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San Jose del Cabo - Ron's Photos

Feb 17, 2012

Ron travels all over the Grupo Vidanta turf. He has shared is photos and videos from Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta. In fact Ron stayed at Nuevo Vallarta in January 2010, just before the soft opening of the Grand Luxxe Tower I. In March of that year, he was in Riviera Maya and shared photos he had taken then too.

During a recent conversation, Ron said he was off to see San Jose del Cabo. We told him that we had never been there and asked if this is to be his first time. No, as it turns out, Ron was at the San Jose del Cabo Grand Mayan during the week it opened as well. Ron does get around!

So, he does what he usually does....shares with us all photos he took at the time and before. The Grand Mayan photos were taken in 2007, while the photos of the church were taken in 2004.

Enjoy Ron's view of San Jose del Cabo....

Grand Mayan Resort Opening - 2007

San Jose del Cabo Churches - 2004

Thank you Ron, we look forward to seeing more...

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