed and occupied. The two upper floors had no curtains on the windows.

Regards to you and your family,

Here are rpennisi's photos as a gallery:


Although there is a significant difference between the buildings in Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta, the interiors of each unit in both locations is very similar, if not the same. We see this as a significant benefit.
Thank you for thinking of us again, rpennisi. We look forward your next contribution....
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