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Golf Bag Drop January 7, 2018

Current News contains "heads-up" news about what is happening at properties owned by Grupo Vidanta, with Grupo Vidanta, and announcements. Basically, Current News could be anything fellow Members or viewers might think is relevant to fellow Members. Updates to Current News originate from within Aimfair.com and viewers of Aimfair.com who send their post to infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

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2020-10-25 4 BR Estates Update - Riviera Maya

The Estates Division floor plans are coming together. This post shows the 4 BR Estates progress in Riviera Maya. It compares well with the progress shown in the August 12th update. In fact, there is a reservation listed on the Rentals and Sales page for a 2 BR Estates from January 4 to January 11, 2021. Let's hope the Estates in Nuevo Vallarta are finished by then and ready for occupancy. Stay tuned ....

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2020-10-13 Margot's Nuevo Vallarta Update

Change is taking place along the beach front property that was the Mayan Palace Pool area. New walkways are under construction, more foliage on new hills, new restaurant sites and likely more pools too. Stay tuned....

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2020-10-09 Riviera Maya Now from Beth

September was a beautiful time to be in Riviera Maya, according to Beth and her family. Weather was clear, beaches were clean, crowds were down and staff members were accommodating. What a wonderful break....

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2020-10-05 Will US and Canadian Tourists Visit Mexico during the Holidays

Last year, a reportedly 19.6 million travelers from the US and Canada visited Mexico. This year, only 6.8 million are expected to visit Mexico. That is a huge drop and has significant economic implications. Grupo Vidanta is working hard to encourage members to travel and visit. We will be watching closely. Stay tuned.......

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2020-10-03 Tips to consider when dining out

Mexico News Daily provides tips we should consider when selecting a restaurant where ever we are. The Coronavirus has introduced new thought processes and considerations when we think about dining in a restaurant. Stay vigilant....

2020-09-22 New Vidanta Videos - Jungala and Cirque du Soleil

These new videos show the rides and cabañas at Jungala and a new video of Cirque du Soleil performances. Lot’s of fun and informative. Enjoy!

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2020-09-20 Winner - El Yerbaniz School - $950,000

Mexico owns a plane purchased by a past president that the current president does not use. It is not salable. To recover the cost, the Mexican government created a raffle. Six million tickets were sold. We contract owners should be proud because one of eight tickets purchased by Grupo Vidanta was a winner of $950,000…..

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2020-09-18 Coronavirus Update - Mexico

Trends are turning downward. Nayarit and Quintana Roo are at the low ends of the infection rate scales. Tepic in Nayarit contributes the highest infection rate levels in Nayarit, which is a good sign for travelers to Nuevo Vallarta. Stay tuned....

2020-09-11 US Embassy to Mexico - Updated Alerts

The US Embassy in Mexico issues alerts and travel warnings for all the states in Mexico. This article provides the most recent series of alerts and states that areas we are interested in are relatively safe to travel now. That can change for any number of reasons, so it is good to sign up to receive alerts. See you on the properties....

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2020-09-11 US Eases Travel Advisories to Mexico

Mexico is still considered a Level 3 Country, overall. There are five states that are level 4. Level 4 is the highest level of risk. Crime and kidnapping are active in certain parts of the five states. Other states are Level 3, which are safer to some extent. Locations with Vidanta facilities are classified as more safe. Prepare to travel....

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