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Lance provided these photos of The Beachland area in Nuevo Vallarta. It is popular and appears to be informal relative to the Beach Club and Sulum in Riviera Maya. More will come, we are sure....Stay tuned....
Lance provided these photos of The Beachland area in Nuevo Vallarta. It is popular and appears to be informal relative to the Beach Club and Sulum in Riviera Maya. More will come, we are sure....Stay tuned....

Current News contains "heads-up" news about what is happening at properties owned by Grupo Vidanta, with Grupo Vidanta, and announcements. Basically, Current News could be anything fellow Members or viewers might think is relevant to fellow Members. Updates to Current News originate from within Aimfair.com and viewers of Aimfair.com who send their post to infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

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2022-01-12 The Estates 2 Bedroom Suite - Nuevo Vallarta

Our stay in the 2 Bedroom Estates exceeded our expectations. The unit is fine for two to four guests. The general layout is different, but there are some similarities to specific Luxxe floor plans. Rudy was our butler. Osiris was his backup. Communication was smooth and responses were timely. The pools are within walking distance, as is the Grill. The new restaurant is under construction. More on that later.

Bottom line....you need to plan and give your butler 15 minutes of leeway. Otherwise, enjoy!!!

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2021-12-22 Update - Nuevo Vallarta

Rich had a great time in Nuevo Vallarta during the last couple of weeks of November. We will be posting photos of the property and his excursions. Don't miss them, they provide a current view of the area, especially the Grand Mayan, where the Luxxe De Luxxe units are under construction. No update on those yet, though..

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2021-12-04 The Points Guy - Great Travel Guidance and Information

The Points Guy posts all travel information. In this particular item, he sent an email from Ecuador to describe the issues he is dealing to comply with changed CDC testing requirements. It is a real live travel issue, and Brian Kelly is working through it. Subscribe and follow his comments and advice.

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2021-12-03 Dale's Update - Nuevo Vallarta

Golf looks great, the SkyDream Gondola is running between Station One at the Grand Bliss Pool area to Riverwalk Station (#3) between Tower 5 and the Residence Tower and the beach area has changed. Some say it is good, while others cling to the beauty of the smaller, less crowded grounds. There is good in both views. That said, reality is today.....

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2021-10-29 Estates Pools Update - Larry

The Estates pools are pretty cozy. There are two - one on each side of the West to East entrance walkway that ends at a beautiful restaurant currently under construction. Casual dining is located at each pool. The North pool dining area has an extended deck behind the bar. The South pool does not, probably because it would look onto a construction site. More to come....

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2021-10-21 Freddy Knox Needs Your Help

The pandemic, low rates of tourism, illness and moving away from Nuevo Vallarta - all have taken a toll on Freddy. Medical bills are increasing, while at the same time jobs are scarce. Freddy is trying everything he can, but he still needs your help. Give something to him through our Go Fund Me page. He will appreciate anything you can do....Thank you...

2021-10-20 Estates Pools - Update

Our onsite reporter provided us with photos of the Estates pools and an update on activity. He was there at around 5 PM, and the pools were not occupied. He was not certain where the guests were. It is possible many went to the beach, others may be getting ready for dinner, and others may just be relaxing...

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2021-09-27 Why is saying "No" so hard?

An article in Kiplingers Newsletter asks that question. Although it was presented in a general way, the question was also raised in the context of a Timeshare sales presentaion. The answers are interesting, especially in light of the fact that Timeshare Sales personnel have lots of Grit. The answer becomes increase your Grit to prepare to say "No".

2021-09-24 Joy's Recommendations for Estates Owners/Guests

Joy is a member of a private Facebook group called The Estates by Vidanta. She just returned from a stay in the Estates with a group and has posted recommendations for all of us to follow. Very good advice and very good information we all who are Estates contract owners. Enjoy, and thank you Joy!....

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2021-09-18 Fastest Exit - Scam or Real?

Fastest Exit recently sent a letter and also cold called us in March or April - 2020. The pitch: Send us your contract info to bring action against Vidanta. How did the caller get our name, address and phone number? Vidanta? Regardless, we passed. - 9/13/21....

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