Xcaret - Riviera Maya, Mexico

September 28, 2011

Charles R and family are active vacationers! We have been treated to glimpses of their activities through their many photos as they enjoy both shores of Mexico.

During January, 2010, they participated in a number of interesting and varied activities. We are just now able to post images of what they did, way back then. Visiting the Xcaret eco-archeological Park is one of them.

Xcaret Park was the brain child of Miguel Quintana Pali, which started when he purchased 12 acres for his future home. After he purchased the property, he discovered the property contained a number of sinkholes, or cenotes, and underground rivers. Six years later, after collaborating with Oscar, Carlos and Marcos Constandse, in 1990, Xcaret opened its doors for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you Charles R and family for introducing us to Xcaret and sharing your images with us. Enjoy!

Xcaret Park, Mayan Riviera, State of Quintana Roo, Mexico

This photo is a brief explanation of history of Xcaret Park, which is located in the Mayan Riviera region of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Purchased as a home site in 1984, the new owner soon discovered sinkholes, called Cenotes, and underground rivers throughout the 12 acres. Instead of developing a home, the new owner and three others developed an eco-archeological park for everyone to enjoy.  Today the park offers visitors a number of venues they can enjoy.

Floating Underground Rivers

Boat Tours

Plants and Flowers

Park Grounds

Thank you Charles R....

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Thank you Charles R....

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