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Punta Pool Area at Nuevo Vallarta - Feb 19 2013 (Our thanks go to Suzzie for these photos.)

Current News contains "heads-up" news about what is happening at properties owned by Grupo Vidanta, with Grupo Vidanta, and announcements. Basically, Current News could be anything fellow Members or viewers might think is relevant to fellow Members. Updates to Current News originate from within Aimfair.com and viewers of Aimfair.com who send their post to infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

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2018-02-17 Lic. Ernesto Alfonso Acosta - Fake Mexican Government Inquiry

A new theme of the Fake Mexican Government inquiry to abusive timeshare sales tactics is circulating the Internet. An Aimfair member brought to our attention a request for information about the member's timeshare and whether the member is involved in a legal action against the timeshare company.

It's a phishing exercise. The request comes from a non-Mexican owned domain. The domain expires within a year of its creation. Check the differences between the domain names....very subtle. Bottom line....don't submit the form. It would allow scammers access to your confidential information. Remember - only you can help stamp out scams - don't send information or money....!

2018-02-15 Sugar Creek Investments - Beware

A new Aimfair member brought this alleged company to our attention. Lot's of red flags. There is no company called Sugar Creek Investments paying rent at the address given on the SugarcreekInvestments website. The fax line is located a county away from the given address. There is another company called Sugar Creek Investment Management LLC that is very legitimate. Bottom line....Beware....!

2018-02-12 The Little Gate - Will it stay open?

An Aimfair member sent a letter to the President of Grupo Vidanta requesting the change in the policy of restraining leaving and re-entering Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta property by foot. A few days ago, we were notified that someone was listening because The Little Gate was now open to foot traffic. A guard with a clipboard will take your name, room number and type of bracelet and record the time you leave and return. Wonderful progress....let's hope this is a permanent concession. Leave your comments at the bottom of the page to let us know your experience with leaving and re-entering the property.

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2018-02-11 Inheriting Timeshares may have unintended consequences....

CNBCNews posted a piece about the potential pitfalls that arise from inheriting that lovely timeshare a family member left behind. This subject to be very timely. Many of us are older now. Exit strategies are common topics of discussion. The CNBCNews article sheds light on the current state of the timeshare industry in relation to values left behind. It's a great read, and there are points we should all be aware of. Fortunately for those of us with timeshare interests issued by Vidanta, many issues discussed in the article will not affect us. Enjoy....!

February 8, 2018

2018-02-08 The US Timeshare Industry in 2016 is growing

A news piece published by CNBCNews about the possible difficulties heirs may encounter when they inherit a timeshare. In that piece, the author described how the industry is growing and referenced the Infographic created by ARDA (American Resort Developers Association). ARDA has conducted industry studies over the years. The TUS Timeshare Industry is rebounding, but there are pitfalls to Timeshare ownership, which are referred to in the Infographic presentation. Enjoy!

February 8, 2018

2018-01-12 The Goddard Group - Design Partners Change

The Goddard Group had been working with Cirque du Soleil for a couple of years developing a suitable design for The Park in Nuevo Vallarta. Now we find that the design and theming job will be handled by another, un-named theme park consultant. It is possible the individual or group has ties to the Chinese Disney projects. The bottom line is opening of the Park will not be any time soon. So, we all have to......Stay Tuned....

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2018-01-12 Aimfair Gathering Notes - 12-27-17 and 1-3-18

The first Gatherings of the season were held on December 27, 2017 and January 3, 2018. They were well attended, and Mr. Brett Estes and Vida Vacations hosted the mixers and discussion sessions. Tap here to review the discussion notes from the gatherings. The attendees enjoyed the opportunity to meet other members and ask their questions to Brett. The challenges for the company are many, but all in attendance agree there has been significant progress over the past five years. Stay tuned....

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2017-12-07 Cruisenews.com - Discussion of Vidanta Alegria

Cruise News is a website devoted to news about cruises, cruise lines and cruise brands. On December 4, the site posted an article about the Vidanta Alegria, Vidanta's first ship in its new cruise concept. Vidanta Alegria is in Cadiz, Spain undergoing major changes. According to the article, the ship may be ready for use in spring, 2018. Stay tuned....

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2017-11-18 The New Season Begins in November

Welcome to the 2017-2018 season at the Grand Luxxe Residence Club in Nuevo Vallarta. Our first post describes the check-in experience, differences from last year, improvements and requests that did not change. We also find out about the Lakes Course - the 11 hole Executive Course that opened in October. Check out this brief but concise discussion.....Stay Tuned!!

2017-10-25 The Estates - Five Configurations

The Winter edition of the Spanish Version of the Vidanta Traveler provided insight to Vidanta's new offering - The Estates. These appear to be shared wall, condo-like units that will be located in areas that are not near the beach or traditional timeshare floor plans. This offering seems to be geared for families who want exclusivity. The units are located in undeveloped areas of Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya and East Cape properties. They look wonderful, so make sure you check them out.....

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