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History - Copied From Wikipedia.com

Vedanta Capital Group, founded in 2007, is a Mexican-based private firm investing in Latin American luxury resorts, real estate, urban developments, golf courses, and spas. Vedanta is comprised of nine top-tier brands, Grupo Mayan, Grand Luxxe, The Grand Bliss, The Bliss, Mansions of the World, Nayar Beach Jungle and River Town, Albatross Golf Courses, La Jolla de Cortes, and the Mar de Cortés International Airport.1

edit Brands Vedanta Capital Groups properties are currently found throughout Mexico, with plans to expand internationally.2

edit Grupo Mayan

Founded in 1974, Grupo Mayan is a five star Mexican-based private company specializing in the construction and operation of luxury hotels, resorts, real estate, urban developments, restaurants, and spas. It?s most recognized brands are The Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, Sea Garden, and Mayan Island.3

edit Grand Luxxe

Grand Luxxe is a development currently under construction in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, with plans to expand to other popular Mexican beach destinations.4

edit The Grand Bliss

The Grand Bliss is a luxury resort currently under development in Mexico.5

edit The Bliss

The Bliss is a plush resort currently under construction in Mexico.6

edit Nayar Beach Jungle and River Town

Nayar Town is a luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment complex located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Nayar will be home to several hotel brands, such as The Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, Sea Garden, Grand Luxxe, The Bliss, and The Grand Bliss. Nayar will be constructed in the form of a traditional Mexican town and will feature an Albatross Golf Course, a convention center, canals, lakes, a concert arena for five thousand people, a boardwalk, shopping, dining, and a permanent Vegas-style entertainment show.7

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